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Embraer 190 - contacted by acarsd

If the last contact is older than 180 days the date of the last ACARS contact will be printed in red. If the last ACARS contact is older than 90 days, the date will be printed in blue.
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C-FFYJ Emb.190-100AR c/n: 00013last contact: 2013/05/27on flight: AC0296
C-FFYM Emb.190-100AR c/n: 00015last contact: 2012/01/23on flight: AC1819
C-FFYT Emb.190-100AR c/n: 00018last contact: 2013/05/27on flight: AC0224
C-FGMF Emb.190-100AR c/n: 00019last contact: 2013/04/14on flight: AC0295
C-GWEN Emb.190-100AR c/n: 00010last contact: 2015/04/08on flight: AC0609
N178JB Emb.190-100AR c/n: 00004last contact: 2013/01/05on flight: B61033
N183JB Emb.190-100AR c/n: 00007last contact: 2012/12/29on flight: B61754
N184JB Emb.190-100AR c/n: 00008last contact: 2013/01/12on flight: B61164
N187JB Emb.190-100AR c/n: 00009last contact: 2013/01/21on flight: B61035
N190JB Emb.190-100AR c/n: 00011last contact: 2013/01/17on flight: B61035
N192JB Emb.190-100AR c/n: 00014last contact: 2013/01/09on flight: B61035
N193JB Emb.190-100AR c/n: 00017last contact: 2013/01/26on flight: B61035
N197JB Emb.190-100AR c/n: 00020last contact: 2013/01/27on flight: B61033
N198JB Emb.190-100AR c/n: 00021last contact: 2013/01/26on flight: B61163
N203JB Emb.190-100AR c/n: 00023last contact: 2013/01/16on flight: B61752
N206JB Emb.190-100AR c/n: 00025last contact: 2013/01/16on flight: B61164
PR-AZA Emb.190AR c/n: 00150last contact: 2015/09/11on flight: AD4043
PR-AZB Emb.190AR c/n: 19000241last contact: 2015/09/11on flight: AD2581
PR-AZC Emb.190AR c/n: 00242last contact: 2015/09/06on flight: AD2843
PR-AZF Emb.190AR c/n: 00295last contact: 2015/09/14on flight: AD4961


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