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McDonnell Douglas MD-82 - contacted by acarsd

If the last contact is older than 180 days the date of the last ACARS contact will be printed in red. If the last ACARS contact is older than 90 days, the date will be printed in blue.
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EC-GCV MD-82 c/n: 53165last contact: 2011/04/08on flight: JK6475
EC-JYD MD-82 c/n: 49999last contact: 2008/07/19on flight: JK0160
I-DACS MD-82 c/n: 53053last contact: 2009/05/05on flight: VE7047
I-DACS MD-82 c/n: 53053last contact: 2012/09/04on flight: AZ0111
I-DACT MD-82 c/n: 53054last contact: 2010/07/23on flight: AZ1019
I-DACW MD-82 c/n: 53057last contact: 2008/07/06on flight: AZ1320
I-DACX MD-82 c/n: 53060last contact: 2008/07/06on flight: AZ0000
I-DACY MD-82 c/n: 53059last contact: 2008/08/23on flight: AZ0165
I-DACZ MD-82 c/n: 53058last contact: 2011/10/11on flight: CT5008
I-DANV MD-82 c/n: 53205last contact: 2008/06/29on flight: AZ8803
I-DATA MD-82 c/n: 53216last contact: 2008/07/06on flight: AZ0000
I-DATA MD-82 c/n: 53216last contact: 2008/06/12on flight: VE0000
I-DATB MD-82 c/n: 53221last contact: 2008/07/09on flight: AZ0407
I-DATD MD-82 c/n: 53223last contact: 2008/07/09on flight: AZ8726
I-DATF MD-82 c/n: 53224last contact: 2008/07/07on flight: AZ1321
I-DATH MD-82 c/n: 53226last contact: 2008/07/09on flight: AZ8268
I-DATK MD-82 c/n: 53228last contact: 2008/07/11on flight: AZ0000
I-DATL MD-82 c/n: 53229last contact: 2008/04/18on flight: AZ2312
I-DATM MD-82 c/n: 53230last contact: 2009/07/18on flight: AZ0000
I-DATO MD-82 c/n: 53219last contact: 2006/12/29on flight: AZ0000
I-DATR MD-82 c/n: 53234last contact: 2008/07/06on flight: AZ0110
I-DATS MD-82 c/n: 53235last contact: 2008/07/12on flight: AZ0000
I-DAVB MD-82 c/n: 49216last contact: 2009/12/29on flight: AZ0000
I-DAVJ MD-82 c/n: 49431last contact: 2010/07/23on flight: AZ0000
I-DAVM MD-82 c/n: 49434last contact: 2008/07/13on flight: AZ1311
I-DAVS MD-82 c/n: 49551last contact: 2008/07/11on flight: AZ2108
I-DAVT MD-82 c/n: 49552last contact: 2011/09/06on flight: AP2913
I-DAVT MD-82 c/n: 49552last contact: 2011/08/10on flight: AZ1641
I-DAVZ MD-82 c/n: 49970last contact: 2008/07/12on flight: AZ0956
I-DAWB MD-82 c/n: 49197last contact: 2008/07/04on flight: AZ8726
I-DAWC MD-82 c/n: 49198last contact: 2008/07/06on flight: AZ2128
I-DAWD MD-82 c/n: 49199last contact: 2008/07/05on flight: AZ0165
I-DAWE MD-82 c/n: 49193last contact: 2008/07/11on flight: AT2125
I-DAWE MD-82 c/n: 49193last contact: 2008/09/20on flight: AT0000
I-DAWG MD-82 c/n: 49201last contact: 2008/07/05on flight: AZ2128
I-DAWJ MD-82 c/n: 49203last contact: 2008/07/06on flight: AZ0709
I-DAWM MD-82 c/n: 49205last contact: 2008/07/04on flight: AZ0000
I-DAWO MD-82 c/n: 49195last contact: 2008/07/07on flight: AZ2121
I-DAWS MD-82 c/n: 49209last contact: 2008/06/08on flight: AZ0513
IDATL MD-82 c/n: 53229last contact: 2007/05/26on flight: AZ0000
LN-RLE MD-82 c/n: 49382last contact: 2011/03/19on flight: SK7598
LN-RLF MD-82 c/n: 49383last contact: 2011/03/19on flight: SK0682
LN-RLR MD-82 c/n: 49437last contact: 2008/07/21on flight: SK2692
LN-RMC MD-82 c/n: 49909last contact: 2008/06/28on flight: SK2692
LN-RMD MD-82 c/n: 49555last contact: 2009/09/04on flight: SK0455
LN-RML MD-82 c/n: 49909last contact: 2013/03/22on flight: SK0601
LN-RMM MD-82 c/n: 53005last contact: 2013/08/08on flight: SK2657
LN-ROP MD-82 c/n: 49384last contact: 2009/07/04on flight: SK7674
LN-ROR MD-82 c/n: 49385last contact: 2008/07/25on flight: SK0567
LN-ROS MD-82 c/n: 49421last contact: 2009/11/22on flight: SK9106
LN-ROT MD-82 c/n: 49422last contact: 2013/03/25on flight: SK2658
LN-ROU MD-82 c/n: 49424last contact: 2009/11/26on flight: SK0403
LN-ROW MD-82 c/n: 49438last contact: 2006/12/30on flight: SK0681
LN-ROX MD-82 c/n: 49603last contact: 2009/08/15on flight: SK7674
LN-ROY MD-82 c/n: 49615last contact: 2008/08/23on flight: SK7578
LZ-LDK MD-82 c/n: 49432last contact: 2014/07/28on flight: VL0138
LZ-LDM MD-82 c/n: 53228last contact: 2013/08/03on flight: BUC6124
LZ-LDY MD-82 c/n: 49213last contact: 2014/07/26on flight: BUC6126
N14551 MD-82 c/n: 53033last contact: 2012/01/25on flight: AA1545
N16545 MD-82 c/n: 53027last contact: 2012/01/28on flight: AA1401
N208AA MD-82 c/n: 49159last contact: 2010/04/04on flight: AA0374
N219AA MD-82 c/n: 49171last contact: 2009/06/08on flight: AA1432
N227AA MD-82 c/n: 49177last contact: 2009/08/12on flight: AA0732
N228AA MD-82 c/n: 49178last contact: 2013/01/17on flight: AA0504
N234AA MD-82 c/n: 49181last contact: 2009/06/08on flight: AA1139
N241AA MD-82 c/n: 49254last contact: 2009/08/11on flight: AA1917
N245AA MD-82 c/n: 49257last contact: 2009/04/13on flight: AA2337
N249AA MD-82 c/n: 49269last contact: 2010/03/23on flight: AA1368
N251AA MD-82 c/n: 49270last contact: 2010/03/05on flight: AA1301
N255AA MD-82 c/n: 49287last contact: 2010/06/23on flight: AA0472
N258AA MD-82 c/n: 49288last contact: 2010/03/13on flight: AA0309
N259AA MD-82 c/n: 49589last contact: 2010/04/13on flight: AA1925
N262AA MD-82 c/n: 49290last contact: 2010/03/03on flight: AA0374
N266AA MD-82 c/n: 49291last contact: 2010/03/05on flight: AA1368
N271AA MD-82 c/n: 49293last contact: 2010/03/03on flight: AA0698
N274AA MD-82 c/n: 49271last contact: 2010/06/03on flight: AA0472
N278AA MD-82 c/n: 49294last contact: 2011/09/27on flight: AA2448
N290AA MD-82 c/n: 49302last contact: 2010/05/07on flight: AA0413
N291AA MD-82 c/n: 49303last contact: 2010/06/03on flight: AA1402
N292AA MD-82 c/n: 49304last contact: 2010/06/10on flight: AA0604
N293AA MD-82 c/n: 49305last contact: 2010/05/16on flight: AA1925
N298AA MD-82 c/n: 49310last contact: 2010/03/10on flight: AA1178
N33502 MD-82 c/n: 49739last contact: 2010/04/07on flight: AA0413
N3515 MD-82 c/n: 49892last contact: 2010/03/28on flight: AA0658
N403A MD-82 c/n: 49314last contact: 2011/09/02on flight: AA1772
N412AA MD-82 c/n: 49323last contact: 2010/05/13on flight: AA1986
N413AA MD-82 c/n: 49324last contact: 2009/06/07on flight: AA0371
N417AA MD-82 c/n: 49328last contact: 2009/06/05on flight: AA1371
N420AA MD-82 c/n: 49332last contact: 2010/03/06on flight: AA1178
N422AA MD-82 c/n: 49334last contact: 2010/04/13on flight: AA0413
N424AA MD-82 c/n: 49336last contact: 2012/01/29on flight: AA2425
N426AA MD-82 c/n: 49338last contact: 2010/04/01on flight: AA1178
N431AA MD-82 c/n: 49343last contact: 2010/06/14on flight: AA2238
N432AA MD-82 c/n: 49350last contact: 2009/06/02on flight: AA0728
N440AA MD-82 c/n: 49459last contact: 2010/03/19on flight: AA0374
N441AA MD-82 c/n: 49460last contact: 2010/06/03on flight: AA1925
N442AA MD-82 c/n: 49468last contact: 2010/05/23on flight: AA0413
N443AA MD-82 c/n: 49469last contact: 2010/05/07on flight: AA1986
N44503 MD-82 c/n: 49797last contact: 2012/08/20on flight: AA2049
N445AA MD-82 c/n: 49471last contact: 2009/06/07on flight: AA1051
N446AA MD-82 c/n: 49472last contact: 2010/06/23on flight: AA1392
N447AA MD-82 c/n: 49473last contact: 2010/06/22on flight: AA2238
N448AA MD-82 c/n: 49474last contact: 2010/04/09on flight: AA1986
N449AA MD-82 c/n: 49475last contact: 2010/04/03on flight: AA0374
N450AA MD-82 c/n: 49476last contact: 2010/06/24on flight: AA0472
N451AA MD-82 c/n: 49477last contact: 2010/04/05on flight: AA1368
N452AA MD-82 c/n: 49553last contact: 2010/03/23on flight: AA0309
N453AA MD-82 c/n: 49558last contact: 2010/06/25on flight: AA0865
N454AA MD-82 c/n: 49559last contact: 2011/07/07on flight: AA2008
N455AA MD-82 c/n: 49560last contact: 2012/01/26on flight: AA1913
N456AA MD-82 c/n: 49561last contact: 2011/08/31on flight: AA0650
N457AA MD-82 c/n: 49562last contact: 2010/06/21on flight: AA1392
N458AA MD-82 c/n: 49563last contact: 2010/03/10on flight: AA0698
N460AA MD-82 c/n: 49565last contact: 2010/03/16on flight: AA0309
N462AA MD-82 c/n: 49592last contact: 2010/03/21on flight: AA0309
N463AA MD-82 c/n: 49593last contact: 2010/04/08on flight: AA1925
N464AA MD-82 c/n: 49594last contact: 2011/09/06on flight: AA2425
N465A MD-82 c/n: 49595last contact: 2010/03/24on flight: AA0374
N466AA MD-82 c/n: 49596last contact: 2010/04/12on flight: AA2527
N467AA MD-82 c/n: 49597last contact: 2009/04/13on flight: AA1697
N468AA MD-82 c/n: 49598last contact: 2011/10/13on flight: AA1706
N469AA MD-82 c/n: 49599last contact: 2011/06/23on flight: AA0416
N470AA MD-82 c/n: 49600last contact: 2010/06/16on flight: AA1868
N471AA MD-82 c/n: 49601last contact: 2011/10/11on flight: AA1334
N472AA MD-82 c/n: 49647last contact: 2012/01/18on flight: AA2425
N473AA MD-82 c/n: 49648last contact: 2012/01/31on flight: AA0558
N474 MD-82 c/n: 49649last contact: 2010/04/19on flight: AA1925
N475AA MD-82 c/n: 49650last contact: 2011/09/02on flight: AA0650
N476AA MD-82 c/n: 49651last contact: 2010/02/26on flight: AA0374
N477AA MD-82 c/n: 49652last contact: 2012/01/18on flight: AA1433
N478AA MD-82 c/n: 49653last contact: 2012/01/31on flight: AA1189
N479AA MD-82 c/n: 49654last contact: 2010/03/31on flight: AA0658
N480AA MD-82 c/n: 49655last contact: 2010/05/06on flight: AA1986
N481AA MD-82 c/n: 49656last contact: 2010/04/21on flight: AA1986
N482AA MD-82 c/n: 49675last contact: 2010/05/25on flight: AA0413
N483A MD-82 c/n: 49676last contact: 2012/01/22on flight: AA2425
N484AA MD-82 c/n: 49677last contact: 2009/08/11on flight: AA0745
N485AA MD-82 c/n: 49678last contact: 2012/01/31on flight: AA1545
N486AA MD-82 c/n: 49679last contact: 2012/01/26on flight: AA1658
N487AA MD-82 c/n: 49680last contact: 2012/01/30on flight: AA0533
N488AA MD-82 c/n: 49681last contact: 2012/01/30on flight: AA1433
N489AA MD-82 c/n: 49682last contact: 2012/01/18on flight: AA0405
N490AA MD-82 c/n: 49683last contact: 2011/10/17on flight: AA1116
N491AA MD-82 c/n: 49684last contact: 2010/06/21on flight: AA0865
N492AA MD-82 c/n: 49730last contact: 2010/06/10on flight: AA1868
N493AA MD-82 c/n: 49731last contact: 2012/01/23on flight: AA1613
N494AA MD-82 c/n: 49732last contact: 2012/01/30on flight: AA0446
N495AA MD-82 c/n: 49733last contact: 2010/05/17on flight: AA1925
N496AA MD-82 c/n: 49734last contact: 2011/10/17on flight: AA2468
N497AA MD-82 c/n: 49735last contact: 2012/08/24on flight: AA0773
N498AA MD-82 c/n: 49736last contact: 2011/12/18on flight: AA0341
N499AA MD-82 c/n: 49737last contact: 2011/10/11on flight: AA0355
N501AA MD-82 c/n: 49738last contact: 2012/01/31on flight: AA1277
N505AA MD-82 c/n: 49799last contact: 2011/10/06on flight: AA0504
N510AM MD-82 c/n: 49804last contact: 2011/10/19on flight: AA1772
N513AA MD-82 c/n: 49890last contact: 2012/01/23on flight: AA1948
N516AM MD-82 c/n: 49893last contact: 2012/08/17on flight: AA1270
N552AA MD-82 c/n: 53034last contact: 2012/08/22on flight: AA2019
N553AA MD-82 c/n: 53083last contact: 2011/10/05on flight: AA0801
N554AA MD-82 c/n: 53084last contact: 2012/01/30on flight: AA0743
N555AN MD-82 c/n: 53085last contact: 2010/04/08on flight: AA0413
N556AA MD-82 c/n: 53086last contact: 2012/01/20on flight: AA2425
N557AN MD-82 c/n: 53087last contact: 2010/02/28on flight: AA0658
N558AA MD-82 c/n: 53088last contact: 2011/10/12on flight: AA2433
N560AA MD-82 c/n: 53090last contact: 2012/01/18on flight: AA1545
N561AA MD-82 c/n: 53091last contact: 2010/05/05on flight: AA1402
N573AA MD-82 c/n: 53092last contact: 2010/04/04on flight: AA1178
N574AA MD-82 c/n: 53151last contact: 2010/06/22on flight: AA0472
N575AM MD-82 c/n: 53152last contact: 2010/03/06on flight: AA0374
N576AA MD-82 c/n: 53153last contact: 2012/01/23on flight: AA1913
N577AA MD-82 c/n: 53154last contact: 2010/05/08on flight: AA0631
N578AA MD-82 c/n: 53155last contact: 2010/06/14on flight: AA0865
N579AA MD-82 c/n: 53156last contact: 2012/01/18on flight: AA1249
N580AA MD-82 c/n: 53157last contact: 2011/12/19on flight: AA0875
N581AA MD-82 c/n: 53158last contact: 2012/01/23on flight: AA1433
N582AA MD-82 c/n: 53159last contact: 2011/10/13on flight: AA0528
N583AA MD-82 c/n: 53160last contact: 2011/10/11on flight: AA1772
N584AA MD-82 c/n: 53247last contact: 2012/01/31on flight: AA1874
N585AA MD-82 c/n: 53248last contact: 2010/03/25on flight: AA0698
N586AA MD-82 c/n: 53249last contact: 2012/01/30on flight: AA1476
N587AA MD-82 c/n: 53250last contact: 2012/01/30on flight: AA1613
N70401 MD-82 c/n: 49312last contact: 2010/04/17on flight: AA0631
N70425 MD-82 c/n: 49337last contact: 2011/10/19on flight: AA2272
N70504 MD-82 c/n: 49798last contact: 2010/06/16on flight: AA2531
N70529 MD-82 c/n: 49921last contact: 2011/08/31on flight: AA1772
N73444 MD-82 c/n: 49470last contact: 2009/09/28on flight: AA0415
N7506 MD-82 c/n: 49800last contact: 2011/10/12on flight: AA1122
N7508 MD-82 c/n: 49802last contact: 2012/01/30on flight: AA1401
N7509 MD-82 c/n: 49803last contact: 2010/02/15on flight: AA2527
N7512A MD-82 c/n: 49806last contact: 2010/05/18on flight: AA0472
N7514A MD-82 c/n: 49891last contact: 2011/10/07on flight: AA1658
N7517A MD-82 c/n: 49894last contact: 2011/10/19on flight: AA1978
N7518A MD-82 c/n: 49895last contact: 2012/01/30on flight: AA0601
N7519A MD-82 c/n: 49896last contact: 2011/10/13on flight: AA0675
N7520A MD-82 c/n: 49897last contact: 2011/10/13on flight: AA2432
N7521A MD-82 c/n: 49898last contact: 2011/12/19on flight: AA1377
N7522A MD-82 c/n: 49899last contact: 2011/10/18on flight: AA1978
N7525A MD-82 c/n: 49917last contact: 2012/01/24on flight: AA1277
N7526A MD-82 c/n: 49918last contact: 2011/09/01on flight: AA0355
N7527A MD-82 c/n: 49919last contact: 2012/01/30on flight: AA1086
N7528A MD-82 c/n: 49920last contact: 2012/01/27on flight: AA0738
N7530 MD-82 c/n: 49922last contact: 2012/01/26on flight: AA2425
N7531A MD-82 c/n: 49923last contact: 2011/10/13on flight: AA0355
N7532A MD-82 c/n: 49924last contact: 2012/01/26on flight: AA1545
N7533A MD-82 c/n: 49987last contact: 2010/02/20on flight: AA1301
N7534A MD-82 c/n: 49988last contact: 2009/07/23on flight: AA1707
N7535A MD-82 c/n: 49989last contact: 2012/01/17on flight: AA2425
N7536A MD-82 c/n: 49990last contact: 2012/01/29on flight: AA1720
N7537A MD-82 c/n: 49991last contact: 2012/08/24on flight: AA1757
N7538A MD-82 c/n: 49992last contact: 2011/12/26on flight: AA0728
N7539A MD-82 c/n: 49993last contact: 2010/04/01on flight: AA0698
N7540A MD-82 c/n: 49994last contact: 2011/10/12on flight: AA1978
N7541A MD-82 c/n: 49995last contact: 2010/03/21on flight: AA0689
N7542A MD-82 c/n: 49996last contact: 2010/05/11on flight: AA0413
N7543A MD-82 c/n: 53025last contact: 2010/03/17on flight: AA2527
N7544A MD-82 c/n: 53026last contact: 2010/06/23on flight: AA0865
N7546A MD-82 c/n: 53028last contact: 2011/10/13on flight: AA1250
N7547A MD-82 c/n: 53029last contact: 2011/08/31on flight: AA2448
N7548A MD-82 c/n: 53030last contact: 2012/08/18on flight: AA2362
N7549A MD-82 c/n: 53031last contact: 2011/12/19on flight: AA0810
N7550 MD-82 c/n: 53032last contact: 2011/08/05on flight: AA0542
N77421 MD-82 c/n: 49333last contact: 2010/06/22on flight: AA1392
N802NK MD-82 c/n: 53168last contact: 2012/12/03on flight: NK0000
N804NK MD-82 c/n: 49104last contact: 2010/01/14on flight: NK0000
N90511 MD-82 c/n: 49805last contact: 2011/10/13on flight: AA0504
N954U MD-82 c/n: 49426last contact: 2010/03/22on flight: AA1178
N955U MD-82 c/n: 49427last contact: 2011/09/02on flight: AA1116
OY-KGT MD-82 c/n: 49380last contact: 2010/09/14on flight: SK7953
OY-KGY MD-82 c/n: 49420last contact: 2008/08/03on flight: SK0594
OY-KGZ MD-82 c/n: 49381last contact: 2010/05/05on flight: SK9178
OY-KHC MD-82 c/n: 49436last contact: 2010/02/10on flight: SK2661
OY-KHE MD-82 c/n: 49604last contact: 2011/06/06on flight: SK0610
OY-KHG MD-82 c/n: 49613last contact: 2013/03/25on flight: SK0662
OY-KHM MD-82 c/n: 49914last contact: 2010/02/06on flight: SK7948
OY-KHN MD-82 c/n: 53000last contact: 2009/08/22on flight: SK7674
OY-KHP MD-82 c/n: 53007last contact: 2011/03/20on flight: SK1636
OY-KHR MD-82 c/n: 53275last contact: 2008/05/22on flight: SK0638
SE-DIK MD-82 c/n: 49728last contact: 2013/08/09on flight: SK1685
SE-DIL MD-82 c/n: 49913last contact: 2011/01/29on flight: SK2658
SE-DIN MD-82 c/n: 49999last contact: 2013/03/11on flight: SK0793
SE-DIR MD-82 c/n: 53004last contact: 2013/08/09on flight: SK0585
SE-DIS MD-82 c/n: 53006last contact: 2011/03/20on flight: SK2686
SE-DMB MD-82 c/n: 53314last contact: 2013/04/11on flight: SK1690
YR-OTN MD-82 c/n: 49119last contact: 2014/07/31on flight: 9U0884
YR-OTN MD-82 c/n: 49119last contact: 2014/07/24on flight: 9U0884


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