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Fleetlist of: Wizz Air [WZZ]

Please note: These are not complete fleetlists of the listed airlines. This are only lists with ACARS equipped aircrafts which where contacted by acarsd somewhere in the world. See the list of acarsd servers or acarsd webservers to watch realtime live ACARS worldwide.

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HA-LPA A320-233 c/n: 0839last contact: 2011/06/17on flight: WZ0178
HA-LPB A320-232 c/n: 1635last contact: 2011/10/12on flight: W6003D
HA-LPC A320-233 c/n: 892last contact: 2011/09/06on flight: WZ8910
HA-LPD A320-233 c/n: 1902last contact: 2013/02/02on flight: W6007R
HA-LPE A320-233 c/n: 1892last contact: 2014/10/26on flight: W603TT
HA-LPF A320-233 c/n: 1834last contact: 2013/02/03on flight: W6073U
HA-LPH A320-232 c/n: 2688last contact: 2011/01/03on flight: W60213
HA-LPI A320-232 c/n: 2752last contact: 2014/01/27on flight: W60432
HA-LPJ A320-232 c/n: 3127last contact: 2017/01/20on flight: W60263
HA-LPK A320-232 c/n: 3143last contact: 2018/01/14on flight: W608FT
HA-LPL A320-232 c/n: 3166last contact: 2018/03/09on flight: W619BG
HA-LPM A320-232 c/n: 3177last contact: 2018/02/25on flight: W60693
HA-LPN A320-232 c/n: 3354last contact: 2017/01/16on flight: W61692
HA-LPO A320-232 c/n: 3384last contact: 2018/02/18on flight: W608FT
HA-LPQ A320-232 c/n: 3409last contact: 2017/03/04on flight: W60560
HA-LPR A320-232 c/n: 3430last contact: 2018/03/07on flight: W609CG
HA-LPS A320-232 c/n: 3531last contact: 2017/03/07on flight: W601DF
HA-LPT A320-232 c/n: 3562last contact: 2014/01/26on flight: W609VV
HA-LPU A320-232 c/n: 3877last contact: 2015/10/01on flight: W607KY
HA-LPV A320-232 c/n: 3927last contact: 2017/03/07on flight: W60541
HA-LPW A320-232 c/n: 3947last contact: 2016/09/04on flight: W60179
HA-LPX A320-232 c/n: 3968last contact: 2015/09/30on flight: W60239
HA-LPY A320-232 c/n: 4109last contact: 2017/01/18on flight: W61752
HA-LPZ A320-232 c/n: 4174last contact: 2017/03/05on flight: W64205
HA-LWA A320-232 c/n: 4223last contact: 2015/10/11on flight: WZ04HV
HA-LWB A320-232 c/n: 4246last contact: 2017/03/06on flight: W619HC
HA-LWC A320-232 c/n: 4323last contact: 2014/01/26on flight: W60309
HA-LWD A320-232 c/n: 4351last contact: 2017/01/20on flight: W609BR
HA-LWE A320-232 c/n: 4372last contact: 2017/02/15on flight: W60318
HA-LWF A320-232 c/n: 4621last contact: 2018/01/18on flight: W61291
HA-LWG A320-232 c/n: 4308last contact: 2014/11/16on flight: WZ0122
HA-LWH A320-232 c/n: 4621last contact: 2016/09/01on flight: W61879
HA-LWI A320-232 c/n: 4628last contact: 2015/11/14on flight: W60427
HA-LWJ A320-232 c/n: 4683last contact: 2017/01/19on flight: W601LM
HA-LWK A320-232 c/n: 4716last contact: 2017/12/17on flight: W608BV
HA-LWL A320-232 c/n: 4736last contact: 2017/01/21on flight: W601FL
HA-LWM A320-232 c/n: 5021last contact: 2017/02/15on flight: W601CK
HA-LWN A320-232 c/n: 5075last contact: 2015/09/01on flight: W607ZW
HA-LWO A320-232 c/n: 5123last contact: 2017/03/06on flight: W608DK
HA-LWP A320-232 c/n: 5139last contact: 2018/01/15on flight: W60967
HA-LWQ A320-232 c/n: 5196last contact: 2013/01/30on flight: W6004F
HA-LWR A320-232 c/n: 5604last contact: 2015/12/04on flight: W60031
HA-LWS A320-232 c/n: 5608last contact: 2016/09/04on flight: W60891
HA-LWT A320-232 c/n: 5615last contact: 2016/08/31on flight: W60639
HA-LWU A320-232 c/n: 5617last contact: 2018/01/11on flight: W60397
LZ-WZA A320-232 c/n: 2571last contact: 2011/03/14on flight: W60624


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