acarsd - Free ACARS decoder for Linux & Windows

acarsd is an ACARS decoder for a LINUX or Windows PC which attempts to decode ACARS transmissions in real-time using up to four Soundcards. acarsd is also a realtime ACARS Server / ACARS webserver, for the worldwide spotter and ACARS community, if you wish. Some screenshots of acarsd

Updates for acarsdclient next generation

Because of some updates for the upcoming acarsd version, the client was updated and some small bugs fixed. Fleetlist can now handle also ICAO codes. Download latest client version

Release plan for acarsd 1.70

Time was not on our side :(
Currently acarsd 1.70 is stable under Linux and have still small problems under Windows. But good news! We try to release acarsd 1.70 in december 2007.

Realtime ACARS in your web browser

First available realtime web ACARS server powered by acarsd. All features of your ACARS system are available in a standard web browser ( live ACARS ). Only javascript must be enabled to see ACARS live.
You can select a realtime web ACARS server from the list of public realtime web ACARS servers.

Facts about ACARS

ACARS ( Aircraft Communication Addressing and Reporting System also called Email for Aircrafts) is a digital data link system transmitted via VHF radio which allows Airline Flight Operations Departments to communicate with the various Aircraft in their Fleet. (not every aircraft is equipped with the ACARS System or the ACARS system is disabled)

What is acarsd?

acarsd is a free ACARS Decoder for the ACARS System. All what you need to run acarsd, is an Airband Scanner, a long cable and a working Soundcard in your computer. acarsd runs under nearly all Windows Versions (except CE and 3.x) and under Linux. acarsd is fully compatible with Windows XP.
acarsd was the first ACARS Decoder which can handle up to four Airband Scanner on two Soundcards. Since acarsd version 1.65 acarsd can handle up to eight Airbandscanner on 4 Soundcards (realized with our TwoInOne Decoding Engine - libacarsd).
Other known ACARS decoders (not for Linux) are: Wacars, SkySpy, Airnav ACARS Decoder from AirnavSystems, Airmaster and other small - windows only - projects.

Live ACARS feeds

acarsd was also the first System which can be used as online ACARS Server. There are a lot of Online Servers available now. To use the ACARS ONLINE NETWORK you'll need a acarsd Client Software which can be downloaded here.
Since acarsd 1.65 there is also a realtime web ACARS interface which can be used with a normal web browser. Take a look
acarsd is a Freeware ACARS Decoder and can be used free on all Non-Commercial Systems

Story about acarsd

Read here the full story about acarsd (sorry, german only)
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