Airmaster and/or SkySpy with acarsd

Just when you thought your Airmaster and Skyspy programmes and modules had become redundant Rene Hesse and KjM have found the answer.

ACARSDS runs along side your Airmaster/Skyspy software to allow the decodes to be used via DDE link to your acarsd screen.
This will run also with a sound card running at the same time.
As you know acarsd accepts decodes from 8 scanners via 4 Soundcards. Well know you can use Airmaster or Skyspy instead of buying a second sound card or instead of you existing sound card. Whichever you prefer.
You will find ACARSDS in the download section of the acarsd website It is a zip file and contains both ACARSDS and a full set of instructions to set up your system.
The one file works for both Airmaster and Skyspy

You will of coarse NOT be able to use this system if you have Windows XP
As I am sure you are aware neither Airmaster or Skyspy will run within Win XP
You will also need the very latest version of acarsd V 1.50 which you will also find in the download section on the download page.

ACARSDS has been well tested and has been found to run very well alongside acarsd

Installation and running instructions for ACARSDS

Before we go any further if you are using Windows XP this add on programme for acarsd is not for you.

You must also have the latest release version of acarsd V 1.50
So you have now downloaded ACARSDS and found this instruction file

Installation is very simple
On your hard drive create a new folder [ACARSDS]
Unzip this .EXE file into your now folder
Then go to ACARSDS folder right click the .EXE file and create a short cut key
Drop and drag/copy and paste this short cut onto your desk top
To run acarsd using your Airmaster/Skyspy system you must!! open the programmes in this order

  - start airmaster/skyspy and check for decodes
  - open ACARSDS

A small window will open on your screen decodes will appear here but just one at a time. Minimise this window

Check with your acarsd installer if you have enabled the last option within the DDE menu!

  - Start acarsd

Check in bottom window you receive the following in Green: Successful connected to ACARSDS socket server

If all is ok decodes from your Airmaster/Skpspy system will start to appear in you acarsd screen

If you have got "show sound card names" set you will see above each message :-SkySpy Socket server

Trouble shoot

ACARSDS needs the runtime .dll VBRUN600.DLL to run correctly
IF you do not have this file in your windows system [you should have] you can download this .DLL file from :-

ATTN: there are several Vbrun.dll files on this page. Make sure you get VBRUN600.DLL
And then install it [you will need to restart windows after installing this file]

From the author of this page, Keith:
I have this system running on my acarsd system as I write
Using My old [retired] airmaster. All is running very well
Hope you enjoy using this system along with your acarsd

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