acarsd developer API - create your own client

All communications between acarsd clients and the acarsd server are done over this API.
If you'll build your own client, you need the following informations.

The communication between acarsd and the client software is done with a defined paket structure.
C Definition:

/* Maxi size of the string/binary buffer */
#define BINBUFFER   (int)4096

/* Exchange Structure */
struct server_data {
    int operation, length;
    unsigned long numvalue;
    char data[BINBUFFER];

/* Offset of the exchange structure */
#define HEADEROFFSET  (sizeof(int)+sizeof(int)+sizeof(unsigned long))
First the server (and the client) send the exchange header (see HEADEROFFSET) then the client (or the server) read only ->length bytes from the socket. The length parameter of the structure show always how many bytes are follow.
The client should always check if the following bytes are bigger than the data buffer!
Based on the ->operation the client (or server) has to do some operations. Here is the list of the latest API (APIVERSION API-2004-Sep-09)

Show a detailed table with all current API functions

Click here for a detailed description on how to build your own acarsd client

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