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Fleetlist of: Singapore Airlines [SIA]

Please note: These are not complete fleetlists of the listed airlines. This are only lists with ACARS equipped aircrafts which where contacted by acarsd somewhere in the world. See the list of acarsd servers or acarsd webservers to watch realtime live ACARS worldwide.

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9V-SFJ B747-412F (SCD) c/n: 26559last contact: 2013/04/07on flight: SQ7955
9V-SFL B747-412F (SCD) c/n: 32897last contact: 2013/03/24on flight: SQ7370
9V-SFP B747-412F (SCD) c/n: 32902last contact: 2018/04/15on flight: SQ7393
9V-SGA A340-541 c/n: 492last contact: 2011/02/28on flight: SQ0021
9V-SGB A340-541 c/n: 499last contact: 2010/10/04on flight: SQ0021
9V-SGC A340-541 c/n: 478last contact: 2013/04/07on flight: SQ0021
9V-SGD A340-541 c/n: 560last contact: 2013/04/14on flight: SQ0021
9V-SGE A340-541 c/n: 563last contact: 2013/05/27on flight: SQ0022
9V-SKA A380-841 c/n: 003last contact: 2015/04/18on flight: SQ0335
9V-SKB A380-841 c/n: 005last contact: 2014/10/18on flight: SQ0333
9V-SKC A380-841 c/n: 006last contact: 2016/09/04on flight: SQ0232
9V-SKD A380-841 c/n: 8last contact: 2015/07/15on flight: SQ0222
9V-SKE A380-841 c/n: 10last contact: 2014/12/18on flight: SQ0346
9V-SKF A380-841 c/n: 12last contact: 2014/10/25on flight: SQ0317
9V-SKG A380-841 c/n: 19last contact: 2015/07/12on flight: SQ0228
9V-SKH A380-841 c/n: 21last contact: 2015/07/15on flight: SQ0228
9V-SKI A380-841 c/n: 0034last contact: 2015/07/11on flight: SQ0228
9V-SKJ A380-841 c/n: 045last contact: 2015/02/04on flight: SQ0335
9V-SKK A380-841 c/n: 51last contact: 2015/07/14on flight: SQ0228
9V-SKL A380-841 c/n: 058last contact: 2015/03/16on flight: SQ0345
9V-SKM A380-841 c/n: 65last contact: 2016/03/26on flight: SQ0308
9V-SKN A380-841 c/n: 71last contact: 2014/12/11on flight: SQ0335
9V-SKP A380-841 c/n: 076last contact: 2015/03/08on flight: SQ0345
9V-SKQ A380-841 c/n: 79last contact: 2016/04/30on flight: SQ0308
9V-SKR A380-841 c/n: 82last contact: 2013/02/02on flight: SQ0322
9V-SKS A380-341 c/n: 85last contact: 2016/03/20on flight: SQ0308
9V-SKT A380-841 c/n: 92last contact: 2016/06/06on flight: SQ0025
9V-SMU B747-412 c/n: 27068last contact: 2010/04/25on flight: SQ0026
9V-SMW B747-412 c/n: 27178last contact: 2008/05/19on flight: SQ0025
9V-SPA B747-412 c/n: 26550last contact: 2009/07/02on flight: SQ0026
9V-SPB B747-412 c/n: 26551last contact: 2008/07/27on flight: SQ0308
9V-SPE B747-412 c/n: 26554last contact: 2010/09/13on flight: SQ0026
9V-SPG B747-412 c/n: 26562last contact: 2010/08/01on flight: SQ0000
9V-SPH B747-412 c/n: 26555last contact: 2009/07/03on flight: SQ0026
9V-SPI B747-412 c/n: 28022last contact: 2009/07/09on flight: SQ0026
9V-SPJ B747-412 c/n: 26556last contact: 2011/09/16on flight: SQ0026
9V-SPL B747-412 c/n: 26557last contact: 2008/08/24on flight: SQ0319
9V-SPM B747-412 c/n: 29950last contact: 2011/04/08on flight: SQ0025
9V-SPN B747-412 c/n: 28031last contact: 2009/08/05on flight: SQ0025
9V-SPO B747-412 c/n: 28028last contact: 2010/09/12on flight: SQ0026
9V-SPP B747-412 c/n: 28029last contact: 2009/11/08on flight: SQ0025
9V-SPQ B747-412 c/n: 28025last contact: 2011/12/05on flight: SQ0026
9V-SQF B777-212 (ER) c/n: 28512last contact: 2009/04/23on flight: SQ0375
9V-SQL B777-212 (ER) c/n: 33370last contact: 2009/05/07on flight: SQ0375
9V-SQN B777-212 (ER) c/n: 33373last contact: 2009/04/03on flight: SQ0803
9V-SRK B777-212 (ER) c/n: 28529last contact: 2011/03/29on flight: SQ0946
9V-SRO B777-212 (ER) c/n: 32321last contact: 2009/03/06on flight: SQ0672
9V-STA A330-343E c/n: 978last contact: 2015/07/16on flight: SQ0279
9V-STB A330-343E c/n: 983last contact: 2014/09/05on flight: SQ0208
9V-STC A330-343E c/n: 986last contact: 2014/04/28on flight: SQ0633
9V-STD A330-343E c/n: 997last contact: 2016/09/03on flight: SQ0252
9V-STE A330-343E c/n: 1006last contact: 2011/11/06on flight: SQ0226
9V-STF A330-343E c/n: 1010last contact: 2016/09/02on flight: SQ0252
9V-STG A330-343E c/n: 1012last contact: 2011/12/01on flight: SQ0602
9V-STH A330-343E c/n: 1015last contact: 2014/05/09on flight: SQ0278
9V-STI A330-343E c/n: 1085last contact: 2014/09/05on flight: SQ0279
9V-STJ A330-343E c/n: 1098last contact: 2014/08/25on flight: SQ0208
9V-STK A330-343E c/n: 1099last contact: 2015/07/08on flight: SQ0279
9V-STL A330-343X c/n: 1105last contact: 2015/07/12on flight: SQ0279
9V-STM A330-343E c/n: 1107last contact: 2014/05/09on flight: SQ0276
9V-STN A330-343X c/n: 1124last contact: 2014/05/13on flight: SQ0208
9V-STO A330-343X c/n: 1132last contact: 2014/05/02on flight: SQ0276
9V-STP A330-343X c/n: 1146last contact: 2011/11/27on flight: SQ0618
9V-STQ A330-343X c/n: 1149last contact: 2016/09/04on flight: SQ0252
9V-STR A330-343X c/n: 1156last contact: 2015/07/17on flight: SQ0279
9V-STS A330-343X c/n: 1157last contact: 2014/05/11on flight: SQ0278
9V-STT A330-343X c/n: 1382last contact: 2014/04/28on flight: SQ0279
9V-STU A330-343E c/n: 1401last contact: 2014/05/15on flight: SQ0278
9V-STV A330-343X c/n: 1427last contact: 2015/07/06on flight: SQ0279
9V-SVA B777-212 (ER) c/n: 28524last contact: 2010/04/22on flight: SQ0323
9V-SVC B777-212 (ER) c/n: 28526last contact: 2016/04/30on flight: SQ0351
9V-SVD B777-212 (ER) c/n: 30869last contact: 2010/06/07on flight: SQ0324
9V-SVE B777-212 (ER) c/n: 30870last contact: 2013/02/02on flight: SQ0324
9V-SVF B777-212 (ER) c/n: 30871last contact: 2010/02/01on flight: SQ0324
9V-SVG B777-212 (ER) c/n: 30872last contact: 2016/01/30on flight: SQ0241
9V-SVH B777-212 (ER) c/n: 28532last contact: 2016/01/30on flight: SQ8985
9V-SVI B777-212 (ER) c/n: 32316last contact: 2015/07/13on flight: SQ0208
9V-SVJ B777-212 (ER) c/n: 32335last contact: 2015/07/15on flight: SQ0208
9V-SVK B777-212 (ER) c/n: 28520last contact: 2010/06/02on flight: SQ0323
9V-SVL B777-212 (ER) c/n: 32336last contact: 2015/07/11on flight: SQ0208
9V-SVM B777-212 (ER) c/n: 30874last contact: 2015/07/08on flight: SQ0208
9V-SVN B777-212 (ER) c/n: 30873last contact: 2016/01/29on flight: SQ0242
9V-SVO B777-212 (ER) c/n: 28533last contact: 2014/04/30on flight: SQ0915
9V-SWA B777-312 (ER) c/n: 34568last contact: 2018/01/17on flight: SQ0319
9V-SWB B777-312 (ER) c/n: 33377last contact: 2013/01/31on flight: SQ0319
9V-SWD B777-312 (ER) c/n: 34569last contact: 2017/12/21on flight: SQ0335
9V-SWE B777-312 (ER) c/n: 34570last contact: 2015/03/09on flight: SQ0306
9V-SWF B777-312 (ER) c/n: 34571last contact: 2016/10/30on flight: SQ0061
9V-SWG B777-312 (ER) c/n: 34572last contact: 2018/04/16on flight: SQ0326
9V-SWH B777-312 (ER) c/n: 34573last contact: 2013/11/18on flight: SQ0325
9V-SWI B777-312 (ER) c/n: 34574last contact: 2017/03/07on flight: SQ0308
9V-SWJ B777-312 (ER) c/n: 34575last contact: 2014/01/26on flight: SQ0305
9V-SWK B777-312 (ER) c/n: 34576last contact: 2015/05/03on flight: SQ0062
9V-SWL B777-312ER c/n: 34577last contact: 2018/04/15on flight: SQ0326
9V-SWM B777-312 (ER) c/n: 34578last contact: 2016/01/19on flight: SQ0326
9V-SWN B777-312 (ER) c/n: 34579last contact: 2016/06/06on flight: SQ0327
9V-SWO B777-312 (ER) c/n: 34580last contact: 2015/09/11on flight: SQ0061
9V-SWP B777-312 (ER) c/n: 34581last contact: 2016/09/02on flight: SQ0222
9V-SWQ B777-312 (ER) c/n: 34582last contact: 2016/09/06on flight: SQ0318
9V-SWR B777-312 (ER) c/n: 34583last contact: 2014/10/22on flight: SQ0326
9V-SWS B777-312 (ER) c/n: 34584last contact: 2015/10/10on flight: SQ0326
9V-SWT B777-312 (ER) c/n: 34585last contact: 2015/11/09on flight: SQ0326
9V-SYB B777-312 c/n: 28516last contact: 2010/04/06on flight: SQ0490
9V-SYF B777-312 c/n: 30868last contact: 2016/09/05on flight: SQ0242
9V-SYG B777-312 c/n: 28528last contact: 2016/09/08on flight: SQ0242
9V-SYH B777-312 c/n: 32317last contact: 2015/07/17on flight: SQ0238
9V-SYI B777-312 c/n: 32327last contact: 2014/09/05on flight: SQ0238
9V-SYJ B777-312 c/n: 33374last contact: 2016/09/02on flight: SQ0242
9V-SYK B777-312 c/n: 33375last contact: 2015/07/16on flight: SQ0238
9V-SYL B777-312 c/n: 33376last contact: 2015/07/07on flight: SQ0238


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