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Airbus A310-200 - contacted by acarsd

If the last contact is older than 180 days the date of the last ACARS contact will be printed in red. If the last ACARS contact is older than 90 days, the date will be printed in blue.
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CA-01 A310-222 c/n: 372last contact: 2010/02/26on flight: 6X0642
CA-01 A310-222 c/n: 372last contact: 2010/09/12on flight: 6X0683
CA-02 A310-222 c/n: 367last contact: 2009/03/08on flight: 6X0638
CA-02 A310-222 c/n: 367last contact: 2008/07/08on flight: 6X0627
D-AHLW A310-204 c/n: 427last contact: 2009/07/17on flight: DH05CL
N401FE A310-203 (F) c/n: 191last contact: 2009/01/22on flight: FX1277
N402FE A310-203 (F) c/n: 201last contact: 2011/01/05on flight: FX1951
N403FE A310-203 (F) c/n: 230last contact: 2011/01/05on flight: FX1571
N404FE A310-203 (F) c/n: 233last contact: 2011/03/29on flight: FX1571
N410FE A310-203 (F) c/n: 356last contact: 2012/08/21on flight: FX0712
N411FE A310-203 (F) c/n: 359last contact: 2012/08/17on flight: FX0712
N417FE A310-222 (F) c/n: 333last contact: 2011/08/03on flight: FX1624
N418FE A310-222 (F) c/n: 343last contact: 2011/03/29on flight: FX1963
N421FE A310-222 (F) c/n: 342last contact: 2010/06/25on flight: FX5212
N422FE A310-222 (F) c/n: 346last contact: 2009/04/08on flight: FX5086
N423FE A310-203 (F) c/n: 281last contact: 2010/03/30on flight: FX1345
N425FE A310-203 (F) c/n: 264last contact: 2010/04/16on flight: FX1545
N426FE A310-203 (F) c/n: 245last contact: 2012/08/22on flight: FX0712
N427FE A310-203 (F) c/n: 362last contact: 2010/05/26on flight: FX1345
N429FE A310-203 (F) c/n: 364last contact: 2010/10/29on flight: FX1715
N430FE A310-203 (F) c/n: 394last contact: 2010/04/22on flight: FX1545
N435FE A310-203 (F) c/n: 369last contact: 2010/12/10on flight: FX1951
N436FE A310-203 (F) c/n: 454last contact: 2011/01/20on flight: FX1435
N443FE A310-203 (F) c/n: 283last contact: 2012/08/18on flight: FX0712
N445FE A310-203 (F) c/n: 297last contact: 2011/03/29on flight: FX1740
N447FE A310-222 (F) c/n: 251last contact: 2010/09/29on flight: FX5212
N450FE A310-222 (F) c/n: 162last contact: 2010/11/17on flight: FX1755
N451FE A310-222 (F) c/n: 303last contact: 2009/12/17on flight: FX5112
N452FE A310-222 (F) c/n: 313last contact: 2008/07/30on flight: FX5086
N453FE A310-222 (F) c/n: 267last contact: 2012/08/23on flight: FX0712
N454FE A310-222 (F) c/n: 278last contact: 2010/07/22on flight: FX5065
N455FE A310-222 (F) c/n: 331last contact: 2012/08/19on flight: FX0236
N456FE A310-222 (F) c/n: 318last contact: 2010/06/17on flight: FX5212
VP-BSY A310-204 c/n: 0430last contact: 2006/12/27on flight: HF0000
VP-BSZ A310-204 c/n: 0468last contact: 2008/08/02on flight: S70000
VP-BTK A310-204 c/n: 0427last contact: 2008/05/02on flight: HF0000
VP-BTL A310-204 c/n: 0487last contact: 2015/01/21on flight: SU2380
VP-BTL A310-204 c/n: 0487last contact: 2016/03/20on flight: SU2451
VP-BTM A310-204 c/n: 0486last contact: 2010/12/09on flight: S79991


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