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We are always looking for sponsors for our page. We have more then 50000 visits each month on our pages. This is a lot of traffic which is partly sponsored by INLINE Internet Online Dienste GmbH and by the acarsd developer crew
There are 4 ways to present your link or your banner on our pages.
  1. Link on every page in the lower left corner
  2. Banner or textlink on every fleetlist page
  3. Banner or textlink on both serverlist pages
  4. Banner or textlink on the download page

acarsd sponsoring prices

Here are the prices for the 4 different ad locations on the acarsd homepage. Prices are in € per month.
  1. 79 € / month
  2. 39 € / month
  3. 25 € / month
  4. 9.99 € / month
If you book your link for more then 3 months, we'll give you 10% discount.
Please contact us by mail.

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No, acarsd is and will be freeware for all non commercial users, but take a minute and read more about the acarsd license option.
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