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DC-9-31 - contacted by acarsd

If the last contact is older than 180 days the date of the last ACARS contact will be printed in red. If the last ACARS contact is older than 90 days, the date will be printed in blue.
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N1309T DC-9-31 c/n: 47316last contact: 2008/12/28on flight: NW1705
N1332U DC-9-31 c/n: 47404last contact: 2009/06/09on flight: NW1193
N1334U DC-9-31 c/n: 47280last contact: 2010/03/25on flight: NW7397
N1799U DC-9-31 c/n: 47370last contact: 2009/12/17on flight: NW7272
N8920E DC-9-31 c/n: 45835last contact: 2009/07/14on flight: NW1539
N8921E DC-9-31 c/n: 45836last contact: 2009/08/11on flight: NW0531
N8923E DC-9-31 c/n: 45838last contact: 2009/08/12on flight: NW1539
N8925E DC-9-31 c/n: 45840last contact: 2010/03/17on flight: NW7342
N8926E DC-9-31 c/n: 45863last contact: 2010/03/25on flight: NW7259
N8928E DC-9-31 c/n: 45865last contact: 2010/07/21on flight: NW2077
N8929E DC-9-31 c/n: 45866last contact: 2009/08/11on flight: NW1419
N8932E DC-9-31 c/n: 47141last contact: 2009/07/04on flight: NW9900
N8933E DC-9-31 c/n: 47142last contact: 2009/12/17on flight: NW7330
N8938E DC-9-31 c/n: 47161last contact: 2009/07/21on flight: NW1538
N8944E DC-9-31 c/n: 47167last contact: 2009/04/13on flight: NW0148
N8945E DC-9-31 c/n: 47181last contact: 2010/03/22on flight: NW7342
N8960E DC-9-31 c/n: 45869last contact: 2009/08/11on flight: NW1539
N8978E DC-9-31 c/n: 47327last contact: 2010/03/20on flight: NW7397
N915RW DC-9-31 c/n: 47139last contact: 2009/06/04on flight: NW1739
N923RW DC-9-31 c/n: 47183last contact: 2009/08/11on flight: NW1164
N9333 DC-9-31 c/n: 47246last contact: 2010/03/16on flight: NW7364
N9338 DC-9-31 c/n: 47347last contact: 2009/12/17on flight: NW7262


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