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Fleetlist of: Scandinavian Airlines [SAS]

Please note: These are not complete fleetlists of the listed airlines. This are only lists with ACARS equipped aircrafts which where contacted by acarsd somewhere in the world. See the list of acarsd servers or acarsd webservers to watch realtime live ACARS worldwide.

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LN-BRE B737-405 c/n: 24643last contact: 2013/01/05on flight: SK4678
LN-BRH B737-505 c/n: 24828last contact: 2013/11/18on flight: SK2751
LN-BRI B737-405 c/n: 24644last contact: 2012/03/03on flight: SK4631
LN-BRJ B737-505 c/n: 24273last contact: 2010/12/05on flight: SK0836
LN-BRQ B737-405 c/n: 25348last contact: 2012/12/09on flight: SK0809
LN-BRX B737-505 c/n: 25797last contact: 2012/11/17on flight: SK4756
LN-BUC B737-505 c/n: 26304last contact: 2011/12/05on flight: SK0836
LN-BUE B737-505 c/n: 27627last contact: 2013/01/08on flight: SK4629
LN-BUG B737-505 c/n: 27631last contact: 2013/01/06on flight: SK4630
LN-RCN B737-883 c/n: 28318last contact: 2018/04/17on flight: SK4434
LN-RCT B737-683 c/n: 30189last contact: 2018/03/10on flight: SK2073
LN-RCU B737-683 c/n: 30190last contact: 2013/11/22on flight: SK2679
LN-RCW B737-683 c/n: 28308last contact: 2016/10/31on flight: SK0061
LN-RCX B737-883 c/n: 30196last contact: 2018/04/26on flight: SK4496
LN-RCY B737-883 c/n: 28324last contact: 2018/04/27on flight: SK0368
LN-RCZ B737-883 c/n: 30197last contact: 2018/04/17on flight: SK4124
LN-RDD Dash8-402Q c/n: 4009last contact: 2009/11/23on flight: SK9170
LN-RDF Dash8-402Q c/n: 4021last contact: 2008/06/09on flight: SK9101
LN-RDI Dash8-402Q c/n: 4024last contact: 2009/04/06on flight: SK9158
LN-RDQ Dash8-402Q c/n: 4008last contact: 2009/09/02on flight: SK0000
LN-RDT Dash8-402Q c/n: 4038last contact: 2009/06/16on flight: SK9105
LN-RGA B737-86N c/n: 39397last contact: 2018/03/13on flight: SK1326
LN-RGB B737-86N c/n: 38034last contact: 2016/03/30on flight: SK2063
LN-RGC B737-86N c/n: 41257last contact: 2016/10/26on flight: SK2063
LN-RGD B737-86N c/n: 41528last contact: 2017/10/15on flight: SK7908
LN-RGE B737-86N c/n: 38037last contact: 2016/04/16on flight: SK0075
LN-RGF B737-86N c/n: 38038last contact: 2016/10/20on flight: SK2063
LN-RGG B737-86N c/n: 38039last contact: 2016/03/16on flight: SK0075
LN-RGH B737-86N c/n: 41266last contact: 2016/03/09on flight: SK0075
LN-RGI B737-86N c/n: 35646last contact: 2016/06/08on flight: SK7970
LN-RKF A340-313 (X) c/n: 413last contact: 2016/10/14on flight: SK0935
LN-RKG A340-313 (X) c/n: 424last contact: 2016/11/01on flight: SK0943
LN-RKH A330-343 (X) c/n: 497last contact: 2016/11/04on flight: SK0955
LN-RKI A321-232 c/n: 1817last contact: 2017/10/15on flight: SK0778
LN-RKK A321-232 c/n: 1848last contact: 2013/09/26on flight: SK0682
LN-RKM A330-343 (X) c/n: 496last contact: 2018/03/10on flight: SK0907
LN-RKN A330-343 (X) c/n: 568last contact: 2016/11/05on flight: SK0907
LN-RKO A330-343 (X) c/n: 515last contact: 2016/10/30on flight: SK0907
LN-RKP A340-313 c/n: 167last contact: 2016/11/01on flight: SK0907
LN-RLE MD-82 c/n: 49382last contact: 2011/03/19on flight: SK7598
LN-RLF MD-82 c/n: 49383last contact: 2011/03/19on flight: SK0682
LN-RLR MD-82 c/n: 49437last contact: 2008/07/21on flight: SK2692
LN-RMD MD-82 c/n: 49555last contact: 2009/09/04on flight: SK0455
LN-RML MD-82 c/n: 49909last contact: 2013/03/22on flight: SK0601
LN-RMM MD-82 c/n: 53005last contact: 2013/08/08on flight: SK2657
LN-RMO MD-81 c/n: 53315last contact: 2011/03/20on flight: SK1638
LN-RMP MD-87 c/n: 53337last contact: 2011/04/16on flight: SK0000
LN-RMR MD-81 c/n: 53365last contact: 2009/07/18on flight: SK7674
LN-RMS MD-81 c/n: 53368last contact: 2009/09/12on flight: SK7674
LN-RMT MD-81 c/n: 53001last contact: 2009/09/09on flight: SK0689
LN-RMU MD-87 c/n: 53340last contact: 2008/07/25on flight: SK0628
LN-RNL CRJ900 c/n: 15250last contact: 2014/12/23on flight: SK2882
LN-RNN B737-783 c/n: 28315last contact: 2018/04/27on flight: SK4545
LN-RNO B737-783 c/n: 28316last contact: 2018/04/27on flight: SK4113
LN-RNU B737-783 c/n: 34548last contact: 2018/04/27on flight: SK2065
LN-RNW B737-783 c/n: 34549last contact: 2018/03/12on flight: SK4095
LN-ROM MD-81 c/n: 53008last contact: 2009/07/05on flight: SK2692
LN-RON MD-81 c/n: 53347last contact: 2008/06/02on flight: SK0533
LN-ROO MD-81 c/n: 53366last contact: 2009/06/24on flight: SK1631
LN-ROP MD-82 c/n: 49384last contact: 2009/07/04on flight: SK7674
LN-ROR MD-82 c/n: 49385last contact: 2008/07/25on flight: SK0567
LN-ROS MD-82 c/n: 49421last contact: 2009/11/22on flight: SK9106
LN-ROT MD-82 c/n: 49422last contact: 2013/03/25on flight: SK2658
LN-ROU MD-82 c/n: 49424last contact: 2009/11/26on flight: SK0403
LN-ROW MD-82 c/n: 49438last contact: 2006/12/30on flight: SK0681
LN-ROX MD-82 c/n: 49603last contact: 2009/08/15on flight: SK7674
LN-ROY MD-82 c/n: 49615last contact: 2008/08/23on flight: SK7578
LN-RPA B737-683 c/n: 28290last contact: 2016/11/05on flight: SK1327
LN-RPB B737-683 c/n: 28294last contact: 2016/11/05on flight: SK2302
LN-RPE B737-683 c/n: 28306last contact: 2018/04/27on flight: SK4566
LN-RPF B737-683 c/n: 28307last contact: 2018/04/27on flight: SK4175
LN-RPG B737-683 c/n: 28310last contact: 2018/04/01on flight: SK4430
LN-RPH B737-683 c/n: 28605last contact: 2013/11/20on flight: SK2680
LN-RPJ B737-783 c/n: 30192last contact: 2018/04/27on flight: SK0371
LN-RPK B737-783 c/n: 28317last contact: 2018/04/27on flight: SK4473
LN-RPL B737-883 c/n: 30469last contact: 2018/04/27on flight: SK4094
LN-RPM B737-883 c/n: 30195last contact: 2018/04/17on flight: SK1330
LN-RPN B737-883 c/n: 30470last contact: 2018/04/27on flight: SK0355
LN-RPO B737-883 c/n: 30467last contact: 2018/04/17on flight: SK083G
LN-RPR B737-883 c/n: 30468last contact: 2018/04/01on flight: SK4087
LN-RPS B737-683 c/n: 28298last contact: 2016/11/04on flight: SK4525
LN-RPT B737-683 c/n: 28299last contact: 2016/03/22on flight: SK4172
LN-RPU B737-683 c/n: 28312last contact: 2012/12/14on flight: SK0522
LN-RPW B737-683 c/n: 28289last contact: 2009/07/01on flight: SK0690
LN-RPX B737-683 c/n: 28291last contact: 2016/03/11on flight: SK1311
LN-RPY B737-683 c/n: 28292last contact: 2016/04/19on flight: SK0073
LN-RPZ B737-683 c/n: 28293last contact: 2016/11/04on flight: SK4175
LN-RRA B737-783 c/n: 30471last contact: 2018/04/27on flight: SK4116
LN-RRB B737-783 c/n: 32276last contact: 2018/03/12on flight: SK0371
LN-RRC B737-683 c/n: 28300last contact: 2016/11/04on flight: SK4184
LN-RRD B737-683 c/n: 28301last contact: 2016/11/03on flight: SK4187
LN-RRE B737-883 c/n: 35706last contact: 2018/04/27on flight: SK4422
LN-RRF B737-883 c/n: 35707last contact: 2018/04/27on flight: SK026Z
LN-RRG B737-883 c/n: 35708last contact: 2018/03/12on flight: SK2309
LN-RRH B737-883 c/n: 34546last contact: 2018/04/27on flight: SK0362
LN-RRJ B737-883 c/n: 34547last contact: 2018/03/25on flight: SK4126
LN-RRK B737-883 c/n: 32278last contact: 2018/03/25on flight: SK4496
LN-RRL B737-883 c/n: 28328last contact: 2018/03/09on flight: SK4438
LN-RRM B737-783 c/n: 28314last contact: 2018/04/27on flight: SK4419
LN-RRN B737-783 c/n: 30191last contact: 2018/04/27on flight: SK4172
LN-RRO B737-683 c/n: 28288last contact: 2015/03/01on flight: SK0160
LN-RRP B737-683 c/n: 28311last contact: 2016/02/10on flight: SK2063
LN-RRR B737-683 c/n: 28309last contact: 2016/10/22on flight: SK0375
LN-RRS B737-883 c/n: 28325last contact: 2018/04/27on flight: SK4491
LN-RRT B737-883 c/n: 28326last contact: 2018/04/27on flight: SK0361
LN-RRU B737-883 c/n: 28327last contact: 2018/04/27on flight: SK4417
LN-RRW B737-883 c/n: 32277last contact: 2018/04/26on flight: SK4438
LN-RRX B737-683 c/n: 28296last contact: 2016/11/05on flight: SK4525
LN-RRY B737-683 c/n: 28297last contact: 2018/03/10on flight: SK0075
LN-RRZ B737-683 c/n: 28295last contact: 2018/03/09on flight: SK0071
LN-TUA B737-705 c/n: 28211last contact: 2016/11/05on flight: SK4411
LN-TUD B737-705 c/n: 28217last contact: 2016/11/04on flight: SK4576
LN-TUF B737-705 c/n: 28222last contact: 2018/04/01on flight: SK2073
LN-TUH B737-705 c/n: 29093last contact: 2012/12/30on flight: SK0809
LN-TUI B737-705 c/n: 29094last contact: 2014/07/29on flight: SK4782
LN-TUJ B737-705 c/n: 29095last contact: 2018/04/27on flight: SK4424
LN-TUK B737-705 c/n: 29096last contact: 2018/04/27on flight: SK075K
LN-TUL B737-705 c/n: 29097last contact: 2018/04/17on flight: SK0368
LN-TUM B737-705 c/n: 29098last contact: 2018/04/17on flight: SK0349
OY-KAL A320-232 c/n: 2883last contact: 2017/10/15on flight: SK7281
OY-KAM A320-232 c/n: 2911last contact: 2016/04/22on flight: SK2889
OY-KAN A320-232 c/n: 2958last contact: 2016/04/25on flight: SK2885
OY-KAO A320-232 c/n: 2990last contact: 2016/04/18on flight: SK2889
OY-KAP A320-232 c/n: 3086last contact: 2016/04/06on flight: SK2882
OY-KAR A320-232 c/n: 3159last contact: 2016/04/06on flight: SK2885
OY-KAS A320-232 c/n: 3335last contact: 2016/04/12on flight: SK2884
OY-KAT A320-232 c/n: 3192last contact: 2017/10/15on flight: SK7792
OY-KAU A320-232 c/n: 3227last contact: 2016/04/13on flight: SK2885
OY-KAW A320-232 c/n: 2817last contact: 2016/04/19on flight: SK2889
OY-KAY A320-232 c/n: 2856last contact: 2016/10/15on flight: SK2885
OY-KBA A340-313 (X) c/n: 435last contact: 2016/03/22on flight: SK0903
OY-KBB A321-232 c/n: 1642last contact: 2013/11/21on flight: SK0794
OY-KBC A340-313 (X) c/n: 467last contact: 2016/11/04on flight: SK0936
OY-KBD A340-313 (X) c/n: 470last contact: 2016/11/01on flight: SK0984
OY-KBE A321-232 c/n: 1798last contact: 2014/01/27on flight: SK2658
OY-KBF A321-232 c/n: 1807last contact: 2015/10/15on flight: SK0639
OY-KBH A321-232 c/n: 1675last contact: 2011/01/02on flight: SK0687
OY-KBI A340-313 (X) c/n: 430last contact: 2016/02/14on flight: SK0935
OY-KBK A321-232 c/n: 1587last contact: 2012/10/04on flight: SK2692
OY-KBL A321-232 c/n: 1619last contact: 2014/01/27on flight: SK0610
OY-KBM A340-313 (X) c/n: 450last contact: 2016/11/01on flight: SK0935
OY-KBN A330-343 (X) c/n: 496last contact: 2012/08/24on flight: SK0908
OY-KBO A319-132 c/n: 2850last contact: 2016/04/27on flight: SK2885
OY-KBP A319-132 c/n: 2888last contact: 2014/01/27on flight: SK1660
OY-KBR A319-132 c/n: 3231last contact: 2013/11/22on flight: SK0609
OY-KBT A319-132 c/n: 3292last contact: 2013/11/22on flight: SK1674
OY-KCD Dash8-402Q c/n: 4054last contact: 2007/06/09on flight: SK7576
OY-KFA CRJ900 c/n: 15206last contact: 2016/03/05on flight: SK2882
OY-KFB CRJ900 c/n: 15211last contact: 2014/01/27on flight: SK2685
OY-KFC CRJ900 c/n: 15218last contact: 2015/09/18on flight: SK2884
OY-KFD CRJ900 c/n: 15221last contact: 2016/11/02on flight: SK2885
OY-KFE CRJ900 c/n: 15224last contact: 2013/11/22on flight: SK0662
OY-KFF CRJ900 c/n: 15231last contact: 2016/11/01on flight: SK2885
OY-KFG CRJ900 c/n: 15237last contact: 2016/11/02on flight: SK2882
OY-KFH CRJ900 c/n: 15240last contact: 2013/11/20on flight: SK0659
OY-KFI CRJ900 c/n: 15242last contact: 2014/01/30on flight: SK1660
OY-KFK CRJ900 c/n: 15244last contact: 2017/01/20on flight: SK2685
OY-KFL CRJ900 c/n: 15246last contact: 2016/11/01on flight: SK2889
OY-KGT MD-82 c/n: 49380last contact: 2010/09/14on flight: SK7953
OY-KGY MD-82 c/n: 49420last contact: 2008/08/03on flight: SK0594
OY-KGZ MD-82 c/n: 49381last contact: 2010/05/05on flight: SK9178
OY-KHC MD-82 c/n: 49436last contact: 2010/02/10on flight: SK2661
OY-KHE MD-82 c/n: 49604last contact: 2011/06/06on flight: SK0610
OY-KHG MD-82 c/n: 49613last contact: 2013/03/25on flight: SK0662
OY-KHM MD-82 c/n: 49914last contact: 2010/02/06on flight: SK7948
OY-KHN MD-82 c/n: 53000last contact: 2009/08/22on flight: SK7674
OY-KHP MD-82 c/n: 53007last contact: 2011/03/20on flight: SK1636
OY-KHR MD-82 c/n: 53275last contact: 2008/05/22on flight: SK0638
OY-KHU MD-87 c/n: 53336last contact: 2012/03/02on flight: SK1622
OY-KKS B737-683 c/n: 28322last contact: 2015/09/12on flight: SK4164
SE-DIC MD-87 c/n: 49607last contact: 2010/06/06on flight: SK2692
SE-DIK MD-82 c/n: 49728last contact: 2013/08/09on flight: SK1685
SE-DIL MD-82 c/n: 49913last contact: 2011/01/29on flight: SK2658
SE-DIN MD-82 c/n: 49999last contact: 2013/03/11on flight: SK0793
SE-DIP MD-87 c/n: 53010last contact: 2010/09/12on flight: SK2692
SE-DIR MD-82 c/n: 53004last contact: 2013/08/09on flight: SK0585
SE-DIS MD-82 c/n: 53006last contact: 2011/03/20on flight: SK2686
SE-DIU MD-87 c/n: 53011last contact: 2010/04/22on flight: CF0000
SE-DMB MD-82 c/n: 53314last contact: 2013/04/11on flight: SK1690
SE-DMK MD-87 c/n: 53337last contact: 2012/03/03on flight: SK0559
SE-DNX B737-683 c/n: 28304last contact: 2016/11/04on flight: SK1323
SE-DOR B737-683 c/n: 28305last contact: 2016/11/06on flight: SK1320
SE-DTH B737-683 c/n: 28313last contact: 2009/07/02on flight: SK0690
SE-REE A330-343 (X) c/n: 515last contact: 2012/08/24on flight: SK0910
SE-REF A330-343 (X) c/n: 568last contact: 2012/02/13on flight: SK9292
SE-RER B737-7BX c/n: 30736last contact: 2018/04/17on flight: SK0071
SE-RES B737-7BX c/n: 30737last contact: 2016/10/26on flight: SK0069
SE-RET B737-76N c/n: 32734last contact: 2018/03/11on flight: SK4581
SE-REU B737-76N c/n: 33005last contact: 2018/03/10on flight: SK0061
SE-REX B737-76N c/n: 33418last contact: 2018/04/26on flight: SK4126
SE-REY B737-76N c/n: 32737last contact: 2018/04/27on flight: SK4524
SE-REZ B737-76N c/n: 32738last contact: 2018/04/27on flight: SK0358
SE-RJE A320-232 c/n: 1183last contact: 2016/04/21on flight: SK2885
SE-RJF A320-232 c/n: 1383last contact: 2016/04/20on flight: SK2889
SE-RJU B737-76N c/n: 29885last contact: 2018/03/11on flight: SK2051


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