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Fleetlist of: Finnair [FIN]

Please note: These are not complete fleetlists of the listed airlines. This are only lists with ACARS equipped aircrafts which where contacted by acarsd somewhere in the world. See the list of acarsd servers or acarsd webservers to watch realtime live ACARS worldwide.

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OH-LBO B757-2Q8/W c/n: 28172last contact: 2013/02/03on flight: AY1603
OH-LBR B757-2Q8/W c/n: 28167last contact: 2013/02/03on flight: AY1515
OH-LBS B757-2Q8 c/n: 27623last contact: 2013/11/17on flight: AY1604
OH-LBT B757-2Q8/W c/n: 28170last contact: 2013/11/17on flight: AY1542
OH-LBU B757-2Q8 c/n: 29377last contact: 2010/02/10on flight: AY2616
OH-LBV B757-2Q8 c/n: 30046last contact: 2010/01/31on flight: AY2518
OH-LBX B757-2Q8/W c/n: 29382last contact: 2010/01/16on flight: AY2607
OH-LEE Emb.170-100ST c/n: 00093last contact: 2011/12/21on flight: AY0795
OH-LEF Emb.170-100ST c/n: 00106last contact: 2011/09/25on flight: AY0867
OH-LEG Emb.170-100ST c/n: 00107last contact: 2010/12/19on flight: AY0867
OH-LEH Emb.170-100ST c/n: 00112last contact: 2011/10/26on flight: AY0867
OH-LEI Emb.170-100ST c/n: 00120last contact: 2016/01/24on flight: BE061U
OH-LEK Emb.170-100ST c/n: 17000127last contact: 2013/11/22on flight: BE870X
OH-LEL Emb.170-100ST c/n: 17000139last contact: 2011/10/29on flight: AY0869
OH-LEM Emb.170-100ST c/n: 17000141last contact: 2010/04/24on flight: AY0867
OH-LEN Emb.170-100ST c/n: 17000146last contact: 2010/02/10on flight: AY3674
OH-LEO Emb.170-100ST c/n: 17000150last contact: 2010/06/14on flight: AY0804
OH-LGA MD-11 c/n: 48449last contact: 2009/03/02on flight: AY0030
OH-LGB MD-11 c/n: 48450last contact: 2010/01/03on flight: AY2152
OH-LGD MD-11 c/n: 48513last contact: 2014/11/15on flight: AY4425
OH-LGE MD-11 c/n: 48780last contact: 2009/02/04on flight: AY0029
OH-LGF MD-11 c/n: 48766last contact: 2010/01/27on flight: AY8941
OH-LGG MD-11 c/n: 48753last contact: 2010/03/24on flight: AY8941
OH-LKE Embraer 190 c/n: 190.00059last contact: 2018/03/08on flight: N706RT
OH-LKF Embraer 190 c/n: 19000066last contact: 2018/02/28on flight: N706EN
OH-LKG Embraer 190 c/n: 190.00079last contact: 2018/03/05on flight: N706RT
OH-LKH Embraer 190 c/n: 190.00086last contact: 2018/02/23on flight: N7026V
OH-LKI Embraer 190 c/n: 190.00117last contact: 2018/03/06on flight: N701BA
OH-LKK ERJ-190-100LR c/n: 19000127last contact: 2018/03/09on flight: N7026V
OH-LKL Embraer 190 c/n: 190.00153last contact: 2018/03/07on flight: N707RM
OH-LKM ERJ-195 c/n: 19000160last contact: 2018/03/05on flight: N7026V
OH-LKN ERJ-190LR c/n: 19000252last contact: 2018/03/09on flight: N706RT
OH-LKO ERJ-190-100LR c/n: 19000267last contact: 2018/02/26on flight: N7026V
OH-LKP ERJ190-100LR c/n: 19000416last contact: 2018/03/03on flight: N706RT
OH-LKR ERJ-190LR c/n: 19000436last contact: 2018/03/08on flight: N701BA
OH-LQA A340-311 c/n: 058last contact: 2011/02/20on flight: AY0069
OH-LQB A340-313 (E) c/n: 835last contact: 2015/03/01on flight: AY0008
OH-LQC A340-313 (E) c/n: 844last contact: 2012/06/30on flight: AY1104
OH-LQD A340-313 (E) c/n: 921last contact: 2015/07/23on flight: AY0005
OH-LQE A340-313 (E) c/n: 938last contact: 2016/03/19on flight: AY0832
OH-LQF A340-313X c/n: 168last contact: 2015/03/04on flight: AY0008
OH-LQG A340-313X c/n: 174last contact: 2015/03/04on flight: AY1602
OH-LTM A330-302 (X) c/n: 0994last contact: 2016/10/30on flight: AY0008
OH-LTN A330-302 (X) c/n: 1007last contact: 2018/03/10on flight: AY0007
OH-LTO A330-302E c/n: 1013last contact: 2016/11/02on flight: AY0008
OH-LTP A330-302E c/n: 1023last contact: 2016/11/03on flight: AY0006
OH-LTS A330-302E c/n: 1078last contact: 2018/04/27on flight: AY0009
OH-LTT A330-302X c/n: 1088last contact: 2018/04/01on flight: AY0005
OH-LTU A330-302 c/n: 1173last contact: 2016/10/16on flight: AY0008
OH-LVA A319-112 c/n: 1073last contact: 2016/04/29on flight: AY05TF
OH-LVB A319-112 c/n: 1107last contact: 2018/04/27on flight: AY06YE
OH-LVC A319-112 c/n: 1309last contact: 2014/10/30on flight: AY0864
OH-LVD A319-112 c/n: 1352last contact: 2017/01/15on flight: AY06MA
OH-LVE A319-112 c/n: 1791last contact: 2012/05/20on flight: AY0883
OH-LVF A319-112 c/n: 1808last contact: 2012/07/15on flight: AY0864
OH-LVG A319-112 c/n: 1916last contact: 2016/04/29on flight: AY07PR
OH-LVH A319-112 c/n: 1184last contact: 2016/01/02on flight: AY09KR
OH-LVI A319-112 c/n: 1364last contact: 2013/02/15on flight: AY0864
OH-LVK A319-112 c/n: 2124last contact: 2016/05/04on flight: AY07PR
OH-LVL A319-112 c/n: 2266last contact: 2018/03/11on flight: AY0662
OH-LXA A320-214 c/n: 1405last contact: 2017/01/15on flight: AY768J
OH-LXB A320-214 c/n: 1470last contact: 2016/04/28on flight: AY768J
OH-LXC A320-214 c/n: 1544last contact: 2017/01/20on flight: AY0807
OH-LXD A320-214 c/n: 1588last contact: 2016/05/21on flight: AY04DW
OH-LXE A320-214 c/n: 1678last contact: 2011/11/08on flight: AY3244
OH-LXF A320-214 c/n: 1712last contact: 2017/01/19on flight: AY0808
OH-LXG A320-214 c/n: 1735last contact: 2012/02/18on flight: AY1452
OH-LXH A320-214 c/n: 1913last contact: 2017/01/19on flight: AY768J
OH-LXI A320-214 c/n: 1989last contact: 2017/01/17on flight: AY07ED
OH-LXK A320-214 c/n: 2065last contact: 2016/03/20on flight: AY0784
OH-LXL A320-214 c/n: 2146last contact: 2016/05/04on flight: AY0182
OH-LXM A320-214 c/n: 2154last contact: 2016/04/28on flight: AY03EP
OH-LZA A321-211 c/n: 0941last contact: 2016/05/04on flight: AY0784
OH-LZB A321-211 c/n: 0961last contact: 2017/10/15on flight: AY0944
OH-LZC A321-211 c/n: 1185last contact: 2016/06/07on flight: AY034X
OH-LZD A321-211 c/n: 1241last contact: 2016/05/04on flight: AY06MA
OH-LZE A321-211 c/n: 1978last contact: 2016/04/29on flight: AY768J
OH-LZF A321-211 c/n: 2208last contact: 2016/03/26on flight: AY07PE
OHLBO B.757-2Q8 c/n: 28172last contact: 2013/04/22on flight: AY1610
OHLBS B.757-2Q8 c/n: 27623last contact: 2013/11/08on flight: AY1551
OHLBT B757-2Q8/W c/n: 28170last contact: 2013/10/21on flight: AY0735
OHLBU B.757-2Q8 c/n: 29377last contact: 2007/05/26on flight: AY2270
OHLBV B.757-2Q8 c/n: 30046last contact: 2010/04/12on flight: AY2936
OHLBX B.757-2Q8 c/n: 29382last contact: 2007/05/26on flight: AY0782


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