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Fleetlist of: Jazz by Air Canada [JZA]

Please note: These are not complete fleetlists of the listed airlines. This are only lists with ACARS equipped aircrafts which where contacted by acarsd somewhere in the world. See the list of acarsd servers or acarsd webservers to watch realtime live ACARS worldwide.

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C-FABA Dash8-102 c/n: 092last contact: 2011/12/24on flight: QK7893
C-FABN Dash8-102 c/n: 044last contact: 2011/12/27on flight: QK7751
C-FABT Dash8-102 c/n: 049last contact: 2011/12/26on flight: QK7726
C-FABW Dash8-102 c/n: 097last contact: 2009/06/10on flight: QK7761
C-FACD Dash8-102 c/n: 150last contact: 2009/06/09on flight: QK7789
C-FACF Dash8-102 c/n: 259last contact: 2013/05/27on flight: QK8218
C-FACT Dash8-311 c/n: 262last contact: 2015/05/21on flight: QK8118
C-FACV Dash8-311A c/n: 278last contact: 2013/05/27on flight: QK8415
C-FADF Dash8-311A c/n: 272last contact: 2010/12/31on flight: QK8096
C-FBJZ CRJ705 c/n: 15037last contact: 2012/04/11on flight: QK8519
C-FCJZ CRJ705 c/n: 15040last contact: 2013/05/26on flight: QK8558
C-FDJA CRJ200 c/n: 7979last contact: 2013/04/20on flight: QK8576
C-FDJZ CRJ705 c/n: 15041last contact: 2011/12/23on flight: QK8944
C-FEJA CRJ200 c/n: 7983last contact: 2013/05/27on flight: QK8575
C-FFJA CRJ200 c/n: 7985last contact: 2013/05/27on flight: QK8417
C-FGQK Dash8-102 c/n: 193last contact: 2013/05/02on flight: QK7066
C-FGRC Dash8-102 c/n: 195last contact: 2009/08/13on flight: QK8250
C-FGRM Dash8-102 c/n: 199last contact: 2012/01/24on flight: QK7935
C-FGRP Dash8-102 c/n: 207last contact: 2011/12/19on flight: QK7726
C-FGRY Dash8-102 c/n: 212last contact: 2011/12/27on flight: QK7761
C-FIJA CRJ200 c/n: 7987last contact: 2009/08/20on flight: QK8558
C-FJFM Dash8-311 c/n: 240last contact: 2010/11/01on flight: QK8099
C-FJJZ CRJ705 c/n: 15043last contact: 2011/12/26on flight: QK8113
C-FJMG Dash8-102 c/n: 255last contact: 2011/12/27on flight: QK8015
C-FJVV Dash8-311A c/n: 271last contact: 2011/12/18on flight: QK7728
C-FJXZ Dash8-311 c/n: 264last contact: 2015/05/22on flight: QK8095
C-FKJZ CRJ705 c/n: 15044last contact: 2011/12/26on flight: QK8944
C-FLJZ CRJ705 c/n: 15045last contact: 2012/08/23on flight: QK7996
C-FMDW Dash8-311A c/n: 269last contact: 2015/05/18on flight: QK8126
C-FNJZ CRJ705 c/n: 15046last contact: 2012/08/23on flight: QK7994
C-FPON Dash8-102 c/n: 171last contact: 2012/01/31on flight: QK7930
C-FRIA CRJ100 c/n: 7045last contact: 2009/07/26on flight: QK8150
C-FRIB CRJ100 c/n: 7047last contact: 2010/10/06on flight: QK8303
C-FRID CRJ100 c/n: 7049last contact: 2009/09/20on flight: QK0554
C-FSJU CRJ100 c/n: 7060last contact: 2010/10/23on flight: QK8303
C-FSKE CRJ100 c/n: 7065last contact: 2009/09/08on flight: QK8116
C-FSKM CRJ100 c/n: 7071last contact: 2010/10/15on flight: QK8304
C-FTAK Dash8-311A c/n: 246last contact: 2013/05/26on flight: QK8418
C-FTJZ CRJ705 c/n: 15047last contact: 2012/08/22on flight: QK7991
C-FUJZ CRJ705 c/n: 15048last contact: 2011/12/27on flight: QK8651
C-FVKM CRJ100 c/n: 7074last contact: 2010/09/11on flight: QK8302
C-FVKN CRJ100 c/n: 7078last contact: 2009/10/13on flight: QK8315
C-FWJB CRJ100 c/n: 7087last contact: 2009/09/24on flight: QK8304
C-FWJF CRJ100 c/n: 7095last contact: 2010/08/30on flight: QK8301
C-FWJI CRJ200 c/n: 7096last contact: 2010/10/25on flight: QK8303
C-FWJS CRJ200 c/n: 7097last contact: 2010/10/24on flight: QK8303
C-FWJT CRJ100 c/n: 7098last contact: 2010/08/14on flight: QK8304
C-FWRR CRJ100 c/n: 7107last contact: 2010/11/24on flight: QK8443
C-FWRT CRJ100 c/n: 7118last contact: 2013/05/01on flight: QK8185
C-FWSC CRJ100 c/n: 7120last contact: 2010/09/22on flight: QK8303
C-FXMY CRJ100 c/n: 7124last contact: 2009/07/12on flight: QK8901
C-FZAQ CRJ100 c/n: 7155last contact: 2009/10/01on flight: QK0558
C-FZJA CRJ200 c/n: 7988last contact: 2011/12/21on flight: QK8950
C-FZSI CRJ100 c/n: 7160last contact: 2009/08/03on flight: QK8304
C-GABF Dash8-102 c/n: 025last contact: 2012/01/30on flight: QK7935
C-GABO Dash8-311 c/n: 248last contact: 2013/05/27on flight: QK8219
C-GABP Dash8-102 c/n: 257last contact: 2015/05/22on flight: QK8099
C-GANF Dash8-102 c/n: 042last contact: 2009/06/10on flight: QK7779
C-GANI Dash8-102 c/n: 064last contact: 2009/09/25on flight: QK8118
C-GANK Dash8-102 c/n: 087last contact: 2009/07/11on flight: QK7697
C-GANQ Dash8-102 c/n: 096last contact: 2013/05/01on flight: QK7066
C-GANS Dash8-102 c/n: 057last contact: 2009/07/22on flight: QK8045
C-GCTC Dash8-102 c/n: 065last contact: 2012/01/27on flight: QK7935
C-GDJZ CRJ705 c/n: 15049last contact: 2011/12/24on flight: QK7998
C-GETA Dash8 . c/n: 186last contact: 2015/05/19on flight: QK8126
C-GEWQ Dash8-311 c/n: 202last contact: 2015/05/01on flight: QK8126
C-GFJZ CRJ705 c/n: 15050last contact: 2012/08/22on flight: QK7995
C-GGJA CRJ200 c/n: 8002last contact: 2013/04/29on flight: QK8577
C-GGMN DHC-8-402 c/n: 4405last contact: 2013/05/26on flight: QK8556
C-GHTA Dash8-301 c/n: 198last contact: 2015/04/27on flight: QK8126
C-GION Dash8-102 c/n: 127last contact: 2009/06/04on flight: QK7726
C-GJAZ CRJ705 c/n: 15036last contact: 2012/08/22on flight: QK7996
C-GJIG Dash8-102 c/n: 068last contact: 2013/05/01on flight: QK7064
C-GJMI Dash8-102 c/n: 077last contact: 2011/12/26on flight: QK7791
C-GJMO Dash8-103 c/n: 079last contact: 2012/01/22on flight: QK7928
C-GJSV Dash8-102 c/n: 085last contact: 2012/01/29on flight: QK7929
C-GJSX Dash8-102 c/n: 088last contact: 2009/03/26on flight: QK7894
C-GJZB CRJ200 c/n: 7740last contact: 2009/07/12on flight: QK8576
C-GJZD CRJ200 c/n: 7544last contact: 2011/03/29on flight: QK3620
C-GJZF CRJ200 c/n: 7545last contact: 2009/05/15on flight: QK8301
C-GJZG CRJ200 c/n: 7561last contact: 2009/08/11on flight: QK8304
C-GJZJ CRJ200 c/n: 7553last contact: 2013/05/26on flight: QK8304
C-GJZL CRJ200 c/n: 7572last contact: 2009/10/11on flight: QK8558
C-GJZZ CRJ200 c/n: 7978last contact: 2013/05/27on flight: QK8186
C-GKEJ CRJ200 c/n: 7269last contact: 2012/01/19on flight: QK7652
C-GKEK CRJ200 c/n: 7270last contact: 2013/05/03on flight: QK8577
C-GKEM CRJ200 c/n: 7277last contact: 2013/04/15on flight: QK8572
C-GKEP CRJ200 c/n: 7303last contact: 2013/05/01on flight: QK8445
C-GKER CRJ200 c/n: 7368last contact: 2013/05/27on flight: QK8571
C-GKEU CRJ200 c/n: 7376last contact: 2013/05/26on flight: QK8574
C-GKEW CRJ200 c/n: 7385last contact: 2013/05/27on flight: QK8303
C-GKEZ CRJ200 c/n: 7327last contact: 2013/04/23on flight: QK8461
C-GKFR CRJ200 c/n: 7330last contact: 2013/05/02on flight: QK8575
C-GKGC CRJ200 c/n: 7334last contact: 2013/05/27on flight: QK8184
C-GKON Dash8-102 c/n: 130last contact: 2012/01/30on flight: QK7927
C-GKTA Dash8-301 c/n: 124last contact: 2013/05/27on flight: QK8354
C-GLTA Dash8-301 c/n: 154last contact: 2015/05/15on flight: QK8126
C-GMJA CRJ200 c/n: 8003last contact: 2013/04/30on flight: QK8571
C-GMON Dash8-301 c/n: 131last contact: 2015/05/20on flight: QK8126
C-GMTA Dash8-301 c/n: 174last contact: 2013/05/27on flight: QK8074
C-GNJA CRJ200 c/n: 8004last contact: 2013/05/02on flight: QK8440
C-GNON Dash8-301 c/n: 137last contact: 2014/12/21on flight: QK8129
C-GOJA CRJ200 c/n: 8009last contact: 2013/05/01on flight: QK8574
C-GOJZ CRJ705 c/n: 15053last contact: 2009/10/13on flight: QK8319
C-GOND Dash8-102 c/n: 090last contact: 2009/07/21on flight: QK7679
C-GONJ Dash8-102 c/n: 095last contact: 2011/12/25on flight: QK7787
C-GONN Dash8-102 c/n: 101last contact: 2013/04/30on flight: QK8178
C-GONO Dash8-102 c/n: 102last contact: 2013/05/01on flight: QK7068
C-GONR Dash8-102 c/n: 109last contact: 2012/01/24on flight: QK7933
C-GONW Dash8-102 c/n: 112last contact: 2010/10/13on flight: QK8094
C-GONX Dash8-102 c/n: 118last contact: 2012/01/22on flight: QK7933
C-GONY Dash8-102 c/n: 115last contact: 2011/12/27on flight: QK7822
C-GQJA CRJ200 c/n: 7963last contact: 2012/01/30on flight: QK7665
C-GSTA Dash8-301 c/n: 182last contact: 2013/05/03on flight: QK8239
C-GTAG Dash8-301 c/n: 200last contact: 2015/05/03on flight: QK8118
C-GTAI Dash8-102 c/n: 072last contact: 2011/12/27on flight: QK7772
C-GTAQ Dash8-301 c/n: 180last contact: 2013/05/01on flight: QK8504
C-GTAT Dash8-301 c/n: 188last contact: 2013/05/27on flight: QK8127
C-GTBP Dash8-102 c/n: 066last contact: 2012/01/18on flight: QK7927
C-GTJA CRJ200 c/n: 7966last contact: 2013/04/28on flight: QK8577
C-GUJA CRJ200 c/n: 8011last contact: 2013/04/25on flight: QK8460
C-GUON Dash8-303 c/n: 143last contact: 2013/05/25on flight: QK8180
C-GVON Dash8-304 c/n: 149last contact: 2015/04/30on flight: QK8126
C-GVTA Dash8-301 c/n: 190last contact: 2014/12/20on flight: QK8129
C-GXJA CRJ200 c/n: 8017last contact: 2013/05/25on flight: QK8576
C-GZJA CRJ200 c/n: 8018last contact: 2013/04/28on flight: QK8208


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