How to setup your own acarsd server

If you would like to join others and allow clients to see your ACARS live below are the instructions for setting this up on your acarsd system.
First go to this one:

Get yourself a free no-ip address which will be something like this:
??? there is a drop down for other words instead of info this has know become the Internet route to your computer instead of your IP address

Now open your main acarsd folder in windows explorer and locate your acarsd config file icon appears like a .TXT file icon but with a little yellow cog in it and will have acarsd under it then in the config file change the settings below to look like this

# If you run acarsd as server you can set a NONE COMMERCIAL flag.
# If this flag is set than commercial applications cannot connect to your server
[note the # has gone from infront of the word RemoteIdentify]
# acarsd listens per default on port 2202 and in some cases also on 2203.
# If you wish you can set a different port. 0 means default!
ListenOnPort 2202
[NOTE:- the gap between Port and 2202 must!! Be 1 click of your tab key] DO NOT USE THE SPACE BAR

How to watch servers [inc. your own]

Now you must choose which software to use to view other servers inc. your own if you have not already done so go back to here you will find 2 programmes acarsdclient (new name clientNG) and jacars
Download the one of your choice and unzip into a new folder check that it works by connecting to one of the existing servers now if you have a firewall you will need to open the firewall for exit and entry on port 2202 having got this far in acarsd click on server then start server.
At this point do not click on send details to server please

Now in either jacars or acarsdclient select:
in jacars:

# server
# edit list
# add
A new line will appear at bottom. Enter here your no-ip address or the internal ip of the computer you're running acarsd in' - click OK
provided your acarsd is running and you have port 2202 opened you should now see your acarsd messages appear in the jacars screen

in acarsdclient:

# server
# server
# insert
fill in your details.
server name is your no-ip address or the internal ip of the computer you're running acarsd in'; port is 2202 - click save
Your details will now have been added to left hand window behind the vertical blue bar open this and double click on the line of your server details a window will open - click on connect

Provided you have done all above correctly you will now be seeing your acarsd messages in your favorite acarsd client software.

To act as server

So you have your server going for your own viewing and wish to allow others to see it in acarsdclient and jacars

# server
# start server [you may have already done that]
select: add server to online server list
Fill in your details:
Name of server :- Enter your no-ip address
Location :- your choice i.e. south England
Listen on ports :- delete 0 leave this box empty
Any information :- i.e. times server will run

Allow commercial clients :- leave as default NO

Now click send details to server and pretty soon the counter in number of clients connected at bottom of acarsd window will start to climb.
You can also add your server on this page

Thanks to Keith for this short description

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