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acarsd Operation overview

All transmissions with the correct ACARS header *<SYN><SYN><SOH> are printed to screen and/or GUI.

acarsd provides all information on-screen. A correction of the data is not done. acarsd is a Real Time Decoder
Messages decoded correctly without parity errors are displayed in grey. acarsd will also check the message control block checksum. If this check is enabled, you can be sure to see only real ACARS messages on your screen. Messages containing text errors are shown in white while the actual text will not be displayed.
Messages containing other errors will be displayed in binary (red) while the error message will be shown in cyan.

Example of successful logged ACARS message

----------------------------------------------------------[ 01/04/2003 10:08 ]-
ACARS Mode: O Aircraft Registration:.VP-BAH
Aircraft Type: Boeing 737-400
Message Label: 5U Block ID: 3 Message Number: M65A
Flight Number: SU0281
Operator: Aeroflot
Message Content: -
The message content field is not shown if this field was not present.
Airline, aircraft and flight resolution is only possible if you have correct and up2date acarsd databases. Take a look at the download page for newest databases.

Output if acarsd runs in extended mode

----------------------------------------------------------[ 01/04/2003 10:23 ]-
ACARS Mode: E Aircraft Registration:.D-AIAR
Aircraft Type: Airbus A300
Message Label: 1L Block ID: 7 Message Number: M67A
Flight Number: LH3422
Operator: Lufthansa Flight: Budapest, Hungary (BUD)- Frankfurt a.M., Germany (FRA)
Message Content: -
3 contacts with this aircraft. First contact: 31/03/2003 22:52 as flight LH3400


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