acarsd - ACARS decoder - license informations

acarsd is free software for everyone except when acarsd is used within an commercial environement.
Commercial users must buy a valid license per copy of acarsd.

All other users of acarsd doesn't need a license!

acarsd has the same features with or without a valid license!

If you want to honor our work, then you can buy a acarsd license.
There is no fixed price for a private license. Starting from 5 € upward can be paid each sum.
The money will be used to cover a part from our traffic costs and not for a new car :)

There are 4 different acarsd license types:

  1. Private License
  2. Commercial License
  3. Developer License
  4. Beta Testing License

Your license is visible within your reports, after connecting to your acarsd server and also after connecting to your acarsd webserver.

acarsd - ACARS decoder for windows & linux can be registered acarsd 1.65

Use PayPal to pay for your acarsd license.

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