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Dash8-102 - contacted by acarsd

If the last contact is older than 180 days the date of the last ACARS contact will be printed in red. If the last ACARS contact is older than 90 days, the date will be printed in blue.
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C-FABA Dash8-102 c/n: 092last contact: 2011/12/24on flight: QK7893
C-FABN Dash8-102 c/n: 044last contact: 2011/12/27on flight: QK7751
C-FABT Dash8-102 c/n: 049last contact: 2011/12/26on flight: QK7726
C-FABW Dash8-102 c/n: 097last contact: 2009/06/10on flight: QK7761
C-FACD Dash8-102 c/n: 150last contact: 2009/06/09on flight: QK7789
C-FACF Dash8-102 c/n: 259last contact: 2013/05/27on flight: QK8218
C-FGQK Dash8-102 c/n: 193last contact: 2013/05/02on flight: QK7066
C-FGRC Dash8-102 c/n: 195last contact: 2009/08/13on flight: QK8250
C-FGRM Dash8-102 c/n: 199last contact: 2012/01/24on flight: QK7935
C-FGRP Dash8-102 c/n: 207last contact: 2011/12/19on flight: QK7726
C-FGRY Dash8-102 c/n: 212last contact: 2011/12/27on flight: QK7761
C-FJMG Dash8-102 c/n: 255last contact: 2011/12/27on flight: QK8015
C-FPON Dash8-102 c/n: 171last contact: 2012/01/31on flight: QK7930
C-GABF Dash8-102 c/n: 025last contact: 2012/01/30on flight: QK7935
C-GABP Dash8-102 c/n: 257last contact: 2015/05/22on flight: QK8099
C-GANF Dash8-102 c/n: 042last contact: 2009/06/10on flight: QK7779
C-GANI Dash8-102 c/n: 064last contact: 2009/09/25on flight: QK8118
C-GANK Dash8-102 c/n: 087last contact: 2009/07/11on flight: QK7697
C-GANQ Dash8-102 c/n: 096last contact: 2013/05/01on flight: QK7066
C-GANS Dash8-102 c/n: 057last contact: 2009/07/22on flight: QK8045
C-GCTC Dash8-102 c/n: 065last contact: 2012/01/27on flight: QK7935
C-GION Dash8-102 c/n: 127last contact: 2009/06/04on flight: QK7726
C-GJIG Dash8-102 c/n: 068last contact: 2013/05/01on flight: QK7064
C-GJMI Dash8-102 c/n: 077last contact: 2011/12/26on flight: QK7791
C-GJSV Dash8-102 c/n: 085last contact: 2012/01/29on flight: QK7929
C-GJSX Dash8-102 c/n: 088last contact: 2009/03/26on flight: QK7894
C-GKON Dash8-102 c/n: 130last contact: 2012/01/30on flight: QK7927
C-GOND Dash8-102 c/n: 090last contact: 2009/07/21on flight: QK7679
C-GONJ Dash8-102 c/n: 095last contact: 2011/12/25on flight: QK7787
C-GONN Dash8-102 c/n: 101last contact: 2013/04/30on flight: QK8178
C-GONO Dash8-102 c/n: 102last contact: 2013/05/01on flight: QK7068
C-GONR Dash8-102 c/n: 109last contact: 2012/01/24on flight: QK7933
C-GONW Dash8-102 c/n: 112last contact: 2010/10/13on flight: QK8094
C-GONX Dash8-102 c/n: 118last contact: 2012/01/22on flight: QK7933
C-GONY Dash8-102 c/n: 115last contact: 2011/12/27on flight: QK7822
C-GTAI Dash8-102 c/n: 072last contact: 2011/12/27on flight: QK7772
C-GTBP Dash8-102 c/n: 066last contact: 2012/01/18on flight: QK7927


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