libacarsd - free acarsd decoder library

Although there is no warranty provided with libacarsd, I would welcome any comments, problem reports and other feedback you may have concerning this software.

You may include libacarsd in any non-commercial product. Generally you should refer expressly to your use of libacarsd in the documentation or the tips to your program. If you want to use libacarsd in a commercial application, please get in touch by mail to

I can only guarantee that libacarsd occupies disk space and is virus-free in the original package. It is impossible to guarantee that any software functions correctly, since errors can never be excluded. Libacarsd has been successfully tested for months on different Windows and Linux systems, so problems should be quite rare.


libacarsd translate soundsignals from aircrafts into human readable format.
For more information about ACARS goto
You can use libacarsd to create you own ACARS decoder software under Windows or Linux (i can compile libs for other systems on request)
Documentation of libacarsd 1.46 as PDF and as HTML
Download the latest version of libacarsd - included libs for Linux and Windows
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