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DC-9-51 - contacted by acarsd

If the last contact is older than 180 days the date of the last ACARS contact will be printed in red. If the last ACARS contact is older than 90 days, the date will be printed in blue.
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N401EA DC-9-51 c/n: 47682last contact: 2012/01/30on flight: NW0673
N600TR DC-9-51 c/n: 47783last contact: 2011/12/17on flight: NW1003
N670MC DC-9-51 c/n: 47659last contact: 2012/01/24on flight: NW1536
N671MC DC-9-51 c/n: 47660last contact: 2011/12/21on flight: NW1129
N675MC DC-9-51 c/n: 47651last contact: 2012/01/24on flight: NW0807
N676MC DC-9-51 c/n: 47652last contact: 2012/01/21on flight: NW1737
N677MC DC-9-51 c/n: 47756last contact: 2012/01/31on flight: NW1942
N760NC DC-9-51 c/n: 47708last contact: 2011/04/19on flight: NW1435
N761NC DC-9-51 c/n: 47709last contact: 2011/08/06on flight: NW1322
N762NC DC-9-51 c/n: 47710last contact: 2012/01/31on flight: NW2142
N764NC DC-9-51 c/n: 47717last contact: 2012/01/26on flight: NW1536
N765NC DC-9-51 c/n: 47718last contact: 2010/03/22on flight: NW7375
N766NC DC-9-51 c/n: 47739last contact: 2012/01/31on flight: NW0807
N767NC DC-9-51 c/n: 47724last contact: 2012/01/29on flight: NW2242
N768NC DC-9-51 c/n: 47729last contact: 2009/08/13on flight: NW0370
N769NC DC-9-51 c/n: 47757last contact: 2012/01/29on flight: NW1942
N770NC DC-9-51 c/n: 47758last contact: 2012/01/22on flight: NW1900
N771NC DC-9-51 c/n: 47769last contact: 2009/12/16on flight: NW7124
N772NC DC-9-51 c/n: 47774last contact: 2011/08/01on flight: NW1913
N773NC DC-9-51 c/n: 47775last contact: 2012/01/26on flight: NW2242
N774NC DC-9-51 c/n: 47776last contact: 2012/08/17on flight: NW1977
N775NC DC-9-51 c/n: 47785last contact: 2012/01/29on flight: NW1536
N776NC DC-9-51 c/n: 47786last contact: 2010/03/19on flight: NW7293
N777NC DC-9-51 c/n: 47787last contact: 2012/01/31on flight: NW1536
N778NC DC-9-51 c/n: 48100last contact: 2010/03/23on flight: NW7232
N779NC DC-9-51 c/n: 48101last contact: 2012/01/24on flight: NW0926
N780NC DC-9-51 c/n: 48102last contact: 2012/01/30on flight: NW1536
N781NC DC-9-51 c/n: 48121last contact: 2009/12/17on flight: NW7395
N782NC DC-9-51 c/n: 48107last contact: 2012/01/26on flight: NW1942
N783NC DC-9-51 c/n: 48108last contact: 2012/01/23on flight: NW2042
N784NC DC-9-51 c/n: 48109last contact: 2011/12/25on flight: NW1737
N785NC DC-9-51 c/n: 48110last contact: 2009/08/12on flight: NW1767
N786NC DC-9-51 c/n: 48148last contact: 2012/01/28on flight: NW1942
N787NC DC-9-51 c/n: 48149last contact: 2012/01/30on flight: NW0807


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