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Fleetlist of: Swiss [SWR]

Please note: These are not complete fleetlists of the listed airlines. This are only lists with ACARS equipped aircrafts which where contacted by acarsd somewhere in the world. See the list of acarsd servers or acarsd webservers to watch realtime live ACARS worldwide.

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HB-IJB A320-214 c/n: 545last contact: 2017/01/08on flight: LX0236
HB-IJD A320-214 c/n: 553last contact: 2013/05/05on flight: LX1056
HB-IJE A320-214 c/n: 559last contact: 2016/09/04on flight: LX124G
HB-IJF A320-214 c/n: 562last contact: 2013/10/20on flight: WK0403
HB-IJH A320-214 c/n: 0574last contact: 2016/04/30on flight: LX1311
HB-IJI A320-214 c/n: 0577last contact: 2017/01/08on flight: LX831R
HB-IJJ A320-214 c/n: 0585last contact: 2014/08/16on flight: LX1885
HB-IJK A320-214 c/n: 0596last contact: 2017/01/06on flight: LX831R
HB-IJL A320-214 c/n: 0603last contact: 2016/03/20on flight: LX1324
HB-IJM A320-214 c/n: 0635last contact: 2017/01/20on flight: LX1337
HB-IJN A320-214 c/n: 0643last contact: 2017/10/14on flight: LX106E
HB-IJO A320-214 c/n: 0673last contact: 2014/12/23on flight: LX145W
HB-IJP A320-214 c/n: 0681last contact: 2016/04/07on flight: LX1324
HB-IJQ A320-214 c/n: 0701last contact: 2017/01/08on flight: LX186L
HB-IJR A320-214 c/n: 0703last contact: 2014/12/01on flight: LX1327
HB-IJS A320-214 c/n: 0782last contact: 2015/10/03on flight: LX1201
HB-IJU A320-214 c/n: 1951last contact: 2017/01/08on flight: WK030D
HB-IJV A320-214 c/n: 2024last contact: 2017/01/08on flight: WK037H
HB-IJW A320-214 c/n: 2134last contact: 2015/11/02on flight: LX150Y
HB-IOC A321-111 c/n: 0520last contact: 2014/11/16on flight: LX124T
HB-IOD A321-111 c/n: 0522last contact: 2017/01/08on flight: LX106E
HB-IOF A321-111 c/n: 0541last contact: 2017/10/14on flight: LX185N
HB-IOH A321-111 c/n: 0664last contact: 2014/02/01on flight: LX1339
HB-IOK A321-111 c/n: 0987last contact: 2014/10/25on flight: LX185N
HB-IOL A321-111 c/n: 1144last contact: 2017/12/16on flight: LX137H
HB-IOM A321-212 c/n: 4534last contact: 2017/01/06on flight: LX145K
HB-ION A321-212 c/n: 5567last contact: 2017/01/08on flight: LX0256
HB-IPR A319-112 c/n: 1018last contact: 2013/02/01on flight: LX1217
HB-IPS A319-112 c/n: 0734last contact: 2012/03/19on flight: LX1413
HB-IPT A319-112 c/n: 0727last contact: 2016/03/26on flight: LX1336
HB-IPU A319-112 c/n: 0713last contact: 2016/05/21on flight: LX1336
HB-IPV A319-112 c/n: 0578last contact: 2016/06/08on flight: LX1337
HB-IPX A319-112 c/n: 0612last contact: 2013/05/06on flight: LX1217
HB-IPY A319-112 c/n: 0621last contact: 2017/12/21on flight: LX112W
HB-IQA A330-223 c/n: 229last contact: 2011/12/26on flight: SN0453
HB-IQC A330-223 c/n: 249last contact: 2012/02/10on flight: LX5200
HB-IQG A330-223 c/n: 275last contact: 2009/09/03on flight: LX5207
HB-IQH A330-223 c/n: 288last contact: 2011/08/04on flight: LX5200
HB-IQI A330-223 c/n: 291last contact: 2015/04/26on flight: WK0050
HB-IQJ A330-223 c/n: 294last contact: 2009/09/09on flight: LX0255
HB-IQK A330-223 c/n: 299last contact: 2009/11/05on flight: LX5207
HB-IQO A330-223 c/n: 343last contact: 2010/04/27on flight: LX5200
HB-IQP A330-223 c/n: 366last contact: 2009/04/12on flight: LX5233
HB-IQQ A330-223 c/n: 322last contact: 2011/05/16on flight: LX0237
HB-IQR A330-223 c/n: 324last contact: 2009/03/25on flight: LX015P
HB-IXF Avro RJ85 c/n: E.2226last contact: 2006/12/23on flight: LX1662
HB-IXG Avro RJ85 c/n: E.2231last contact: 2007/01/05on flight: LX1665
HB-IXH Avro RJ85 c/n: E.2233last contact: 2006/12/27on flight: LX1663
HB-IXK Avro RJ85 c/n: E.2235last contact: 2007/04/17on flight: LX1665
HB-IXN Avro RJ100 c/n: E.3286last contact: 2014/09/11on flight: LX155N
HB-IXO Avro RJ100 c/n: E.3284last contact: 2015/11/22on flight: LX137U
HB-IXP Avro RJ100 c/n: E.3283last contact: 2015/07/28on flight: LX0425
HB-IXQ Avro RJ100 c/n: E.3282last contact: 2015/03/30on flight: LX146W
HB-IXR Avro RJ100 c/n: E.3281last contact: 2014/06/26on flight: LX2251
HB-IXS Avro RJ100 c/n: E.3280last contact: 2014/12/28on flight: LX1885
HB-IXT Avro RJ100 c/n: E.3259last contact: 2016/08/28on flight: LX0975
HB-IXU Avro 146 RJ-100 c/n: E.3276last contact: 2015/10/12on flight: LX0901
HB-IXV Avro RJ100 c/n: E.3274last contact: 2015/10/14on flight: LX0919
HB-IXW Avro RJ100 c/n: E.3272last contact: 2015/04/18on flight: LX118P
HB-IXX Avro RJ100 c/n: E.3262last contact: 2014/01/26on flight: LX1349
HB-IYQ Avro RJ100 c/n: E.3384last contact: 2015/01/19on flight: LX2251
HB-IYR Avro RJ100 c/n: E.3382last contact: 2015/10/08on flight: LX0915
HB-IYS Avro RJ100 c/n: E.3381last contact: 2016/09/04on flight: LX099L
HB-IYT Avro RJ100 c/n: E.3380last contact: 2014/10/03on flight: LX2251
HB-IYU Avro RJ100 c/n: E.3379last contact: 2015/11/01on flight: LX099P
HB-IYV Avro RJ100 c/n: E.3377last contact: 2016/09/03on flight: LX0971
HB-IYW Avro RJ100 c/n: E.3359last contact: 2015/02/14on flight: LX155N
HB-IYY Avro RJ100 c/n: E.3339last contact: 2017/01/15on flight: LX1058
HB-IYZ Avro RJ100 c/n: E.3338last contact: 2017/01/21on flight: LX082P
HB-JHA A330-343X c/n: 1000last contact: 2015/04/17on flight: LX0196
HB-JHB A330-343X c/n: 1018last contact: 2015/04/29on flight: LX0155
HB-JHC A330-343E c/n: 1029last contact: 2014/10/25on flight: LX084T
HB-JHD A330-343X c/n: 1026last contact: 2017/01/08on flight: LX0294
HB-JHF A330-343X c/n: 1089last contact: 2015/04/15on flight: LX0243
HB-JHH A330-343X c/n: 1145last contact: 2017/01/08on flight: LX254R
HB-JHJ A330-343X c/n: 1188last contact: 2015/04/18on flight: LX0196
HB-JHK A330-343X c/n: 1276last contact: 2017/01/07on flight: LX0296
HB-JHL A330-343X c/n: 1290last contact: 2015/04/28on flight: LX0243
HB-JHM A330-343X c/n: 1355last contact: 2015/04/20on flight: LX0243
HB-JHN A330-343X c/n: 1403last contact: 2015/04/22on flight: LX0255
HB-JLP A320-214 c/n: 4618last contact: 2015/03/15on flight: LX127J
HB-JLQ A320-214 c/n: 4673last contact: 2013/02/01on flight: LX105A
HB-JLR A320-214 c/n: 5037last contact: 2016/05/21on flight: LX1310
HB-JLS A320-214 c/n: 5069last contact: 2017/01/07on flight: LX182C
HB-JLT A320-214 c/n: 5518last contact: 2017/01/07on flight: LX831R
HB-JMA A340-313 (X) c/n: 538last contact: 2013/07/19on flight: LX0179
HB-JMB A340-313 (X) c/n: 545last contact: 2016/01/06on flight: LX0189
HB-JMC A340-313 (X) c/n: 546last contact: 2014/12/07on flight: LX0196
HB-JMD A340-313 (X) c/n: 556last contact: 2015/12/12on flight: LX0038
HB-JME A340-313 (X) c/n: 559last contact: 2016/01/06on flight: LX0038
HB-JMF A340-313 (X) c/n: 561last contact: 2015/02/13on flight: LX0180
HB-JMG A340-313 (X) c/n: 562last contact: 2017/05/15on flight: WK0096
HB-JMH A340-313 (X) c/n: 585last contact: 2016/09/02on flight: LX0189
HB-JMI A340-313 (X) c/n: 598last contact: 2016/05/21on flight: LX0160
HB-JMJ A340-313 (X) c/n: 150last contact: 2014/10/31on flight: LX0188
HB-JMK A340-313 (X) c/n: 169last contact: 2017/01/07on flight: LX254R
HB-JML A340-313 (X) c/n: 263last contact: 2015/12/31on flight: LX0040
HB-JMM A340-313 (X) c/n: 154last contact: 2013/10/14on flight: LX0160
HB-JMN A340-313 (X) c/n: 175last contact: 2016/04/24on flight: LX0189
HB-JMO A340-313X c/n: 179last contact: 2015/09/10on flight: LX0093
OE-LAK A340-313 (X) c/n: 169last contact: 2007/06/02on flight: OS2706


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