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Airbus A380-800 - contacted by acarsd

If the last contact is older than 180 days the date of the last ACARS contact will be printed in red. If the last ACARS contact is older than 90 days, the date will be printed in blue.
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9M-MNA A380-841 c/n: 78last contact: 2017/12/21on flight: MH0003
9M-MNB A380-841 c/n: 81last contact: 2016/04/24on flight: MH0003
9M-MNC A380-841 c/n: 84last contact: 2014/11/23on flight: MH0003
9M-MND A380-841 c/n: 89last contact: 2014/11/19on flight: MH0004
9M-MNE A380-841 c/n: 94last contact: 2015/04/07on flight: MH0020
9M-MNF A380-841 c/n: 114last contact: 2014/12/26on flight: MH0021
9V-SKA A380-841 c/n: 003last contact: 2009/02/10on flight: SIA318
9V-SKA A380-841 c/n: 003last contact: 2015/04/18on flight: SQ0335
9V-SKB A380-841 c/n: 005last contact: 2009/04/15on flight: SIA318
9V-SKB A380-841 c/n: 005last contact: 2014/10/18on flight: SQ0333
9V-SKC A380-841 c/n: 006last contact: 2016/09/04on flight: SQ0232
9V-SKD A380-841 c/n: 8last contact: 2015/07/15on flight: SQ0222
9V-SKE A380-841 c/n: 10last contact: 2014/12/18on flight: SQ0346
9V-SKF A380-841 c/n: 12last contact: 2014/10/25on flight: SQ0317
9V-SKG A380-841 c/n: 19last contact: 2015/07/12on flight: SQ0228
9V-SKH A380-841 c/n: 21last contact: 2015/07/15on flight: SQ0228
9V-SKI A380-841 c/n: 0034last contact: 2015/07/11on flight: SQ0228
9V-SKJ A380-841 c/n: 045last contact: 2015/02/04on flight: SQ0335
9V-SKK A380-841 c/n: 51last contact: 2015/07/14on flight: SQ0228
9V-SKL A380-841 c/n: 058last contact: 2015/03/16on flight: SQ0345
9V-SKM A380-841 c/n: 65last contact: 2016/03/26on flight: SQ0308
9V-SKN A380-841 c/n: 71last contact: 2014/12/11on flight: SQ0335
9V-SKP A380-841 c/n: 076last contact: 2015/03/08on flight: SQ0345
9V-SKQ A380-841 c/n: 79last contact: 2016/04/30on flight: SQ0308
9V-SKR A380-841 c/n: 82last contact: 2013/02/02on flight: SQ0322
9V-SKT A380-841 c/n: 92last contact: 2016/06/06on flight: SQ0025
A6-EDA A380-861 c/n: 011last contact: 2016/10/24on flight: EK0207
A6-EDB A380-861 c/n: 013last contact: 2016/10/24on flight: EK0231
A6-EDC A380-861 c/n: 016last contact: 2015/10/08on flight: EK0202
A6-EDD A380-861 c/n: 17last contact: 2012/01/17on flight: EK0242
A6-EDD A380-861 c/n: 17last contact: 2016/02/20on flight: EK0201
A6-EDE A380-861 c/n: 20last contact: 2011/11/04on flight: EK0241
A6-EDE A380-861 c/n: 20last contact: 2018/03/10on flight: EK0201
A6-EDF A380-861 c/n: 7last contact: 2015/03/25on flight: EK0006
A6-EDG A380-861 c/n: 23last contact: 2014/11/16on flight: EK0030
A6-EDH A380-861 c/n: 025last contact: 2015/04/22on flight: EK0009
A6-EDI A380-861 c/n: 28last contact: 2015/03/29on flight: EK0072
A6-EDJ A380-861 c/n: 0009last contact: 2016/01/03on flight: EK0016
A6-EDK A380-861 c/n: 030last contact: 2016/11/01on flight: EK0015
A6-EDL A380-861 c/n: 46last contact: 2016/06/06on flight: EK0008
A6-EDM A380-861 c/n: 42last contact: 2015/08/11on flight: EK0242
A6-EDN A380-861 c/n: 056last contact: 2017/10/14on flight: EK0143
A6-EDO A380-861 c/n: 57last contact: 2018/04/27on flight: EK0201
A6-EDP A380-861 c/n: 77last contact: 2016/01/03on flight: EK0046
A6-EDQ A380-861 c/n: 80last contact: 2017/01/06on flight: EK0096
A6-EDR A380-861 c/n: 83last contact: 2015/03/09on flight: EK0074
A6-EDS A380-861 c/n: 86last contact: 2014/11/28on flight: EK0005
A6-EDT A380-861 c/n: 90last contact: 2017/10/14on flight: EK0186
A6-EDU A380-861 c/n: 98last contact: 2017/10/14on flight: EK0752
A6-EDV A380-861 c/n: 101last contact: 2017/01/06on flight: EK0186
A6-EDW A380-861 c/n: 103last contact: 2015/09/30on flight: EK0001
A6-EDX A380-861 c/n: 105last contact: 2016/04/09on flight: EK0016
A6-EDY A380-861 c/n: 106last contact: 2016/10/19on flight: EK0203
A6-EDZ A380-861 c/n: 107last contact: 2016/10/31on flight: EK0203
A6-EEA A380-861 c/n: 108last contact: 2013/11/22on flight: EK0073
A6-EEB A380-861 c/n: 109last contact: 2015/04/15on flight: EK0007
A6-EED A380-861 c/n: 111last contact: 2017/01/15on flight: EK0030
A6-EEE A380-861 c/n: 112last contact: 2015/02/27on flight: EK0088
A6-EEF A380-861 c/n: 113last contact: 2016/04/14on flight: EK0202
A6-EEG A380-861 c/n: 116last contact: 2018/03/10on flight: EK05KP
A6-EEH A380-861 c/n: 119last contact: 2016/03/16on flight: EK0208
A6-EEI A380-861 c/n: 123last contact: 2017/04/22on flight: EK0141
D-AIMA A380-841 c/n: 38last contact: 2014/07/22on flight: LH0720
D-AIMB A380-841 c/n: 41last contact: 2015/10/04on flight: LH0720
D-AIMB A380-841 c/n: 41last contact: 2016/05/21on flight: LH0721
D-AIMC A380-841 c/n: 44last contact: 2012/02/15on flight: LH0778
D-AIMD A380-841 c/n: 0048last contact: 2014/11/14on flight: LH0760
D-AIME A380-841 c/n: 61last contact: 2015/10/11on flight: LH0729
D-AIMF A380-841 c/n: 66last contact: 2016/02/07on flight: LH0760
D-AIMG A380-841 c/n: 69last contact: 2016/04/29on flight: LH0713
D-AIMH A380-841 c/n: 70last contact: 2016/04/29on flight: LH0729
D-AIMI A380-841 c/n: 72last contact: 2015/07/29on flight: LH0462
D-AIMJ A380-841 c/n: 73last contact: 2015/02/23on flight: LH0760
F-HPJA A380-861 c/n: 33last contact: 2018/01/16on flight: AF0178
F-HPJB A380-861 c/n: 40last contact: 2015/02/19on flight: AF0116
F-HPJC A380-861 c/n: 0043last contact: 2014/02/01on flight: AF379V
F-HPJD A380-861 c/n: 49last contact: 2012/01/30on flight: AF3831
F-HPJE A380-861 c/n: 52last contact: 2015/03/08on flight: AF0116
F-HPJF A380-861 c/n: 64last contact: 2012/02/20on flight: AF3830
F-HPJG A380-861 c/n: 67last contact: 2015/01/27on flight: AF0116
F-HPJH A380-861 c/n: 99last contact: 2015/03/03on flight: AF0116
F-WWDD A380-841 c/n: 004last contact: 2010/11/22on flight: AIB004F
F-WWEA A380-861 c/n: 009last contact: 2010/04/24on flight: 4Y0380
F-WWOW A380-841 c/n: 001last contact: 2011/03/10on flight: 4Y0380
HL7611 A380-861 c/n: 35last contact: 2014/12/20on flight: KE0035
HL7612 A380-861 c/n: 39last contact: 2013/08/08on flight: KE0905
HL7613 A380-861 c/n: 59last contact: 2014/04/30on flight: KE0901
HL7614 A380-861 c/n: 68last contact: 2015/01/16on flight: KE0902
HL7615 A380-861 c/n: 75last contact: 2015/02/22on flight: KE0901
HL7619 A380-861 c/n: 96last contact: 2013/10/13on flight: KE0905
HS-TUB A380-841 c/n: 93last contact: 2015/03/05on flight: TG0921
HS-TUC A380-841 c/n: 100last contact: 2015/04/03on flight: TG0931
HS-TUD A380-841 c/n: 122last contact: 2015/04/26on flight: TG0931
VH-OQA A380-841 c/n: 014last contact: 2016/09/04on flight: QF0001
VH-OQB A380-841 c/n: 015last contact: 2015/07/11on flight: QF0010
VH-OQC A380-841 c/n: 022last contact: 2015/12/05on flight: QF0009
VH-OQD A380-842 c/n: 26last contact: 2015/07/17on flight: QF0002
VH-OQE A380-842 c/n: 27last contact: 2016/05/28on flight: QF0009
VH-OQF A380-842 c/n: 29last contact: 2016/09/03on flight: QF0093
VH-OQG A380-842 c/n: 047last contact: 2015/07/15on flight: QF0001
VH-OQH A380-842 c/n: 050last contact: 2016/01/30on flight: QF0001
VH-OQI A380-842 c/n: 55last contact: 2014/11/01on flight: QF0010
VH-OQJ A380-842 c/n: 62last contact: 2015/07/16on flight: QF0002
VH-OQK A380-842 c/n: 63last contact: 2016/11/20on flight: QF0010
VH-OQL A380-842 c/n: 74last contact: 2016/09/08on flight: QF0001


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