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Fleetlist of: Alitalia [AZA]

Please note: These are not complete fleetlists of the listed airlines. This are only lists with ACARS equipped aircrafts which where contacted by acarsd somewhere in the world. See the list of acarsd servers or acarsd webservers to watch realtime live ACARS worldwide.

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EI-CRD B767-31B (ER) c/n: 26259last contact: 2012/02/23on flight: AZ8920
EI-CRF B767-31B (ER) c/n: 25170last contact: 2010/07/17on flight: AZ0628
EI-CRL B767-343(ER) c/n: 30008last contact: 2007/01/03on flight: AZ0772
EI-CRM B767-343 (ER) c/n: 30009last contact: 2010/09/14on flight: AZ065F
EI-CRO B767-3Q8 (ER) c/n: 29383last contact: 2008/03/23on flight: AZ0652
EI-DBK B777-243 (ER) c/n: 32783last contact: 2018/01/12on flight: AZ0062
EI-DBL B777-243 (ER) c/n: 32781last contact: 2018/03/09on flight: AZ0062
EI-DBM B777-243 (ER) c/n: 32782last contact: 2015/10/04on flight: AZ0787
EI-DBP B767-35HER c/n: 26389last contact: 2012/10/14on flight: AZ0650
EI-DDH B777-243 (ER) c/n: 32784last contact: 2018/01/17on flight: AZ0784
EI-DDW B767-3S1 (ER) c/n: 26608last contact: 2012/10/13on flight: AZ0650
EI-DIP A330-202 c/n: 339last contact: 2014/03/30on flight: AZ0650
EI-DIR A330-202 c/n: 272last contact: 2013/10/05on flight: AZ0628
EI-DSA A320-214 c/n: 2869last contact: 2014/05/01on flight: AZ0132
EI-DSB A320-214 c/n: 2932last contact: 2016/08/09on flight: AZ011A
EI-DSD A320-214 c/n: 3076last contact: 2013/01/28on flight: AZ079A
EI-DSE A320-214 c/n: 3079last contact: 2014/07/26on flight: AZ8011
EI-DSF A320-214 c/n: 3080last contact: 2013/01/28on flight: AZ0121
EI-DSG A320-214 c/n: 3115last contact: 2017/01/07on flight: AZ07LM
EI-DSH A320-214 c/n: 3178last contact: 2013/12/06on flight: AZ0109
EI-DSJ A320-216 c/n: 3295last contact: 2014/07/31on flight: AZ074F
EI-DSM A320-216 c/n: 3362last contact: 2014/07/25on flight: AZ074F
EI-DSN A320-216 c/n: 3412last contact: 2013/01/30on flight: AZ0109
EI-DSO A320-216 c/n: 3464last contact: 2013/02/02on flight: AZ0111
EI-DSP A320-216 c/n: 3482last contact: 2013/05/06on flight: AZ0113
EI-DSU A320-216 c/n: 3563last contact: 2017/01/07on flight: AZ0815
EI-DSV A320-216 c/n: 3598last contact: 2013/01/28on flight: AZ0113
EI-DSW A320-216 c/n: 3609last contact: 2016/01/09on flight: AZ0403
EI-DTB A320-216 c/n: 3815last contact: 2017/01/06on flight: AZ0807
EI-DTC A320-216 c/n: 3831last contact: 2013/01/31on flight: VE0226
EI-DTD A320-216 c/n: 3846last contact: 2017/10/14on flight: AZ0896
EI-DTE A320-216 c/n: 3885last contact: 2017/10/15on flight: AZ0825
EI-DTF A320-216 c/n: 3906last contact: 2015/11/23on flight: AZ0248
EI-DTG A320-216 c/n: 3921last contact: 2013/01/29on flight: AZ0111
EI-DTH A320-216 c/n: 3956last contact: 2017/01/08on flight: AZ0812
EI-DTI A320-216 c/n: 3976last contact: 2015/03/07on flight: AZ0124
EI-DTJ A320-216 c/n: 3978last contact: 2013/01/29on flight: CT0113
EI-DTK A320-216 c/n: 4075last contact: 2013/01/28on flight: AZ0111
EI-DTL A320-216 c/n: 4108last contact: 2014/06/01on flight: AZ078M
EI-DTM A320-216 c/n: 4119last contact: 2017/01/08on flight: AZ0895
EI-DTN A320-216 c/n: 4143last contact: 2017/01/06on flight: AZ0815
EI-EIA A320-216 c/n: 4195last contact: 2016/09/02on flight: AZ0125
EI-EIB A320-216 c/n: 4249last contact: 2017/01/07on flight: AZ0817
EI-EIC A320-216 c/n: 4520last contact: 2017/01/08on flight: AZ07LM
EI-EID A320-216 c/n: 4523last contact: 2017/05/18on flight: AZ0063
EI-EIE A320-216 c/n: 4536last contact: 2017/01/08on flight: AZ0807
EI-EJG A330-202 c/n: 1123last contact: 2013/03/03on flight: AZ0650
EI-EJH A330-202 c/n: 1135last contact: 2010/09/25on flight: AZ0787
EI-EJI A330-202 c/n: 1218last contact: 2014/06/17on flight: AZ066Y
EI-EJJ A330-202 c/n: 1225last contact: 2013/12/07on flight: AZ0793
EI-EJK A330-202 c/n: 1252last contact: 2017/01/08on flight: AZ8002
EI-EJL A330-202 c/n: 1283last contact: 2017/01/20on flight: AZ0786
EI-EJM A330-202 c/n: 1308last contact: 2014/07/29on flight: AZ0602
EI-EJN A330-203 c/n: 1313last contact: 2018/04/15on flight: AZ0786
EI-EJO A330-202 c/n: 1327last contact: 2013/12/21on flight: AZ0650
EI-EJP A330-202 c/n: 1354last contact: 2017/01/08on flight: AZ0856
EI-IKB A320-214 c/n: 1226last contact: 2017/05/18on flight: AZ0090
EI-IKF A320-214 c/n: 1473last contact: 2017/10/14on flight: AZ0720
EI-IKG A320-214 c/n: 1480last contact: 2015/02/10on flight: AZ0124
EI-IKL A320-214 c/n: 1489last contact: 2017/01/06on flight: AZ01ZV
EI-IKU A320-214 c/n: 1217last contact: 2015/02/25on flight: AZ011A
EI-IMB A319-112 c/n: 2033last contact: 2014/07/25on flight: AZ0436
EI-IMC A319-112 c/n: 2057last contact: 2015/04/04on flight: AZ0438
EI-IMD A319-112 c/n: 2074last contact: 2017/10/14on flight: AZ0824
EI-IME A319-112 c/n: 1740last contact: 2015/02/05on flight: AZ011A
EI-IMF A319-112 c/n: 2083last contact: 2015/04/02on flight: AZ0436
EI-IMG A319-112 c/n: 2086last contact: 2015/02/09on flight: AZ0493
EI-IMH A319-112 c/n: 2101last contact: 2016/01/03on flight: AZ0403
EI-IMI A319-112 c/n: 1745last contact: 2015/04/16on flight: AZ0420
EI-IMJ A319-112 c/n: 1779last contact: 2015/04/30on flight: AZ0432
EI-IML A319-112 c/n: 2127last contact: 2014/12/27on flight: AZ0436
EI-IMN A319-111 c/n: 4764last contact: 2014/09/19on flight: AZ0120
EI-IMO A319-112 c/n: 1770last contact: 2013/02/01on flight: AZ0156
EI-IMP A319-111 c/n: 4859last contact: 2015/04/20on flight: AZ0439
EI-IMR A319-112 c/n: 4875last contact: 2013/01/28on flight: AZ0109
EI-IMS A319-111 c/n: 4910last contact: 2013/02/01on flight: AZ0165
EI-IMT A319-111 c/n: 5018last contact: 2015/04/14on flight: AZ0439
EI-IMU A319-111 c/n: 5130last contact: 2015/04/23on flight: AZ0438
EI-IMV A319-111 c/n: 5294last contact: 2015/11/12on flight: AZ0419
EI-IMW A319-111 c/n: 5383last contact: 2016/03/28on flight: AZ0540
EI-IMX A319-111 c/n: 5424last contact: 2015/04/23on flight: AZ0415
EI-ISA B777-243 (ER) c/n: 32855last contact: 2015/03/30on flight: AZ0786
EI-ISB B777-243ER c/n: 32859last contact: 2018/03/07on flight: AZ0062
EI-ISD B777-243 (ER) c/n: 32860last contact: 2017/12/21on flight: AZ0062
EI-ISE B777-243 (ER) c/n: 32856last contact: 2018/03/25on flight: AZ0676
EI-ISO B777-343 (ER) c/n: 32857last contact: 2018/01/12on flight: AZ0677
EI-IXB A321-112 c/n: 524last contact: 2011/11/15on flight: AZ0165
EI-IXC A321-112 c/n: 0526last contact: 2012/03/19on flight: AZ027S
EI-IXG A321-112 c/n: 0516last contact: 2012/02/15on flight: AZ059E
EI-IXH A321-112 c/n: 940last contact: 2017/10/14on flight: AZ06GU
EI-IXI A321-112 c/n: 494last contact: 2012/07/18on flight: AZ059E
EI-IXJ A321-112 c/n: 959last contact: 2014/09/19on flight: AZ094M
EI-IXO A321-111 c/n: 495last contact: 2013/08/04on flight: AZ0124
EI-IXU A321-112 c/n: 434last contact: 2013/05/16on flight: AZ0111
EI-IXV A321-112 c/n: 819last contact: 2014/10/18on flight: AZ0125
EI-IXZ A321-112 c/n: 848last contact: 2017/10/14on flight: AZ0806
EI-RDK ERJ-175STD (170-200) c/n: 17000343last contact: 2013/07/08on flight: AZ1494
EI-RNA ERJ-190STD (190-100) c/n: 19000470last contact: 2014/12/13on flight: AZ0436
EI-UPA MD-11C (F) c/n: 48426last contact: 2008/07/27on flight: AZ9168
EI-UPE MD-11CF c/n: 48427last contact: 2011/05/05on flight: 2G0632
EI-UPI MD-11CF c/n: 48428last contact: 2011/07/07on flight: 2G0233
EI-UPO MD-11C (F) c/n: 48429last contact: 2008/03/16on flight: AZ9067
EI-UPU MD-11C (F) c/n: 48430last contact: 2008/06/25on flight: AZ9029
I-BIKA A320-214 c/n: 951last contact: 2013/02/01on flight: AZ0113
I-BIKB A320-214 c/n: 1226last contact: 2010/10/08on flight: AZ0560
I-BIKC A320-214 c/n: 1448last contact: 2015/04/08on flight: AZ0107
I-BIKD A320-214 c/n: 1457last contact: 2015/03/12on flight: AZ0432
I-BIKE A320-214 c/n: 0999last contact: 2013/05/07on flight: AZ0111
I-BIKF A320-214 c/n: 1473last contact: 2010/06/28on flight: AZ0157
I-BIKG A320-214 c/n: 1480last contact: 2011/05/23on flight: AZ0113
I-BIKI A320-214 c/n: 1138last contact: 2015/04/14on flight: AZ0165
I-BIKL A320-214 c/n: 1489last contact: 2010/05/07on flight: AZ0561
I-BIKO A320-214 c/n: 1168last contact: 2017/01/07on flight: AZ0813
I-BIKU A320-214 c/n: 1217last contact: 2010/09/17on flight: AZ0111
I-BIMA A319-112 c/n: 1722last contact: 2015/09/29on flight: AZ0124
I-BIMB A319-112 c/n: 2033last contact: 2009/12/17on flight: AZ0433
I-BIMC A319-112 c/n: 2057last contact: 2010/01/23on flight: AZ0426
I-BIMD A319-112 c/n: 2074last contact: 2010/06/01on flight: AZ0419
I-BIME A319-112 c/n: 1740last contact: 2010/07/19on flight: XM5985
I-BIMF A319-112 c/n: 2083last contact: 2010/02/14on flight: AZ0433
I-BIMG A319-112 c/n: 2086last contact: 2010/10/12on flight: XM5984
I-BIMH A319-112 c/n: 2101last contact: 2010/01/23on flight: AZ0404
I-BIMI A319-112 c/n: 1745last contact: 2010/10/27on flight: AZ0404
I-BIMJ A319-112 c/n: 1779last contact: 2010/09/02on flight: AZ0427
I-BIML A319-112 c/n: 2127last contact: 2009/12/27on flight: AZ0436
I-BIMO A319-112 c/n: 1770last contact: 2010/10/28on flight: AZ0148
I-BIXA A321-112 c/n: 0477last contact: 2014/07/29on flight: AZ0108
I-BIXB A321-112 c/n: 0524last contact: 2010/06/05on flight: AZ0164
I-BIXC A321-112 c/n: 0526last contact: 2009/12/16on flight: AZ0159
I-BIXD A321-112 c/n: 0532last contact: 2010/09/03on flight: AZ0165
I-BIXE A321-112 c/n: 0488last contact: 2013/10/23on flight: AZ0120
I-BIXF A321-112 c/n: 0515last contact: 2010/07/10on flight: AZ0549
I-BIXG A321-112 c/n: 0516last contact: 2010/05/19on flight: AZ0325
I-BIXH A321-112 c/n: 940last contact: 2009/11/26on flight: AZ0159
I-BIXI A321-112 c/n: 494last contact: 2010/10/04on flight: AZ0201
I-BIXJ A321-112 c/n: 959last contact: 2009/08/21on flight: AZ0157
I-BIXK A321-112 c/n: 1220last contact: 2014/09/28on flight: AZ0125
I-BIXL A321-112 c/n: 513last contact: 2016/04/03on flight: AZ0108
I-BIXM A321-112 c/n: 514last contact: 2017/01/07on flight: AZ07JE
I-BIXN A321-112 c/n: 576last contact: 2014/07/08on flight: AZ097U
I-BIXO A321-112 c/n: 495last contact: 2010/01/14on flight: AZ0206
I-BIXP A321-112 c/n: 583last contact: 2017/10/14on flight: AZ8806
I-BIXQ A321-112 c/n: 586last contact: 2014/12/30on flight: AZ0512
I-BIXR A321-112 c/n: 593last contact: 2017/10/14on flight: AZ0822
I-BIXS A321-112 c/n: 599last contact: 2017/01/08on flight: AZ0815
I-BIXT A321-112 c/n: 765last contact: 2011/12/07on flight: AZ0165
I-BIXU A321-112 c/n: 434last contact: 2007/01/03on flight: AZ0706
I-BIXV A321-112 c/n: 819last contact: 2010/02/06on flight: AZ0159
I-BIXZ A321-112 c/n: 0848last contact: 2007/01/13on flight: AZ1283
I-DACS MD-82 c/n: 53053last contact: 2012/09/04on flight: AZ0111
I-DACT MD-82 c/n: 53054last contact: 2010/07/23on flight: AZ1019
I-DACW MD-82 c/n: 53057last contact: 2008/07/06on flight: AZ1320
I-DACX MD-82 c/n: 53060last contact: 2008/07/06on flight: AZ0000
I-DACY MD-82 c/n: 53059last contact: 2008/08/23on flight: AZ0165
I-DACZ MD-82 c/n: 53058last contact: 2011/10/11on flight: CT5008
I-DANM MD82 c/n: 53179last contact: 2008/07/12on flight: AZ5997
I-DANP MD82 c/n: 53180last contact: 2008/07/10on flight: AZ8726
I-DANV MD-82 c/n: 53205last contact: 2008/06/29on flight: AZ8803
I-DANW MD82 c/n: 53206last contact: 2011/11/11on flight: AZ1638
I-DATA MD-82 c/n: 53216last contact: 2008/07/06on flight: AZ0000
I-DATB MD-82 c/n: 53221last contact: 2008/07/09on flight: AZ0407
I-DATD MD-82 c/n: 53223last contact: 2008/07/09on flight: AZ8726
I-DATF MD-82 c/n: 53224last contact: 2008/07/07on flight: AZ1321
I-DATH MD-82 c/n: 53226last contact: 2008/07/09on flight: AZ8268
I-DATK MD-82 c/n: 53228last contact: 2008/07/11on flight: AZ0000
I-DATL MD-82 c/n: 53229last contact: 2008/04/18on flight: AZ2312
I-DATM MD-82 c/n: 53230last contact: 2009/07/18on flight: AZ0000
I-DATO MD-82 c/n: 53219last contact: 2006/12/29on flight: AZ0000
I-DATR MD-82 c/n: 53234last contact: 2008/07/06on flight: AZ0110
I-DATS MD-82 c/n: 53235last contact: 2008/07/12on flight: AZ0000
I-DAVB MD-82 c/n: 49216last contact: 2009/12/29on flight: AZ0000
I-DAVJ MD-82 c/n: 49431last contact: 2010/07/23on flight: AZ0000
I-DAVM MD-82 c/n: 49434last contact: 2008/07/13on flight: AZ1311
I-DAVS MD-82 c/n: 49551last contact: 2008/07/11on flight: AZ2108
I-DAVT MD-82 c/n: 49552last contact: 2011/08/10on flight: AZ1641
I-DAVZ MD-82 c/n: 49970last contact: 2008/07/12on flight: AZ0956
I-DAWB MD-82 c/n: 49197last contact: 2008/07/04on flight: AZ8726
I-DAWC MD-82 c/n: 49198last contact: 2008/07/06on flight: AZ2128
I-DAWD MD-82 c/n: 49199last contact: 2008/07/05on flight: AZ0165
I-DAWE MD-82 c/n: 49193last contact: 2008/07/11on flight: AT2125
I-DAWG MD-82 c/n: 49201last contact: 2008/07/05on flight: AZ2128
I-DAWJ MD-82 c/n: 49203last contact: 2008/07/06on flight: AZ0709
I-DAWM MD-82 c/n: 49205last contact: 2008/07/04on flight: AZ0000
I-DAWO MD-82 c/n: 49195last contact: 2008/07/07on flight: AZ2121
I-DAWS MD-82 c/n: 49209last contact: 2008/06/08on flight: AZ0513
I-DEIB B767-33A (ER) c/n: 27376last contact: 2007/05/15on flight: AZ0748
I-DEIC B767-33A (ER) c/n: 27377last contact: 2008/03/29on flight: AZ0846
I-DEID B767-33A (ER) c/n: 27468last contact: 2007/10/21on flight: AZ0790
I-DEIF B767-33A (ER) c/n: 27908last contact: 2008/06/15on flight: AZ0614
I-DEIG B767-33A (ER) c/n: 27918last contact: 2010/07/24on flight: AZ0628
I-DEIL B767-33A (ER) c/n: 28147last contact: 2008/03/24on flight: AZ0749
I-DISA B777-243 (ER) c/n: 32855last contact: 2012/12/14on flight: AZ0786
I-DISB B777-243 (ER) c/n: 32859last contact: 2012/03/03on flight: AZ0793
I-DISD B777-243 (ER) c/n: 32860last contact: 2011/07/07on flight: AZ0787
I-DISE B777-243 (ER) c/n: 32856last contact: 2012/11/18on flight: AZ0784
I-DISO B777-343 (ER) c/n: 32857last contact: 2012/11/20on flight: AZ0787
I-DISU B777-243 (ER) c/n: 32858last contact: 2018/03/08on flight: AZ0610
IDATL MD-82 c/n: 53229last contact: 2007/05/26on flight: AZ0000


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