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Airbus A310-300 - contacted by acarsd

If the last contact is older than 180 days the date of the last ACARS contact will be printed in red. If the last ACARS contact is older than 90 days, the date will be printed in blue.
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1021 A310-304 c/n: 498last contact: 2011/03/28on flight: GAF0841
1023 A310-304 c/n: 503last contact: 2011/03/29on flight: GAF0184
1024 A310-304F c/n: 434last contact: 2014/07/31on flight: GAF0953
1025 A310-304 c/n: 484last contact: 2010/11/29on flight: GAF0979
1025 A310-304 c/n: 484last contact: 2011/03/29on flight: COBO25
1026 A310-304 c/n: 522last contact: 2014/05/03on flight: GAFMED1
1027 A310-304 MRTT c/n: 523last contact: 2010/11/29on flight: GAF0981
15003 A310-304(F) c/n: 425last contact: 2018/01/17on flight: ZD0000
5Y-VIP A310-308 c/n: 620last contact: 2007/01/21on flight: QSC117
6Y-JAD A310-324 (ET) c/n: 682last contact: 2011/03/30on flight: JM0045
A6-EFA A310-308 (F) c/n: 646last contact: 2008/09/07on flight: EK4952
A6-EFB A310-308 (F) c/n: 592last contact: 2008/06/08on flight: EK4952
A6-EFC A310-308 (F) c/n: 622last contact: 2008/11/23on flight: EK4952
AP-BDZ A310-308 (585) c/n: 0585last contact: 2012/11/24on flight: PK0775
AP-BEB A310-308 (ET) c/n: 0587last contact: 2011/01/05on flight: PK0738
AP-BEC A310-308 (ET) c/n: 0590last contact: 2010/12/12on flight: PK0778
AP-BEG A310-308 (ET) c/n: 0653last contact: 2010/12/06on flight: PK0701
AP-BEQ A310-308 (ET) c/n: 0656last contact: 2010/10/10on flight: PK0701
AP-BEU A310-308 (ET) c/n: 0691last contact: 2010/11/13on flight: PK0778
AP-BGN A310-324 (ET) c/n: 0676last contact: 2010/10/18on flight: PK0701
AP-BGO A310-324 (ET) c/n: 0678last contact: 2010/10/12on flight: PK0701
AP-BGP A310-324 (ET) c/n: 0682last contact: 2010/10/27on flight: PK0775
C-FDAT A310-308 (ET) c/n: 658last contact: 2014/08/23on flight: TS0512
C-GFAT A310-308 (ET) c/n: 545last contact: 2012/10/03on flight: TS0184
C-GLAT A310-308 (ET) c/n: 588last contact: 2010/07/24on flight: TS0929
C-GPAT A310-308 (ET) c/n: 597last contact: 2018/01/23on flight: TS0000
C-GSAT A310-308 (ET) c/n: 600last contact: 2018/02/23on flight: TS0000
C-GTSF A310-304 (ET) c/n: 472last contact: 2014/09/08on flight: TS0101
C-GTSH A310-308 c/n: 599last contact: 2014/07/07on flight: TS0303
C-GTSI A310-304 (ET) c/n: 595last contact: 2018/02/19on flight: 3Z7615
C-GTSK A310-304 c/n: 0541last contact: 2011/03/29on flight: TS0454
C-GTSX A310-304 c/n: 0527last contact: 2010/09/12on flight: TS0191
C-GTSY A310-304 (ET) c/n: 447last contact: 2012/10/14on flight: TS0363
C-GVAT A310-304 (ET) c/n: 485last contact: 2011/07/31on flight: TS0359
CS-TDI A310-308 c/n: 0573last contact: 2011/02/19on flight: TX542P
CS-TEI A310-304 (ET) c/n: 0495last contact: 2010/12/12on flight: GBK0807
CS-TEX A310-304 c/n: 0565last contact: 2010/12/12on flight: 5K0371
CS-TEX A310-304 c/n: 0565last contact: 2010/12/12on flight: 5K0371
CS-TGU A310-304 c/n: 0571last contact: 2010/04/19on flight: S40001
CS-TGV A310-304 c/n: 0651last contact: 2013/11/04on flight: S46790
EP-IBK A310-304 c/n: 0671last contact: 2011/02/19on flight: IR0762
EP-IBL A310-304 c/n: 0436last contact: 2014/07/29on flight: IR0729
F-OHCZ A310-304 (ET) c/n: 475last contact: 2008/05/17on flight: S70107
F-RADA A310-304 c/n: 0421last contact: 2011/01/18on flight: CTM1025
F-RADB A310-304 c/n: 422last contact: 2011/03/30on flight: CTM1012
F-RADC A310-304 c/n: 418last contact: 2010/04/30on flight: CTM1080
HZ-NSA A310-304 c/n: 431last contact: 2011/02/19on flight: HZNSA
HZ-NSA A310-304 c/n: 431last contact: 2009/05/27on flight: UV0466
HZ-NSA A310-304 c/n: 431last contact: 2013/03/23on flight: UV0787
HZNSA A310-304 c/n: 431last contact: 2015/03/22on flight: UV1143
JY-AGN A310-304 c/n: 0531last contact: 2011/01/22on flight: RJ0118
JY-AGQ A310-304 (F) c/n: 0445last contact: 2012/10/13on flight: RJ0051
JY-AGR A310-304 (F) c/n: 0490last contact: 2012/11/24on flight: RJ0052
JY-JAH A310-304 c/n: 0481last contact: 2009/10/12on flight: MECJQX
N801FD A310-324 (F) c/n: 539last contact: 2010/01/11on flight: FX5071
N802FD A310-324 (F) c/n: 542last contact: 2011/03/08on flight: FX5112
N805FD A310-324 (ETF) c/n: 456last contact: 2009/06/24on flight: FX5065
N808FD A310-324 (ETF) c/n: 439last contact: 2010/11/19on flight: FX1292
N809FD A310-324 (ETF) c/n: 449last contact: 2011/12/14on flight: FX3721
N812FD A310-324 (ETF) c/n: 467last contact: 2009/01/22on flight: FX1322
N813FD A310-324 (F) c/n: 500last contact: 2011/01/20on flight: FX1571
N814FD A310-324 (F) c/n: 534last contact: 2011/01/20on flight: FX1712
N815FD A310-324 (F) c/n: 638last contact: 2010/12/10on flight: FX2736
N816FD A310-304 (ETF) c/n: 593last contact: 2012/12/20on flight: FX5401
S2-ADF A310-325 (ET) c/n: 0700last contact: 2011/01/05on flight: BG0015
S2-ADK A310-324 (ET) c/n: 0594last contact: 2011/02/19on flight: BG0018
T22-1 A310-304 c/n: 550last contact: 2009/06/27on flight: DF0000
T22-2 A310-304 c/n: 551last contact: 2017/05/05on flight: IB0000
TC-JCT A310-304F c/n: 502last contact: 2009/11/11on flight: TK0000
TC-JCY A310-304 (F) c/n: 478last contact: 2014/05/04on flight: TK6302
TC-JCZ A310-304F c/n: 480last contact: 2014/07/26on flight: TK6307
TC-LER A310-308 (FET) c/n: 0646last contact: 2013/04/11on flight: TK6403
TC-LER A310-308 (FET) c/n: 0646last contact: 2011/01/21on flight: GO0940
TC-LER A310-308 (FET) c/n: 0646last contact: 2011/11/17on flight: GO0000
TC-SGM A310-308F c/n: 592last contact: 2014/10/15on flight: GO0000
TC-SGM A310-308F c/n: 592last contact: 2014/05/03on flight: TK6308
TC-VEL A310-308F c/n: 622last contact: 2014/07/22on flight: GO0000
UK-31002 A310-324 c/n: 576last contact: 2011/02/19on flight: HY0602
UK-31003 A310-324 c/n: 7732last contact: 2010/12/31on flight: HY0258
VP-BTJ A310-304 c/n: 0520last contact: 2009/07/03on flight: HF0000
VP-BTJ A310-304 c/n: 0520last contact: 2011/07/16on flight: HF0000


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