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Fleetlist of: Aeroflot [AFL]

Please note: These are not complete fleetlists of the listed airlines. This are only lists with ACARS equipped aircrafts which where contacted by acarsd somewhere in the world. See the list of acarsd servers or acarsd webservers to watch realtime live ACARS worldwide.

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RA-85642 Tu-154M c/n: 88A-778last contact: 2009/03/28on flight: SU0848
RA-85643 Tu-154 c/n: last contact: 2009/02/06on flight: SU0857
RA-96005 Il-96-300 c/n: 74393201002last contact: 2011/02/19on flight: SU0537
RA-96007 Il-96-300 c/n: 7439320100last contact: 2011/01/14on flight: SU0351
RA-96008 Il-96-300 c/n: 74393201005last contact: 2011/02/19on flight: SU4290
RA-96010 Il-96-300 c/n: 74393201007last contact: 2011/01/14on flight: SU0361
RA-96011 Il-96-300 c/n: 74393201008last contact: 2010/12/24on flight: SU0351
RA-96015 Il-96-300 c/n: 74393202012last contact: 2011/02/19on flight: SU0178
VP-BAR B737-4M0 c/n: 29210last contact: 2010/05/23on flight: GS0000
VP-BAV B767-36N (ER) c/n: 30107last contact: 2012/12/29on flight: SU2780
VP-BAX B767-36N (ER) c/n: 30109last contact: 2011/12/30on flight: SU0170
VP-BAY B767-36N (ER) c/n: 30110last contact: 2015/02/16on flight: UN0576
VP-BAZ B767-36N (ER) c/n: 30111last contact: 2013/03/15on flight: SU0000
VP-BDC A321-211 c/n: 5271last contact: 2016/06/08on flight: SU2185
VP-BDD A330-343E c/n: 1356last contact: 2016/03/11on flight: SU0102
VP-BDE A330-343X c/n: 1371last contact: 2016/03/05on flight: SU0101
VP-BDI B767-38A (ER) c/n: 29618last contact: 2011/01/08on flight: SU0272
VP-BDK A320-214 c/n: 2106last contact: 2016/04/30on flight: SU2571
VP-BDM A319-111 c/n: 2069last contact: 2013/06/30on flight: SU2391
VP-BDN A319-111 c/n: 2072last contact: 2015/02/12on flight: SU2393
VP-BDO A319-111 c/n: 2091last contact: 2014/12/23on flight: SU2501
VP-BGB B777-3M0ER c/n: 41679last contact: 2016/04/05on flight: SU0101
VP-BGC B777-3M0ER c/n: 41680last contact: 2016/04/24on flight: SU0102
VP-BGD B777-3M0ER c/n: 41681last contact: 2018/03/10on flight: SU0101
VP-BGF B777-3M0ER c/n: 41686last contact: 2016/10/26on flight: SU0100
VP-BID A320-214 c/n: 5421last contact: 2015/10/05on flight: SU2594
VP-BJA A320-214 c/n: 5536last contact: 2017/01/15on flight: SU2436
VP-BKC A320-214 c/n: 3545last contact: 2016/05/04on flight: SU2459
VP-BKX A320-214 c/n: 3410last contact: 2016/03/16on flight: SU0261
VP-BKY A320-214 c/n: 3511last contact: 2018/03/10on flight: AQJBWG
VP-BLH A320-214 c/n: 5565last contact: 2015/03/09on flight: SU2436
VP-BLL A320-214 c/n: 5572last contact: 2016/08/31on flight: SU2343
VP-BLP A320-214 c/n: 5578last contact: 2016/04/28on flight: SU1007
VP-BLR A320-214 c/n: 5585last contact: 2015/04/03on flight: SU2501
VP-BLX A-330-243 c/n: 963last contact: 2016/10/31on flight: SU0104
VP-BLY A330-243 c/n: 973last contact: 2018/04/27on flight: SU0110
VP-BME A320-214 c/n: 3699last contact: 2015/03/09on flight: SU2497
VP-BMF A320-214 c/n: 3711last contact: 2017/03/06on flight: SU2704
VP-BNL A320-214 c/n: 5580last contact: 2015/04/25on flight: SU2501
VP-BNT A320-214 c/n: 5614last contact: 2016/05/21on flight: SU2154
VP-BQP A320-214 c/n: 2875last contact: 2015/11/04on flight: SU0261
VP-BQR A321-211 c/n: 2903last contact: 2016/06/08on flight: SU0000
VP-BQS A321-211 c/n: 2912last contact: 2013/08/18on flight: SU2474
VP-BQT A321-211 c/n: 2965last contact: 2016/05/21on flight: SU2390
VP-BQU A320-214 c/n: 3373last contact: 2014/11/06on flight: SU2380
VP-BQV A320-214 c/n: 2920last contact: 2014/11/19on flight: SU2382
VP-BQW A320-214 c/n: 2947last contact: 2013/11/22on flight: SU2392
VP-BQX A321-211 c/n: 2957last contact: 2016/05/21on flight: SU2307
VP-BRW A321-211 c/n: 3191last contact: 2014/11/22on flight: SU2380
VP-BRX A320-214 c/n: 3063last contact: 2017/03/05on flight: SU2458
VP-BRY A320-214 c/n: 3052last contact: 2017/01/17on flight: SU2315
VP-BRZ A320-214 c/n: 3157last contact: 2016/06/08on flight: SU2060
VP-BUK A319-112 c/n: 3281last contact: 2013/08/06on flight: SU2391
VP-BUM A321-211 c/n: 3267last contact: 2016/03/28on flight: SU0260
VP-BUN A319-112 c/n: 3298last contact: 2013/09/07on flight: SU2391
VP-BUO A319-112 c/n: 3336last contact: 2013/06/02on flight: SU2383
VP-BUP A321-211 c/n: 3334last contact: 2016/02/07on flight: SU2462
VP-BWA A319-111 c/n: 2052last contact: 2013/02/02on flight: SU2459
VP-BWD A320-214 c/n: 2116last contact: 2017/01/19on flight: SU0265
VP-BWE A320-214 c/n: 2133last contact: 2016/03/26on flight: SU2318
VP-BWF A320-214 c/n: 2144last contact: 2014/11/22on flight: SU2462
VP-BWG A319-111 c/n: 2093last contact: 2013/09/01on flight: SU2391
VP-BWH A320-214 c/n: 2151last contact: 2015/03/09on flight: FV6273
VP-BWI A320-214 c/n: 2163last contact: 2013/11/22on flight: SU2322
VP-BWJ A319-111 c/n: 2179last contact: 2013/10/17on flight: SU2391
VP-BWK A319-111 c/n: 2222last contact: 2013/01/30on flight: SU2561
VP-BWL A319-111 c/n: 2243last contact: 2013/08/29on flight: SU2392
VP-BWM A320-214 c/n: 2233last contact: 2014/12/29on flight: SU2500
VP-BWN A321-211 c/n: 2330last contact: 2013/05/21on flight: SU2470
VP-BWO A321-111 c/n: 2337last contact: 2016/06/08on flight: SU2597
VP-BWP A321-111 c/n: 2342last contact: 2012/12/21on flight: SU2381
VP-BWQ B767-341ER c/n: 30342last contact: 2010/01/11on flight: SU0272
VP-BWT B767-38A (ER) c/n: 29617last contact: 2011/03/19on flight: SU0272
VP-BWU B767-3T7 (ER) c/n: 25076last contact: 2010/09/12on flight: SU0252
VP-BWV B767-317 (ER) c/n: 25117last contact: 2012/03/03on flight: SU0134
VP-BWW B767-306 (ER) c/n: 27959last contact: 2013/01/08on flight: SU2781
VP-BZO A320-214 c/n: 3574last contact: 2016/04/30on flight: SU2577
VP-BZP 320-214 c/n: 3631last contact: 2017/03/07on flight: SU2337
VP-BZQ A320-214 c/n: 3627last contact: 2016/03/17on flight: SU2618
VP-BZR A320-214 c/n: 3640last contact: 2015/11/10on flight: SU2392
VP-BZS A320-214 c/n: 3644last contact: 2018/04/15on flight: SU2474
VQ-BAX A320-214 c/n: 3778last contact: 2016/05/21on flight: SU2319
VQ-BAY A320-214 c/n: 3786last contact: 2016/09/01on flight: SU2455
VQ-BAZ A320-214 c/n: 3789last contact: 2016/04/30on flight: SU2153
VQ-BBA A319-112 c/n: 3794last contact: 2013/10/17on flight: SU2383
VQ-BBB A320-214 c/n: 3723last contact: 2014/10/27on flight: SU2382
VQ-BBC A320-214 c/n: 3835last contact: 2014/10/26on flight: SU2463
VQ-BBD A319-111 c/n: 3838last contact: 2013/12/29on flight: SU2306
VQ-BBE A330-243 c/n: 1014last contact: 2018/03/10on flight: SU0107
VQ-BBF A330-243 c/n: 1045last contact: 2016/10/22on flight: SU0150
VQ-BBG A330-243 c/n: 1047last contact: 2018/04/01on flight: SU0123
VQ-BCM A320-214 c/n: 3923last contact: 2014/12/01on flight: SU2460
VQ-BCN A320-214 c/n: 3954last contact: 2017/01/16on flight: SU2594
VQ-BCO A319-112 c/n: 3942last contact: 2013/09/20on flight: SU2391
VQ-BCP A319-112 c/n: 3998last contact: 2013/02/01on flight: SU2561
VQ-BCQ A330-343X c/n: 1058last contact: 2016/10/17on flight: SU0104
VQ-BCU A330-343X c/n: 1065last contact: 2016/05/28on flight: SU2548
VQ-BCV A330-343E c/n: 1072last contact: 2017/01/20on flight: SU2579
VQ-BEA A321-211 c/n: 4058last contact: 2018/04/15on flight: SU2404
VQ-BED A321-211 c/n: 4074last contact: 2016/03/26on flight: SU0260
VQ-BEE A321-211 c/n: 4099last contact: 2017/03/07on flight: SU2581
VQ-BEF A321-211 c/n: 4103last contact: 2014/01/27on flight: SU2452
VQ-BEG A321-211 c/n: 4116last contact: 2014/09/07on flight: SU2597
VQ-BEH A320-214 c/n: 4133last contact: 2017/02/15on flight: SU2382
VQ-BEI A321-211 c/n: 4148last contact: 2017/01/21on flight: SU2337
VQ-BEJ A320-214 c/n: 4160last contact: 2017/01/23on flight: SU2336
VQ-BEK A330-343X c/n: 1077last contact: 2016/04/26on flight: SU0110
VQ-BEL A330-343X c/n: 1103last contact: 2015/06/03on flight: SU0100
VQ-BET A320-214 c/n: 4150last contact: 2015/02/25on flight: S70875
VQ-BHK A321-211 c/n: 4461last contact: 2016/10/21on flight: SU2463
VQ-BHL A320-214 c/n: 4453last contact: 2016/06/07on flight: SU0261
VQ-BHM A321-211 c/n: 4500last contact: 2018/01/17on flight: SU2413
VQ-BHN A320-214 c/n: 4498last contact: 2015/04/02on flight: SU2393
VQ-BIR A320-214 c/n: 4625last contact: 2016/06/07on flight: SU2002
VQ-BIT A320-214 c/n: 4656last contact: 2014/11/19on flight: SU2604
VQ-BIU A320-214 c/n: 4684last contact: 2014/10/30on flight: SU2604
VQ-BIV A320-214 c/n: 4649last contact: 2015/12/31on flight: SU2704
VQ-BIW A320-214 c/n: 4579last contact: 2017/01/28on flight: SU2570
VQ-BKS A320-214 c/n: 4692last contact: 2016/06/07on flight: SU2459
VQ-BKT A320-214 c/n: 4712last contact: 2017/03/07on flight: SU2307
VQ-BKU A320-214 c/n: 4835last contact: 2016/06/08on flight: SU2013
VQ-BMV A330-343E c/n: 1284last contact: 2015/08/08on flight: SU0104
VQ-BMX A330-343X c/n: 1299last contact: 2018/03/12on flight: SU0102
VQ-BMY A330-343X c/n: 1301last contact: 2018/01/19on flight: SU0123
VQ-BNS A330-343E c/n: 1264last contact: 2015/06/01on flight: SU0100
VQ-BOH A321-211 c/n: 5044last contact: 2017/01/28on flight: SU2380
VQ-BOI A321-211 c/n: 5059last contact: 2018/04/15on flight: SU2392
VQ-BPI A330-343E c/n: 1323last contact: 2018/03/09on flight: SU0122
VQ-BPJ A330-343X c/n: 1328last contact: 2015/12/05on flight: SU2548
VQ-BPK A330-343X c/n: 1345last contact: 2018/03/25on flight: SU0122
VQ-BQX A330-343 c/n: 1232last contact: 2018/01/15on flight: SU0103
VQ-BQY A330-343X c/n: 1247last contact: 2016/09/02on flight: SU2548
VQ-BQZ A330-343E c/n: 1270last contact: 2018/04/27on flight: SU0123


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