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This database is created with the input from different acarsd servers.
You can combine all search fields. Fields which are empty will be ignored! The Route-Field can be used form airport IATA codes
Please use % as placeholder. For example: D-ABO% will find all contacted Condor aircrafts
If you need a daily ANAD Style Report (ACARS Logfile), fill in the Day in the DateRange fields - in both! and select ANAD Style Reports from the Show results as... selectbox.

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ACARS realtime grid

Watch ACARS realtime additions to our database server with the ACARS Grid

acarsd database manager powered by AJAX

Our database manager is available now. Everybody can search for aircrafts, airlines, flights and more. From acarsd 1.66 this database will be used to synchronize between every acarsd system. See my article about databases.

Download worldwide ACARS reports

Download worldwide ACARS reports from our server.

XML support needed to search within the ACARS database

This search a simply powered by AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML). Some versions of MSIE are without XML support. You can download and install the XML support libraries from the Microsoft homepage.
If your browser have no XML support you'll get a warning popup window.
Click here to see a complete AJAX JavaScript Shop Solution (german Page)


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