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Airbus A340-500 - contacted by acarsd

If the last contact is older than 180 days the date of the last ACARS contact will be printed in red. If the last ACARS contact is older than 90 days, the date will be printed in blue.
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4K-AZ85 A340-542 c/n: 886last contact: 2015/05/27on flight: J20101
4K-AZ86 A340-542 c/n: 894last contact: 2015/08/19on flight: J20101
7T-VPP A340-541 c/n: 917last contact: 2013/01/06on flight: AH0000
9K-GBA A340-542 c/n: 1091last contact: 2013/07/07on flight: 4Y0003
9V-SGA A340-541 c/n: 492last contact: 2011/02/28on flight: SQ0021
9V-SGB A340-541 c/n: 499last contact: 2010/10/04on flight: SQ0021
9V-SGC A340-541 c/n: 478last contact: 2013/04/07on flight: SQ0021
9V-SGD A340-541 c/n: 560last contact: 2013/04/14on flight: SQ0021
9V-SGE A340-541 c/n: 563last contact: 2013/05/27on flight: SQ0022
A6-EHA A340-541 c/n: 748last contact: 2013/02/01on flight: EY0100
A6-EHB A340-541 c/n: 757last contact: 2017/01/07on flight: EY0616
A6-EHC A340-541 c/n: 761last contact: 2013/03/12on flight: EY007A
A6-EHD A340-541 c/n: 783last contact: 2013/05/02on flight: EY0001
A6-ERA A340-541 c/n: 457last contact: 2012/10/12on flight: EK0043
A6-ERB A340-541 c/n: 471last contact: 2012/10/20on flight: EK0043
A6-ERC A340-541 c/n: 485last contact: 2012/07/27on flight: EK0044
A6-ERD A340-541 c/n: 520last contact: 2012/10/14on flight: EK0043
A6-ERE A340-541 c/n: 572last contact: 2016/01/02on flight: EK2512
A6-ERF A340-541 c/n: 394last contact: 2012/10/09on flight: EK0043
A6-ERG A340-541 c/n: 608last contact: 2014/08/04on flight: EK3074
A6-ERH A340-541 c/n: 611last contact: 2012/10/15on flight: EK0043
A6-ERI A340-541 c/n: 685last contact: 2012/07/13on flight: EK0044
A6-ERJ A340-541 c/n: 694last contact: 2012/07/30on flight: EK0044
A7-HHH A340-541 c/n: 495last contact: 2015/04/19on flight: Q40001
A7-HHH A340-541 c/n: 495last contact: 2011/07/27on flight: Q40001
A7-HHH A340-541 c/n: 495last contact: 2011/04/15on flight: Q40001
A7-HHH A340-541 c/n: 495last contact: 2016/11/20on flight: Q40002
CS-TFW A340-542 (X) c/n: 910last contact: 2013/04/04on flight: 5K0101
CS-TFW A340-542 (X) c/n: 910last contact: 2011/03/28on flight: ARA0102
CS-TFW A340-542 (X) c/n: 910last contact: 2009/05/24on flight: 5K0102
CS-TFX A340-541 c/n: 0912last contact: 2012/11/27on flight: ARA0102
CS-TFX A340-541 c/n: 0912last contact: 2009/06/06on flight: W30101
CS-TFX A340-541 c/n: 0912last contact: 2012/12/09on flight: 5K0101
HS-TLA A340-541 c/n: 624last contact: 2010/06/25on flight: TG0794
HS-TLB A340-541 c/n: 628last contact: 2010/06/03on flight: TG0795
HS-TLC A340-541 c/n: 698last contact: 2011/11/20on flight: TG0941
HS-TLD A340-541 c/n: 775last contact: 2012/07/21on flight: TG8839
PT-MSL A340-541 c/n: 464last contact: 2011/01/29on flight: JJ8063
PT-MSN A340-541 c/n: 445last contact: 2011/03/13on flight: JJ8063


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