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G-4-X (G450) - contacted by acarsd

If the last contact is older than 180 days the date of the last ACARS contact will be printed in red. If the last ACARS contact is older than 90 days, the date will be printed in blue.
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B-KHK G-4-X (G450) c/n: 4018last contact: 2010/11/20on flight: BKHK
B-KHK G-4-X (G450) c/n: 4018last contact: 2009/09/19on flight: GS0000
B8098 G-4-X (G450) c/n: 4076last contact: 2009/03/26on flight: GS0000
D-ARKK G-4-X (G450) c/n: 4004last contact: 2008/02/06on flight: GS0000
GTAYC G-4-X (G450) c/n: 4060last contact: 2014/10/17on flight: GS0000
N445QS G-4-X (G450) c/n: 4037last contact: 2012/11/15on flight: GS0000
N448QS G-4-X (G450) c/n: 4100last contact: 2012/07/10on flight: GS0000
N450GD G-4-X (G450) c/n: 4225last contact: 2012/12/19on flight: XA450G
N450PG G-4-X (G450) c/n: 4072last contact: 2013/01/26on flight: XA450P
N450QS G-4-X (G450) c/n: 4046last contact: 2013/05/29on flight: GS0000
N474M G-4-X (G450) c/n: 4073last contact: 2009/08/27on flight: XA0000
N500J G-4-X (G450) c/n: 4052last contact: 2013/03/24on flight: XA500J
N665CP G-4-X (G450) c/n: 4049last contact: 2010/07/22on flight: GS0000
N767DT G-4-X (G450) c/n: 4065last contact: 2013/03/21on flight: GS767D
N768JJ G-4-X (G450) c/n: 4064last contact: 2013/05/01on flight: XA768J
N841WS G-4-X (G450) c/n: 4099last contact: 2011/05/22on flight: GS0000
N930DC G-4-X (G450) c/n: 4063last contact: 2012/12/31on flight: XA0000


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