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Fleetlist of: Spirit Airlines [NKS]

Please note: These are not complete fleetlists of the listed airlines. This are only lists with ACARS equipped aircrafts which where contacted by acarsd somewhere in the world. See the list of acarsd servers or acarsd webservers to watch realtime live ACARS worldwide.

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N502NK A319-132 c/n: 2433last contact: 2011/02/19on flight: NK0395
N503NK A319-132 c/n: 2470last contact: 2012/12/26on flight: NK0881
N504NK A319-132 c/n: 2473last contact: 2012/12/27on flight: NK0895
N505NK A319-132 c/n: 2485last contact: 2013/01/07on flight: NK0212
N506NK A319-132 c/n: 2490last contact: 2013/01/06on flight: NK0884
N507NK A319-112 c/n: 2560last contact: 2013/01/25on flight: NK0212
N508NK A319-132 c/n: 2567last contact: 2013/01/28on flight: NK0212
N509NK A319-132 c/n: 2603last contact: 2013/01/09on flight: NK0212
N510NK A319-132 c/n: 2622last contact: 2013/01/22on flight: NK0212
N512NK A319-132 c/n: 2673last contact: 2013/01/08on flight: NK0212
N514NK A319-132 c/n: 2679last contact: 2013/01/06on flight: NK0883
N521NK A319-132 c/n: 2797last contact: 2013/01/24on flight: NK0201
N529NK A319-132 c/n: 3007last contact: 2013/01/14on flight: NK0212
N587NK A321-231 c/n: 2476last contact: 2012/12/03on flight: NK0897
N588NK A321-231 c/n: 2590last contact: 2013/01/20on flight: NK0898
N802NK MD-82 c/n: 53168last contact: 2012/12/03on flight: NK0000
N804NK MD-82 c/n: 49104last contact: 2010/01/14on flight: NK0000
N814NK MD-83 c/n: 49619last contact: 2014/07/11on flight: NK0000
N825NK MD-80 c/n: 53012last contact: 2009/08/02on flight: NK0000
N828NK MD-80 . c/n: 49823last contact: 2010/09/18on flight: NK0000
N834NK MD-83 c/n: 49847last contact: 2013/01/31on flight: NKS541


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