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Embraer 120 - contacted by acarsd

If the last contact is older than 180 days the date of the last ACARS contact will be printed in red. If the last ACARS contact is older than 90 days, the date will be printed in blue.
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N188SW Emb.120RT c/n: 039last contact: 2012/11/26on flight: XA0000
N190SW Emb.120RT c/n: 050last contact: 2010/03/24on flight: UV0001
N212SW Emb.120ER c/n: 276last contact: 2011/05/26on flight: OO0001
N214SW Emb.120ER c/n: 280last contact: 2009/11/18on flight: OO0001
N216SW Emb.120RT c/n: 285last contact: 2011/10/12on flight: OO6442
N217SW Emb.120RT c/n: 286last contact: 2011/10/18on flight: OO6435
N218SW Emb.120ER c/n: 287last contact: 2009/06/03on flight: OO6341
N221SW Emb.120ER c/n: 290last contact: 2010/09/13on flight: OO6272
N223SW Emb.120ER c/n: 291last contact: 2012/08/01on flight: OO5633
N224SW Emb.120ER c/n: 294last contact: 2010/04/18on flight: OO7797
N226SW Emb.120ER c/n: 296last contact: 2010/08/29on flight: OO6423
N227SW Emb.120ER c/n: 304last contact: 2009/04/28on flight: OO0001
N229SW Emb.120ER c/n: 305last contact: 2011/09/02on flight: OO6473
N233SW Emb.120ER c/n: 307last contact: 2011/10/13on flight: OO6317
N234SW Emb.120ER c/n: 308last contact: 2011/09/01on flight: OO6338
N235SW Emb.120ER c/n: 310last contact: 2011/10/13on flight: OO6506
N236SW Emb.120ER c/n: 312last contact: 2011/10/07on flight: OO5390
N237SW Emb.120ER c/n: 314last contact: 2011/10/18on flight: OO5490
N251YV Emb.120RT c/n: 251last contact: 2009/10/08on flight: OO6817
N268UE Emb.120RT c/n: 207last contact: 2011/11/22on flight: OO0001
N270YV Emb.120RT c/n: 270last contact: 2011/10/11on flight: OO6386
N271YV Emb.120RT c/n: 271last contact: 2011/10/13on flight: OO6296
N284YV Emb.120RT c/n: 284last contact: 2011/10/12on flight: OO6362
N288SW Emb.120ER c/n: 316last contact: 2010/06/17on flight: OO6277
N290SW Emb.120ER c/n: 317last contact: 2011/10/17on flight: OO6338
N291SW Emb.120ER c/n: 318last contact: 2011/09/01on flight: OO5374
N292SW Emb.120ER c/n: 319last contact: 2011/10/19on flight: OO6444
N292UX Emb.120ER c/n: 292last contact: 2009/09/20on flight: OO5803
N294SW Emb.120ER c/n: 321last contact: 2012/08/01on flight: OO5642
N295SW Emb.120ER c/n: 322last contact: 2011/10/19on flight: OO6473
N295UX Emb.120ER c/n: 295last contact: 2009/10/13on flight: OO5815
N296SW Emb.120ER c/n: 325last contact: 2011/10/13on flight: OO5490
N297SW Emb.120ER c/n: 327last contact: 2010/05/26on flight: OO7769
N298SW Emb.120ER c/n: 328last contact: 2009/10/04on flight: OO6814
N299SW Emb.120ER c/n: 329last contact: 2011/10/07on flight: OO6411
N301YV Emb.120ER c/n: 301last contact: 2011/09/02on flight: OO5588
N308SW Emb.120ER c/n: 326last contact: 2011/09/02on flight: OO6434
N393SW Emb.120ER c/n: 330last contact: 2010/09/14on flight: OO6272
N560SW Emb.120ER c/n: 334last contact: 2010/05/22on flight: OO7760
N561SW Emb.120ER c/n: 335last contact: 2012/08/01on flight: OO5564
N562SW Emb.120ER c/n: 336last contact: 2011/10/07on flight: OO5522
N563SW Emb.120ER c/n: 338last contact: 2011/10/12on flight: OO6282
N564SW Emb.120ER c/n: 339last contact: 2011/10/11on flight: OO6327
N565SW Emb.120ER c/n: 340last contact: 2011/10/19on flight: OO6323
N566SW Emb.120ER c/n: 341last contact: 2011/10/19on flight: OO6417
N567SW Emb.120ER c/n: 342last contact: 2011/09/02on flight: OO6455
N568SW Emb.120ER c/n: 343last contact: 2011/10/19on flight: OO6327
N569SW Emb.120ER c/n: 344last contact: 2011/10/19on flight: OO6442
N576SW Emb.120ER c/n: 345last contact: 2011/10/18on flight: OO5387
N578SW Emb.120ER c/n: 346last contact: 2011/10/19on flight: OO6333
N579SW Emb.120ER c/n: 347last contact: 2011/10/07on flight: OO6372
N580SW Emb.120ER c/n: 348last contact: 2009/09/28on flight: OO5759
N581SW Emb.120ER c/n: 349last contact: 2010/05/22on flight: OO7773
N582SW Emb.120ER c/n: 350last contact: 2011/10/19on flight: OO6372
N583SW Emb.120ER c/n: 351last contact: 2011/10/19on flight: OO6411
N584SW Emb.120ER c/n: 352last contact: 2011/10/18on flight: OO6397
N585SW Emb.120RT c/n: 353last contact: 2011/09/06on flight: OO6335
N586SW Emb.120ER c/n: 354last contact: 2011/10/06on flight: OO6339


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