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Airbus A320-100 - contacted by acarsd

If the last contact is older than 180 days the date of the last ACARS contact will be printed in red. If the last ACARS contact is older than 90 days, the date will be printed in blue.
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F-GFKA A320-111 c/n: 0005last contact: 2010/06/15on flight: AFR234
F-GFKB A320-111 c/n: 0007last contact: 2009/08/01on flight: AF664X
F-GFKD A320-111 c/n: 0014last contact: 2010/04/25on flight: AF2310
F-GFKE A320-111 c/n: 0019last contact: 2009/07/10on flight: AFR238
F-GFKF A320-111 c/n: 0020last contact: 2006/12/29on flight: AFR268
F-GFKG A320-111 c/n: 0021last contact: 2009/03/02on flight: AFR142
F-GFKQ A320-111 c/n: 0002last contact: 2009/07/19on flight: AF668X
F-GGEA A320-111 c/n: 0010last contact: 2009/04/04on flight: TVF331
F-GGEB A320-111 c/n: 0012last contact: 2009/11/14on flight: AF214F
F-GGEC A320-111 c/n: 0013last contact: 2008/07/09on flight: AF305J
F-GGEE A320-111 c/n: 0016last contact: 2009/10/27on flight: AF503X
F-WWBA A320-131 c/n: 0001last contact: 2010/02/11on flight: AIB001
G-BUSB A320-111 c/n: 0006last contact: 2007/05/13on flight: BA0572
G-BUSC A320-111 c/n: 0008last contact: 2007/04/18on flight: BA0570
G-BUSF A320-111 c/n: 0018last contact: 2007/07/21on flight: BA0570


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