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Fleetlist of: Thai Airways International [THA]

Please note: These are not complete fleetlists of the listed airlines. This are only lists with ACARS equipped aircrafts which where contacted by acarsd somewhere in the world. See the list of acarsd servers or acarsd webservers to watch realtime live ACARS worldwide.

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HS-TAR A300B4-622R c/n: 681last contact: 2009/06/27on flight: TG0917
HS-TBB A330-343E c/n: 1269last contact: 2011/12/23on flight: TG8926
HS-TEN A330-343E c/n: 990last contact: 2009/11/07on flight: TG0486
HS-TEO A330-343E c/n: 1003last contact: 2011/11/16on flight: TG0482
HS-TEQ A330-343E c/n: 1037last contact: 2011/11/22on flight: TG0482
HS-TET A333-343X c/n: 1086last contact: 2011/11/21on flight: TG0482
HS-TGA B747-4D7 c/n: 32369last contact: 2015/04/27on flight: TG0917
HS-TGB B747-4D7 c/n: 32370last contact: 2014/10/18on flight: TG0911
HS-TGF B747-4D7 c/n: 33770last contact: 2016/01/31on flight: TG0471
HS-TGG B747-4D7 c/n: 33771last contact: 2015/02/02on flight: TG0917
HS-TGH B747-4D7 c/n: 24458last contact: 2014/12/14on flight: TG0891
HS-TGJ B747-4D7(BCF) c/n: 24459last contact: 2015/03/15on flight: TG0891
HS-TGK B747-4D7 c/n: 24993last contact: 2012/12/23on flight: TG0925
HS-TGL B747-4D7 c/n: 25366last contact: 2013/03/03on flight: TG0925
HS-TGM B747-4D7 c/n: 27093last contact: 2013/11/04on flight: TG0924
HS-TGN B747-4D7 c/n: 26615last contact: 2012/10/27on flight: TG0971
HS-TGO B747-4D7 c/n: 26609last contact: 2015/04/07on flight: TG0923
HS-TGP B747-4D7 c/n: 26610last contact: 2016/09/07on flight: TG0472
HS-TGR B747-4D7 c/n: 27723last contact: 2014/12/20on flight: TG0922
HS-TGT B747-4D7 c/n: 26616last contact: 2015/04/09on flight: TG0923
HS-TGW B747-4D7 c/n: 27724last contact: 2013/08/23on flight: TG0925
HS-TGX B747-4D7 c/n: 27725last contact: 2016/09/04on flight: TG0471
HS-TGY B747-4D7 c/n: 28705last contact: 2014/07/31on flight: TG0911
HS-TGZ B747-4D7 c/n: 28706last contact: 2016/09/03on flight: TG0476
HS-TJA B777-2D7 c/n: 27726last contact: 2009/02/19on flight: TG0622
HS-TJC B777-2D7 c/n: 27728last contact: 2015/07/15on flight: TG0462
HS-TJD B777-2D7 c/n: 27729last contact: 2015/07/16on flight: TG0462
HS-TJE B777-2D7 c/n: 27730last contact: 2009/03/06on flight: TG0644
HS-TJH B777-2D7 c/n: 27733last contact: 2009/02/18on flight: TG0622
HS-TJR B777-2D7 (ER) c/n: 34586last contact: 2015/07/10on flight: TG0465
HS-TJS B777-2D7 (ER) c/n: 34587last contact: 2015/07/14on flight: TG0462
HS-TJT B777-2D7 (ER) c/n: 34588last contact: 2014/03/08on flight: TG0492
HS-TJU B777-2D7 (ER) c/n: 34589last contact: 2015/07/11on flight: TG0466
HS-TJV B777-2D7 (ER) c/n: 34590last contact: 2015/07/08on flight: TG0461
HS-TJW B777-2D7 (ER) c/n: 34591last contact: 2015/07/17on flight: TG0462
HS-TKA B777-3D7 c/n: 29150last contact: 2014/04/28on flight: TG0462
HS-TKC B777-3D7 c/n: 29211last contact: 2010/12/01on flight: TG0975
HS-TKD B777-3D7 c/n: 29212last contact: 2011/10/29on flight: TG0940
HS-TKE B777-3D7 c/n: 29213last contact: 2010/11/06on flight: TG0975
HS-TKF B777-3D7 c/n: 29214last contact: 2014/04/27on flight: TG0462
HS-TKG B-777-35R(ER) c/n: 35157last contact: 2012/11/04on flight: TG0930
HS-TKH B-777-35R(ER) c/n: 35158last contact: 2013/03/27on flight: TG0933
HS-TKJ B777-35RER c/n: 35161last contact: 2013/03/01on flight: TG0932
HS-TKK B777-3ALER c/n: 41520last contact: 2015/02/18on flight: TG0951
HS-TKL B777-3ALER c/n: 41521last contact: 2016/03/16on flight: TG0916
HS-TKO B777-3ALER c/n: 41524last contact: 2016/03/09on flight: TG0917
HS-TKS B777-35RER c/n: 35160last contact: 2013/03/01on flight: TG0930
HS-TKT B777-35RER c/n: 35159last contact: 2013/02/17on flight: TG0931
HS-TLA A340-541 c/n: 624last contact: 2010/06/25on flight: TG0794
HS-TLB A340-541 c/n: 628last contact: 2010/06/03on flight: TG0795
HS-TLC A340-541 c/n: 698last contact: 2011/11/20on flight: TG0941
HS-TLD A340-541 c/n: 775last contact: 2012/07/21on flight: TG8839
HS-TNA A340-642 c/n: 677last contact: 2015/03/05on flight: TG0971
HS-TNB A340-642 c/n: 681last contact: 2014/12/21on flight: TG0971
HS-TNC A340-642 c/n: 689last contact: 2015/03/27on flight: TG0970
HS-TND A340-642 c/n: 710last contact: 2014/02/03on flight: TG0916
HS-TNE A340-642 c/n: 719last contact: 2013/11/18on flight: TG0916
HS-TNF A340-642 c/n: 953last contact: 2015/01/26on flight: TG0971
HS-TUB A380-841 c/n: 93last contact: 2015/03/05on flight: TG0921
HS-TUC A380-841 c/n: 100last contact: 2015/04/03on flight: TG0931
HS-TUD A380-841 c/n: 122last contact: 2015/04/26on flight: TG0931


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