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Airbus A300B4-600 - contacted by acarsd

If the last contact is older than 180 days the date of the last ACARS contact will be printed in red. If the last ACARS contact is older than 90 days, the date will be printed in blue.
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A6-SUL A300B4-622R c/n: 836last contact: 2011/11/30on flight: JD4321
A7-ABX A300B4-622R (F) c/n: 554last contact: 2010/12/11on flight: QR6036
A7-AFB A300B4-622R (F) c/n: 614last contact: 2011/01/20on flight: QR6035
B-2307 A300B4-605R (F) c/n: 525last contact: 2010/11/24on flight: MU0000
D-AEAC A300B4-622R c/n: 602last contact: 2016/02/26on flight: QY3611
D-AEAD A300B4-622R c/n: 617last contact: 2017/02/21on flight: QY0127
D-AEAE A300B4-622RF c/n: 753last contact: 2013/04/11on flight: QYS831
D-AEAE A300B4-622RF c/n: 753last contact: 2016/02/21on flight: QY0116
D-AEAH A300B4-622RF c/n: 783last contact: 2017/02/21on flight: QY1391
D-AEAI A300B4-622R c/n: 637last contact: 2015/10/14on flight: QY6754
D-AEAJ A300B4-622R c/n: 641last contact: 2016/04/04on flight: QY0127
D-AEAK A300B4-622RF c/n: 670last contact: 2016/08/17on flight: QY4298
D-AEAM A300B4-622R c/n: 683last contact: 2015/10/11on flight: QY6669
D-AEAQ A300B4-622RF c/n: 729last contact: 2013/11/18on flight: QY7116
D-AEAS A300B4-622RF c/n: 737last contact: 2016/04/03on flight: QY1942
D-AEAS A300B4-622RF c/n: 737last contact: 2013/03/26on flight: QYS963
D-AIAH A300B4-603 c/n: 380last contact: 2017/10/15on flight: DE07EV
D-AIAI A300B4-603 c/n: 391last contact: 2008/05/18on flight: LH0027
D-AIAK A300B4-603 c/n: 401last contact: 2008/08/03on flight: LH3893
D-AIAL A300B4-603 c/n: 405last contact: 2008/08/03on flight: LH4532
D-AIAM A300B4-603 c/n: 408last contact: 2008/10/26on flight: LH4565
D-AIAN A300B4-603 c/n: 411last contact: 2007/01/13on flight: LH0582
D-AIAP A300B4-603 c/n: 414last contact: 2008/07/11on flight: LH0659
D-AIAR A300B4-603 c/n: 546last contact: 2008/10/25on flight: LH0590
D-AIAS A300B4-603 c/n: 553last contact: 2008/08/22on flight: LH0590
D-AIAT A300B4-603 c/n: 618last contact: 2008/08/24on flight: LH4016
D-AIAU A300B4-603 c/n: 623last contact: 2008/07/26on flight: LH4565
D-AIAY A300B4-605R c/n: 608last contact: 2008/07/12on flight: LH4532
D-AIAZ A300B4-605R c/n: 701last contact: 2009/06/26on flight: LH3384
EI-OZJ A300B4-622RF c/n: 770last contact: 2012/12/23on flight: QY2414
EP-IBB A300B4-605R c/n: 727last contact: 2014/07/31on flight: IR0711
F-GSTA A300B4-608ST Beluga c/n: 655last contact: 2016/10/11on flight: 4Y163A
F-GSTD A300B4-608ST c/n: 776last contact: 2018/03/07on flight: 4Y114D
F-GSTD A300B4-608ST c/n: 776last contact: 2010/09/13on flight: 4Y0000
F-GSTF A300B4-608ST c/n: last contact: 2013/10/02on flight: 4Y05TF
F-GSTF A300B4-608ST c/n: last contact: 2013/10/02on flight: 4Y05TF
G-MAJS A300B4-605R c/n: 604last contact: 2012/10/13on flight: ZB0758
G-MONR A300B4-605R c/n: 540last contact: 2012/10/13on flight: ZB0684
G-MONS A300B4-605R c/n: 556last contact: 2012/11/24on flight: ZB0248
G-OJMR A300B4-605R c/n: 605last contact: 2013/04/06on flight: ZB8623
HL7244 A300B4-622R c/n: 722last contact: 2009/02/20on flight: KE0558
HS-TAR A300B4-622R c/n: 681last contact: 2009/06/27on flight: TG0917
JA015D A300B4-622R c/n: 837last contact: 2015/01/13on flight: JL1607
JA016D A300B4-622R c/n: 838last contact: 2010/11/25on flight: JL1662
JA8529 A300B4-622R c/n: 729last contact: 2009/02/12on flight: JL0000
JA8559 A300B4-622R c/n: 641last contact: 2009/02/18on flight: JL7938
JA8564 A300B4-622R c/n: 703last contact: 2009/03/06on flight: JL1430
N14068 A300B4-605R c/n: 511last contact: 2009/08/13on flight: AA1635
N14077 A300B4-605R c/n: 612last contact: 2009/08/12on flight: AA0577
N3075A A300B4-605R c/n: 606last contact: 2009/06/20on flight: DE0002
N33069 A300B4-605R c/n: 512last contact: 2009/01/24on flight: AA0902
N41063 A300B4-605R c/n: 506last contact: 2009/06/28on flight: AA0136
N7062A A300B4-605R c/n: 474last contact: 2009/06/27on flight: AA0936
N7076A A300B4-605R c/n: 610last contact: 2009/06/26on flight: A00000
N716FD A300B4-622R (F) c/n: 358last contact: 2011/10/12on flight: FX1238
N717FD A300B4-622R (F) c/n: 361last contact: 2012/12/20on flight: FX9304
N718FD A300B4-622 (F) c/n: 365last contact: 2013/03/19on flight: FX5278
N719FD A300B4-622 (F) c/n: 388last contact: 2011/12/20on flight: FX0965
N720FD A300B4-622 (F) c/n: 417last contact: 2011/04/17on flight: FX0785
N721FD A300B4-622R (F) c/n: 477last contact: 2011/06/22on flight: FX1117
N722FD A300B4-622R (F) c/n: 479last contact: 2009/07/28on flight: FX3719
N723FD A300B4-622R (F) c/n: 543last contact: 2017/05/04on flight: FX5036
N724FD A300B4-622R (F) c/n: 530last contact: 2011/05/19on flight: FX5278
N725FD A300B4-622R (F) c/n: 572last contact: 2013/01/29on flight: FX9304
N726FD A300B4-622R (F) c/n: 575last contact: 2013/04/23on flight: FX0142
N727FD A300B4-622R (F) c/n: 579last contact: 2011/05/25on flight: FX5278
N728FD A300B4-622R (F) c/n: 581last contact: 2012/11/30on flight: FX9304
N729FD A300B4-605R (F) c/n: 657last contact: 2010/11/23on flight: FX0142
N730FD A300B4-605R (F) c/n: 659last contact: 2012/03/03on flight: FX5210
N731FD A300B4-605R c/n: 709last contact: 2010/11/19on flight: FX0872
N732FD A300B4-605R (F) c/n: 713last contact: 2012/08/23on flight: FX3715
N740FD A300B4-622R (F) c/n: 559last contact: 2015/04/25on flight: FX0000
N742FD A300B4-622R c/n: 613last contact: 2013/04/17on flight: FX0142
N743FD A300B4-622R c/n: 630last contact: 2011/06/22on flight: FX0624
N744FD A300B4-622R c/n: 664last contact: 2015/04/08on flight: FX0152
N746FD A300B4-622R c/n: 688last contact: 2013/04/18on flight: FX0142
N748FD A300B4-622R (F) c/n: 633last contact: 2010/12/10on flight: FX0750
N749FD A300B4-622R (F) c/n: 536last contact: 2011/01/20on flight: FX1482
N751FD A300B4-622R c/n: 625last contact: 2011/10/13on flight: FX0000
N80084 A300B4-605R c/n: 675last contact: 2009/01/30on flight: AA0935
N8067A A300B4-605R c/n: 510last contact: 2009/06/22on flight: AA0935
N91050 A300B4-605R c/n: 423last contact: 2009/02/02on flight: AA0000
TC-OAH A300B4-605R c/n: 584last contact: 2011/03/29on flight: SV9342
TC-OAO A300B4-605R c/n: 764last contact: 2011/03/29on flight: SV2216
TC-OAZ A300B4-605R c/n: 603last contact: 2011/03/29on flight: SV9352
TF-ELF A300B4-622RF c/n: 529last contact: 2011/03/30on flight: 3V014F
TS-IPA A300B4-605R c/n: 558last contact: 2012/01/06on flight: TU0714
TS-IPB A300B4-605R c/n: 563last contact: 2012/12/06on flight: TU0000
TS-IPC A300B4-605R c/n: 505last contact: 2013/03/02on flight: TU0000
UK-31005 A300B4-622R c/n: 722last contact: 2014/07/30on flight: HY0132


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