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Fleetlist of: Qatar Airways [QTR]

Please note: These are not complete fleetlists of the listed airlines. This are only lists with ACARS equipped aircrafts which where contacted by acarsd somewhere in the world. See the list of acarsd servers or acarsd webservers to watch realtime live ACARS worldwide.

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A7-AAG A320-232 c/n: 0927last contact: 2018/03/08on flight: Q40004
A7-AAH A340-313X c/n: 528last contact: 2018/01/18on flight: QE7AAH
A7-ABX A300B4-622R (F) c/n: 554last contact: 2010/12/11on flight: QR6036
A7-ACA A330-203 c/n: 473last contact: 2013/01/30on flight: QR0018
A7-ACB A330-203 c/n: 489last contact: 2017/01/07on flight: QR0138
A7-ACC A330-203 c/n: 511last contact: 2017/01/07on flight: QR0204
A7-ACD A330-203 c/n: 521last contact: 2017/01/07on flight: QR0128
A7-ACE A330-203 c/n: 571last contact: 2017/01/08on flight: QR0203
A7-ACF A330-203 c/n: 638last contact: 2017/10/14on flight: QR1408
A7-ACG A330-202 c/n: 684last contact: 2017/10/14on flight: QR1380
A7-ACH A330-203 c/n: 441last contact: 2016/01/03on flight: QR0068
A7-ACI A330-202 c/n: 743last contact: 2015/03/09on flight: QR0026
A7-ACJ A330-202 c/n: 760last contact: 2017/01/06on flight: QR0146
A7-ACK A330-202 c/n: 792last contact: 2017/10/15on flight: QR1379
A7-ACL A330-202 c/n: 820last contact: 2017/01/08on flight: QR0118
A7-ACM A330-202 c/n: 849last contact: 2014/10/17on flight: QR0058
A7-ADA A320-232 c/n: 1566last contact: 2013/07/22on flight: QR3061
A7-ADB A320-232 c/n: 1648last contact: 2013/02/09on flight: QTR079
A7-ADC A320-232 c/n: 1773last contact: 2013/01/07on flight: QR3942
A7-ADD A320-232 c/n: 1895last contact: 2014/08/12on flight: QR3261
A7-ADE A320-232 c/n: 1957last contact: 2012/11/27on flight: QR3942
A7-ADF A320-232 c/n: 2097last contact: 2010/09/06on flight: QR0869
A7-ADG A320-232 c/n: 2121last contact: 2017/01/05on flight: QTR211
A7-ADH A320-232 c/n: 2138last contact: 2013/01/26on flight: QR3942
A7-ADI A320-232 c/n: 2161last contact: 2010/11/18on flight: QR0866
A7-ADS A321-231 c/n: 1928last contact: 2010/05/02on flight: QR0436
A7-ADU A320-232 c/n: 3071last contact: 2013/03/09on flight: QR3062
A7-ADW A321-231 c/n: 3369last contact: 2010/07/17on flight: QR0869
A7-ADX A321-231 c/n: 3397last contact: 2010/05/08on flight: QR0240
A7-AEA A330-303 c/n: 623last contact: 2017/01/08on flight: QR1382
A7-AEB A330-303 c/n: 637last contact: 2018/01/17on flight: QR32JE
A7-AEC A330-303 c/n: 659last contact: 2016/09/04on flight: QTR005
A7-AED A330-302 c/n: 680last contact: 2017/10/14on flight: QTR203
A7-AEE A330-302 c/n: 711last contact: 2017/01/08on flight: QR0114
A7-AEF A330-302 c/n: 721last contact: 2017/01/06on flight: QR0126
A7-AEG A330-302 c/n: 734last contact: 2013/11/22on flight: QR0022
A7-AEH A330-302 c/n: 789last contact: 2017/01/07on flight: QR0126
A7-AEI A330-302 c/n: 813last contact: 2017/02/24on flight: QR0070
A7-AEJ A330-302 c/n: 826last contact: 2014/02/03on flight: QTR024
A7-AEM A330-302 c/n: 893last contact: 2015/09/30on flight: QR0023
A7-AEN A330-302 (X) c/n: 907last contact: 2017/10/15on flight: QR73EE
A7-AEO A330-302X (918) c/n: 0918last contact: 2015/10/04on flight: QR0005
A7-AFB A300B4-622R (F) c/n: 614last contact: 2011/01/20on flight: QR6035
A7-AFL A330-203 c/n: 612last contact: 2015/03/16on flight: QR0026
A7-AFM A330-203 c/n: 616last contact: 2016/08/14on flight: QR3251
A7-AFN A330-203 c/n: 463last contact: 2006/12/31on flight: QR0036
A7-AFO A330-203 c/n: 504last contact: 2008/11/08on flight: QR0036
A7-AFP A330-202 c/n: 684last contact: 2015/01/17on flight: QR0024
A7-AGA A340-642 c/n: 740last contact: 2017/01/06on flight: QR1380
A7-AGB A340-642 c/n: 715last contact: 2013/11/22on flight: QR0011
A7-AGC A340-642 c/n: 766last contact: 2017/01/07on flight: QR1380
A7-AGD A340-642 c/n: 798last contact: 2014/10/19on flight: QR0010
A7-AHR A320-232 c/n: 4968last contact: 2013/01/12on flight: QR0038
A7-AHT A320-232 c/n: 5078last contact: 2017/01/08on flight: QR0208
A7-AHX A320-232 c/n: 5361last contact: 2017/01/07on flight: QR0208
A7-AHY A320-232 c/n: 5395last contact: 2017/01/07on flight: QR0136
A7-AIB A321-231 c/n: 4382last contact: 2010/08/19on flight: QR0867
A7-BAA B777-3DZ (ER) c/n: 36009last contact: 2018/01/12on flight: QR0755
A7-BAB B777-3DZ (ER) c/n: 36103last contact: 2018/02/20on flight: QR0756
A7-BAC 777-3DZ(ER) c/n: 36010last contact: 2018/01/22on flight: QR0726
A7-BAE B777-3DZ(ER) c/n: 36104last contact: 2018/01/15on flight: QR0756
A7-BAF B777-3DZ(ER) c/n: 37661last contact: 2018/03/10on flight: QR0755
A7-BAG B777-3DZ(ER) c/n: 36014last contact: 2018/04/11on flight: QR0273
A7-BAH B777-3DZ(ER) c/n: 37662last contact: 2018/01/22on flight: QR0730
A7-BAI B777-3DZER c/n: 36095last contact: 2018/04/15on flight: QR0274
A7-BAJ B777-3DZER c/n: 36096last contact: 2017/01/07on flight: QR0778
A7-BAK B777-3DZER c/n: 36097last contact: 2016/01/03on flight: QR0008
A7-BAL B777-3DZER c/n: 38244last contact: 2018/02/17on flight: QR0726
A7-BAM B777-3DZER c/n: 38245last contact: 2018/03/06on flight: QR0725
A7-BAN B777-3DZER c/n: 38246last contact: 2018/01/16on flight: QR0726
A7-BAO B777-3DZER c/n: 36011last contact: 2018/03/09on flight: QR0726
A7-BAP B777-3DZER c/n: 38248last contact: 2018/03/05on flight: QR0764
A7-BAQ B777-3DZER c/n: 38247last contact: 2018/03/10on flight: QR0725
A7-BAS B777-3DZER c/n: 41062last contact: 2015/10/05on flight: QR0037
A7-BAW B777-3DZER c/n: 41741last contact: 2017/03/07on flight: QR0274
A7-BAX B777-3DZER c/n: 41780last contact: 2018/01/18on flight: QR0068
A7-BAY B777-3DZER c/n: 41778last contact: 2018/04/27on flight: QR0763
A7-BAZ B777-3DZER c/n: 41781last contact: 2018/01/12on flight: QR0763
A7-BBA B777-2DZLR c/n: 36012last contact: 2018/02/20on flight: QR0740
A7-BBB B777-2DZLR c/n: 36013last contact: 2018/02/23on flight: QR0713
A7-BBC B777-2DZLR c/n: 36015last contact: 2018/01/22on flight: QR0714
A7-BBD B777-2DZLR c/n: 36016last contact: 2018/01/18on flight: QR0274
A7-BBE B777-2DZLR c/n: 36017last contact: 2018/03/09on flight: QR0740
A7-BBF B777-2DZLR c/n: 36018last contact: 2018/02/17on flight: QR0714
A7-BBG B777-2DZLR c/n: 36101last contact: 2018/02/22on flight: QR0714
A7-BBH B777-2DZLR c/n: 36102last contact: 2018/01/14on flight: QR0714
A7-BBI B777-2DZLR c/n: 41061last contact: 2018/03/10on flight: QR0713
A7-BCA B787-8DZ c/n: 38319last contact: 2014/06/09on flight: QR0094
A7-BCB B787-8DZ c/n: 38320last contact: 2017/01/07on flight: QR0100
A7-BCC B787-8DZ c/n: 38321last contact: 2013/11/22on flight: QR0094
A7-BCK B787-8DZ c/n: 38329last contact: 2014/12/01on flight: QR0094
A7-BCL B787-8DZ c/n: 38330last contact: 2017/10/14on flight: QR1396
A7-BEA B777-3DZER c/n: 41779last contact: 2018/02/23on flight: QR0763
A7-BFA B777-FDZ c/n: 36098last contact: 2014/11/19on flight: QR8216
A7-BFB Boeing 777-FDZ c/n: 36100last contact: 2015/03/13on flight: QR8927
A7-BFC B777-FDZ c/n: 36099last contact: 2017/03/07on flight: QR8203
A7-BFD B777-FDZ c/n: 41427last contact: 2018/03/05on flight: QR8140
A7-CEB Challenger 605 c/n: 5784last contact: 2013/03/02on flight: QR0001
A7-CEF Global Express c/n: 9294last contact: 2012/11/26on flight: QR0000
A7-CEG Challenger 605 c/n: 5857last contact: 2012/10/06on flight: QR0001
A7-CJA A319-133X (CJ) c/n: 1656last contact: 2014/09/08on flight: QR0016
A7-CJB A319-133X (CJ) c/n: 2341last contact: 2014/11/02on flight: QR0104
A7-HHJ A319-133X (CJ) c/n: 1335last contact: 2015/11/15on flight: Q40005
A7-HHK A340-211 c/n: 026last contact: 2014/11/08on flight: Q40004
A7-HJJ A330-203 c/n: 487last contact: 2017/01/08on flight: Q40005
A7CEE Global Express c/n: 9421last contact: 2015/03/01on flight: QR0000
A7CEF Global Express c/n: 9294last contact: 2013/02/10on flight: QR0000


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