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Fleetlist of: Belgian Air Force [BAF]

Please note: These are not complete fleetlists of the listed airlines. This are only lists with ACARS equipped aircrafts which where contacted by acarsd somewhere in the world. See the list of acarsd servers or acarsd webservers to watch realtime live ACARS worldwide.

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CA-01 A310-222 c/n: 372last contact: 2010/09/12on flight: 6X0683
CA-02 A310-222 c/n: 367last contact: 2009/03/08on flight: 6X0638
CD01 Mystere Falcon 900B c/n: 109last contact: 2017/01/23on flight: GS0001
CE-01 ERJ-135LR c/n: 145449last contact: 2011/03/20on flight: 6XB615
CE-02 Emb.135LR c/n: 480last contact: 2013/03/08on flight: 6XB626
CE-03 Emb.145LR c/n: 526last contact: 2016/03/18on flight: 6XB612
CE-04 Emb.145LR c/n: 145548last contact: 2016/02/25on flight: 6XB616
CH-03 C-130H Hercules c/n: 4461last contact: 2016/02/23on flight: 6X0650
CH-04 C-130H Hercules c/n: 4467last contact: 2010/04/21on flight: 6X0656
CH-07 C-130H Hercules c/n: 4476last contact: 2010/11/30on flight: 6X0671
CH-08 C-130H c/n: 4478last contact: 2010/04/23on flight: 6X0632
CH-10 LC130H c/n: 4481last contact: 2012/11/16on flight: 6X0641
CH-11 C-130H Hercules c/n: 4482last contact: 2016/03/05on flight: 6X0649
CH01 C-130H Hercules c/n: 4455last contact: 2016/02/26on flight: 6X0637
CH03 C-130H Hercules c/n: 4461last contact: 2011/11/24on flight: 6X0640
CH05 C-130H Hercules c/n: 4470last contact: 2010/02/07on flight: 6X0625
CH12 C-130H Hercules c/n: 4483last contact: 2016/03/11on flight: 6X0669
CM-02 Falcon 20 c/n: 278last contact: 2010/09/11on flight: 6X0001
ST-42 SF-260AM c/n: last contact: 2011/01/21on flight: 6X0172
ST-46 SF-260D c/n: 8-46last contact: 2011/01/21on flight: 6X0176
ST-47 SF-260D c/n: 8-47last contact: 2011/01/21on flight: 6X0177


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