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McDonnell Douglas MD-90 - contacted by acarsd

If the last contact is older than 180 days the date of the last ACARS contact will be printed in red. If the last ACARS contact is older than 90 days, the date will be printed in blue.
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HB-JID MD-90-30 c/n: 53460last contact: 2010/03/01on flight: HW6910
HB-JID MD-90-30 c/n: 53460last contact: 2010/09/12on flight: HW6639
HB-JIE MD-90-30 c/n: 53461last contact: 2009/09/04on flight: HW6521
HB-JIF MD-90-30 c/n: 53462last contact: 2011/01/29on flight: HW6673
HB-JIF MD-90-30 c/n: 53462last contact: 2008/07/10on flight: HW0141
HZ-AP3 MD-90-30 c/n: 53518last contact: 2010/04/10on flight: SV0540
HZ-AP4 MD-90-30 c/n: 53519last contact: 2008/07/20on flight: SV7277
HZ-AP7 MD-90-30 c/n: 53517last contact: 2007/01/05on flight: SV7777
HZ-APF MD-90-30 c/n: 53496last contact: 2012/12/10on flight: SV7140
HZ-API MD-90-30 c/n: 53499last contact: 2008/08/30on flight: SV7509
HZ-APK MD-90-30 c/n: 53501last contact: 2010/04/06on flight: SV0544
HZ-APO MD-90-30 c/n: 53505last contact: 2010/04/09on flight: SV0571
HZ-APS MD-90-30 c/n: 53509last contact: 2010/03/23on flight: SV0543
HZ-APT MD-90-30 c/n: 53510last contact: 2010/04/22on flight: SV0542
HZ-APV MD-90-30 c/n: 53512last contact: 2008/06/23on flight: SV7889
HZ-APW MD-90-30 c/n: 53513last contact: 2008/08/17on flight: SV7417
HZ-APY MD-90-30 c/n: 53515last contact: 2010/03/16on flight: SV0572
JA002D MD-90-30 c/n: 53556last contact: 2010/11/26on flight: JL1460
JA004D MD-90-30 c/n: 53558last contact: 2009/02/21on flight: JL2514
JA006D MD-90-30 c/n: 53560last contact: 2009/03/06on flight: JL0173
JA8064 MD-90-30 c/n: 53354last contact: 2009/03/06on flight: JL0170
JA8065 MD-90-30 c/n: 53355last contact: 2010/11/26on flight: JL1402
JA8066 MD-90-30 c/n: 53356last contact: 2010/11/26on flight: JD1482
N901DA MD-90-30 c/n: 53381last contact: 2012/08/22on flight: DL1975
N902DA MD-90-30 c/n: 53382last contact: 2012/08/17on flight: DL1199
N903DA MD-90-30 c/n: 53383last contact: 2012/08/18on flight: DL1329
N904DA MD-90-30 c/n: 53384last contact: 2013/04/27on flight: DL1753
N905DA MD-90-30 c/n: 53385last contact: 2012/08/23on flight: DL1866
N906DA MD-90-30 c/n: 53386last contact: 2012/08/23on flight: DL1096
N907DA MD-90-30 c/n: 53387last contact: 2012/08/22on flight: DL1712
N908DA MD-90-30 c/n: 53388last contact: 2012/08/21on flight: DL1588
N909DA MD-90-30 c/n: 53389last contact: 2012/08/19on flight: DL2031
N910DN MD-90-30 c/n: 53390last contact: 2012/08/20on flight: DL2429
N911DA MD-90-30 c/n: 53391last contact: 2012/08/22on flight: DL1632
N912DN MD-90-30 c/n: 53392last contact: 2012/08/23on flight: DL0669
N913DN MD-90-30 c/n: 53393last contact: 2012/08/22on flight: DL1188
N914DN MD-90-30 c/n: 53394last contact: 2012/08/17on flight: DL2031
N915DN MD-90-30 c/n: 53395last contact: 2011/06/22on flight: DL1056
N916DN MD-90-30 c/n: 53396last contact: 2012/08/23on flight: DL2309
OH-BLC MD-90-30 c/n: 53459last contact: 2009/08/28on flight: KF0871
OH-BLD MD-90-30 c/n: 53544last contact: 2010/09/13on flight: KF0872
OH-BLF MD-90-30 c/n: 53543last contact: 2010/06/14on flight: KF0876
OH-BLU MD-90-30 c/n: 53458last contact: 2010/06/15on flight: KF0847


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